why these cages are BAD

Hey guys, so today’s video I want to show you guys Why small cages are not good for hamsters And why you really need to be using a large cage when owning a hamster the cage I have out in front of you is a cage that has a hundred and seventy six square inches of floor space now I’m going to show you why this isn’t a good cage for a hamster Now the first thing you’re gonna need for your hamster cage is of course bedding for a hamsters cage since hamsters are Burrowers you do want to have at least a section that has at least five or six inches Deep full of bedding so that they have the chance to be able to burrow this cage base Here is only two inches tall so know where can I put five or six inches of bedding Your hamster stuck was only two inches of bedding Okay, so we got our bedding in its definitely not deep enough, but let’s move on to the next thing next of course You’re going to need a wheel for your hamster now if you have a Syrian hamster You’re gonna need a wheel that is at least an 8 inch wheel if not bigger Some Syrians will should grow bigger And they will need at least sometimes a 11 inch wheel so let’s just put our 8 inch wheel in the cage What’s next? Next We need some type of hideout for our hamster so that they feel safe and secure somewhere they can sleep and hide out in this is just a Syrian sized igloo I think this is the small size, but let’s just put that in there Okay Then you’re gonna need some toys for your hamster your hamster needs to be able to stimulate its Brain and play with things because you would be bored if you didn’t have any toys, so you should put more than one toy, but This cage it really it’s getting pretty tight in here, so we’re gonna put one tube Next you are going to need something for your hamsters food, so we’re gonna put a food dish in here just There That’s good And of course you need chew toys for your hamster because they need to wear down their teeth So we’re gonna throw some chew toys in there Okay, now look that looks good, and now let’s just up put the top on Okay, it’s not gonna fit on And don’t think a wheel can turn cuz the cage is too small But oh and we’re also going to need a water bottle so maybe like I’ll stick it like here. It’s like yeah. That’s like a good place Let me just see if the cage can click down Okay, yeah there we go cage clicked down Wow secure. Ok so now the only thing left to do is um add our hamster This is the reason why small cages are not good for hamsters This cage does not provide any room for your hamster to move around with the proper things a hamster needs in its cage the wheel an 8 inch what a syrian needs cannot even move This wheel is stuck because the top is not tall enough for the wheel to spin at all So it’s just sitting there. The Hideout takes up almost half of this floor space for the hamster Basil cannot barely walk on the ground because there is not enough floor space in this cage Having a hamster in this cage. I consider torture. This is not big enough for any type of hamster No matter if it’s a Syrian or a dwarf hamster there still would be no room in this cage Whatsoever for a hamster to properly live a happy healthy enriched life So please make sure you give your hamster a large cage the minimum is 450 square inches of floor space that’s equivalent to about a 40 gallon breeder tank That is a good sized cage and is about probably four times almost five times the size of this cage right here For the sake of your hamster, please don’t put them in a small cage I hope this can help a lot of people realize why small cages like this should never be used for a hamster So yeah guys, thank you for watching. Bye!!!

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  1. I have a cage like this but with a second floor and it has a deep enough floor, I don't have a hamster yet. BUT I have been trying to convince mom to get a dwarf hamster instead of a syrian because I don't want it to suffer. We've been also considering a mouse. ( Note: That I was aware that hamsters need a big cage, but my mother bought the cage anyway. )

  2. Random hamster owner: yea my hamster is SOooOoOo happy in this cage smaller than a litter box

    Me: ummm my hamster lives in a cage taller than my dad and wider than me

    Random owner: you hamster must be stressed

    Me: well is you hamster exactly happy?

    Random owner: oh my hamster is living in a paradise

    Me: ):(


  3. hey! are they ANY good cages from petsmart that meet the requirements? i don’t like buying online but will if i need too

  4. Are they good for temporary cages? Bc I want am taking in my friends hamster that is 7 months old and I plan on keeping him in that size cage for 2 months until I get a proper size.

  5. My dwarf hamster is small and I got her a small cage but I think it’s a litte bigger then this because she can still run around but I’m still trying to get a bigger cage but I do try to take care of her thx for your support

  6. im sooo sorry, i just got a hamster yesterday and i told my parents when we were gonna pick the cage (we chose tank) it should be at least 40 gal cuz i watched ur videos before getting a hamster, and they said it wont matter that much and we tried to put stuffs in it and yes it fits (the cage is the same size as the one in this vid) but i said its not good for hamster, but they wont let us get a big cage for the hamster and plus our budget is not much so we cant afford the big cage. what should i do 🙁

  7. I wanted to diy my own hamster cage to make it big because I couldn't afford to buy the big cage. My dad says that the hamster is small so we should buy a small cage but I refused. He didn't listen.

  8. Victoria, I don’t know if you’ll see this comment, but I’d just like to thank you. When I got my winter white hamster 2 years ago from PetCo (never again, I was dumb back then), I put him in a small CritterTrail. Thanks to your videos, I learned why his cage was terrible and now he lives in a giant cage. I believe it’s about 650 SQ (it’s the Savic Mickey 2). It had a huge door, very deep for burrows, and wow secure. He’s now really happy and not even showing any signs of being senile or old, even though he should be! Thank you for your education on hamsters. Asteroid thanks you too!

  9. The wheel you're using is to small for siren hamsters. It's made for draft hamsters. Siren hamsters need the bigger size of wooden wheel.

  10. I have got a very big cage and i also have a very small hamster! It is very happy ! I see it in his black eyes !?+me=?

  11. Wow! Never knew. Thanks helped me a lot. now i know how my hamster feels like in his tiny cage. i'll see were is a good place to buy a new hamster cage for him.You're so helpful!

  12. These cages suck! I can’t believe at first I thought these cages were good! I’m so happy I found your channel and all these other awesome hamster channels! If I didn’t find your channel my hamster would be in a little cage like that with nothing! Once I started watching your videos and doing my research I ended up telling one of my old friends that her hamster cage was bad and the wheel, lack of toys, and an inch of bedding was bad. She got extremely mad and me and her poor Syrian hamster is STILL in that horrible critter trail. I don’t understand some people sometimes. My hamster lives in a big bin cage about the size of a 40 gallon tank. He is a little dwarf hamster and I can tell sometimes he even wants more space, so I couldn’t imagine him in a critter trail. I hope soon the pet stores and just anyone with a horrible critter trail or tiny tails cage will improve their hamster care, and realize they are living breathing creatures and just because their small they shouldn’t be treated like this. The only pet these cages would be decent for is a house fly, but I’m sure the house fly would hate it too! Thank you Tori for helping bring awareness to these people and telling everyone about proper hamster care. ?

  13. There's this guy on Instagram keeping turtles in plastic bins and rabbits in tiny games too small for a hamster, then keeping his hamsters and gerbils in even tinier cages with tiny wheels… I messaged him and he told me he tried giving them big cages but they didn't like it????!!! Don't know what I should do about this..

  14. My hamster is a roboroski. It has a gage not very big (not like this)but is very happy .It has many space and all the things that it need

  15. HELP
    My mom doesn't want to make a bigger cage for my hamster even with my own money what should i do.we even havè a left box which fits on my shelf

  16. I bought the biggest cage that the pet store had, which was only about three times the size of this cage. After maybe two weeks, I switched cages into a huge storage bin. I also put my hamster in her little ball everyday, and I take her out daily to let her roam free in a couple of big rooms. I still feel bad, even though my hamster has more room than needed. Thank you for educating me so much on this topic.

  17. And is that hamsters name hazel? I bought/named my hamster before I discovered this channel, and my hamsters name is hazel too!

  18. I'd only use this cage for when I take my hamster down to the vets which only takes 10minutes

  19. Imagine living in a storeroom with a Toilette, a Plate with food, a waterbottle and a chair…

    Not a happy place to live

  20. I have a 55 gallon aquarium that I cleaned out and in about a month, turn into a freaking condo for a hamster. ?

  21. Ok I have the two story kaytee cage , but it’s not THAt small. They have a wheel and lots of toys and hideout. I will try to get a new cBe

  22. mine is 350 square inches. ik it’s pretty small but i’m planning on getting or making a bigger one. it’s the biggest one i could’ve gotten in store

  23. I feel bad because my hampster has a smaller floorspace and when I get my hampster back (because it had babies and I am letting my expierienced friend take care of it) I will add another layer because my my cage is half the size it is supposed to be and btw you were a big help on hampster care

  24. I feel SHIT. Growing up in the 90s we never knew about this stuff. The whole time we were mistreating our little hamsters without knowing 🙁

  25. Thank god my gerbil is getting a bin cage and toys and a wheel with no hold around with a hide out and all that stuff

  26. I just got a six month old hamster from a neighbor who didn't want her anymore. She has a Tiny Tales enclosure and I couldn't find a better one at Petsmart, off to Amazon I go!

  27. Hi I love your videos I have a hamster myself and she has a kind of small cage it is between 340 and 360 square inches of floor space she is spoiled with treats and we take her out to run is her ball and play pen every day is it ok for her to stay is the cage she has a big wheel and lots of toys and chews we have a bin cage but we are worried about air flow and don’t have the materials for the lid can you leave the lid open?she is female Syrian hamster named brownie

  28. Hi I love your channel you responded to me earlier that was 350 square inches of floor space I upgraded to a cage over 600 square inches of floor space thank you for warning me

  29. My Syrian female hamster used to have a small cage but we upgraded with the prevue528. I only use it when changing her cage now

  30. My mom won't let me get a proper cage because she spent money on the critter trail cage since she insisted on a colorful cage ?

  31. I, getting a hamster and I’m 9 and I told my dad I need a big. Cage and a lot of bedding but he’s buying me a small cage what should I do!?!?

  32. My hammy has 5 toys and 3 hideouts and 7 inches of bedding and there is still a lot of space for him to run around ?(and yes he also has stuff like wheel, food and water)

  33. the pet store recommended me this cage because I bought a dwarf hamster that is 2 months old. Do you think it's okay?

  34. Me:Can i see this hamster
    Petsmart worker: ok doesnt be gentle to grab the hamster+
    Me:Whisper* Slow down and be quiet while u grab that poor thing
    Worker: sorry cant grab it
    Me: yea cause u cant handle it
    Worker:hes scary
    Me:No hes not hes so cute tf you just bother him sir !

  35. I cant afford a larger cage because I don't have a lot of money I can only get the one like that but abit bigger

  36. I got a Syrian hamster last night thinking the cage I got was good. It’s a critter tail cage and turned out to be way to small. The wheel is only 6 inches. However I’m getting a bigger cage tommarow. Please let me know if what I’m doing is ok I’m not trying to hurt my little hammy. He will only be in this cage for not even 3 full days. ?

  37. My mom putted 3 inch bedding even the though its 6 inches..and theres already a wheel and it's not 8-11 but my hammy loves it and were planning for toys but she doesnt care if theres no toys and she loves climbing

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