Why Veterinarians Should Partner With Retail Stores

As a practicing veterinarian, I used to
be very confused about where retail stores kind of fit into the picture.
Certainly, a lot of my clients used to shop at retail stores, and I understood
it for things like toys, but I didn’t always understand the benefit of having
a client shop at a retail store to pick up other things. One of the nice things
about having a partner in a retail store is that frequently they’ll have things
like a groomer or they may have a trainer on staff, so it can be very
beneficial to have a high-quality partnership where you’re able to help
educate the team members of the store while at the same time you’re able to
help take advantage of, say, grooming or training facilities that may be on-site.
It helps to take a little bit off the hands of the practicing veterinarian
when they have a high-quality partnership, and can really utilize their
local community.

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