Why the Endura Flap is the Best Pet Door

What makes the patented Endura Flap Pet Door
system so good, so good it won Dog Fancy magazine Editors Choice Award? We’ll give you 12 good
reasons. The Endura Flaps flexible design is safer
than other rigid pet door designs, because it eliminates any danger of pinching if something
scares the pet as he’s going through and pulls back quickly. Magnets, imbedded all the way down in both
the flap and the frame and the unique bellows design along the flap edges, give the Endura
Flap a seal that far surpasses that of ordinary pet doors. So you can be sure the Endura Flap
will remain sealed in hot weather or cold. Each Endura Flap consists of three sealed
units with a dual pane construction even thicker than regular dual pane glass. Providing superior
insulation and helping you keep your heating and cooling bills down. The Endura Flap swings freely on a rod so
it doesn’t flex and crack like other flexible flaps. The Endura Flap has been tested over
3 million times on a test machine with no failure or damage. If your pet used the Endura
flap 100 times a day, it’d take him more than 80 years to test the Endura Flap as thoroughly
as we did. Wind can blow ordinary pet doors open easily
and then you really freeze but the Endura Flap has been tested to withstand winds in
excess of 50 miles per hour and it lets you add more magnet strength if you want to. Vinyl pet doors can become rigid in temperatures
well above freezing, the Endura Flap is made from a Polyolefin based polymer that remains
flexible in temperatures as low 40 below and the Endura Flap
Polyolefin flap material is non toxic, recyclable and unlike vinyl pet flaps, environmentally
friendly. Vinyl pet door flaps can yellow in the sun
so many come darkly tinted so you don’t see the problem but the Endura Flap is treated
with a UV retardant so it won’t crack or wrinkle. And Endura Flaps are clear, so your pets can
always see where they’re going. Most pet doors have a low aspect ratio, that’s
the ratio of height to width, but Endura Flaps are designed with a high aspect ratio, so
it’s easier for your pet to use and easier for pets of different size to share because
it has a lower step over for a given height. Compare any other pet door to the Endura Flap
and we’re sure you’ll be impressed by the Endura Flap’s superior engineering. And Endura Flap Pet Doors are 100% designed,
engineered and manufactured in the USA. 12 great reasons for you to shop the entire
range of award winning Endura Flap products.

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