33 thoughts on “Why Tamils don't speak Hindi? – Stand Up Comedy – Aravind SA

  1. You don't like 'Lungi dance' your own reasons, other people might not be eating your dishes your way but even you can't claim to eat other places dishes their natives' way.

  2. You don't like 'Lungi dance' your own reasons, other people might not be eating your dishes your way but even you can't claim to eat other places dishes their natives' way.

  3. Aravind SA please do a show in UK , I am Telugu but can relate.

    Because am brown girl Indians expect me to speak Hindi ??

  4. Very Nice MBA boy Aravind Sir. Satire or comedy.But Lungi dance is nothing to do with Tamil nor with Chennai. It is a business IDEA by MBA holder Shahrukh to market his dance and Deepika Padukone here bharatanatyam dress and her sleeze. They would have spent around 25 crores to promote the picture(sorry puncture) in media and media people need money to survive either by sleeze or by craze. This way they create anxiety(teaser is genteel word) in the minds of people for an urge to see the movie to know the facts and finally nothing to show. This is a visual communication topic and the same topic comes in Communications Management through advertisement. (creating teaser). If everyone does education after coming out of college, there will be no fiefdom in the country. Today the famous hero cum allrounder Vijay Sethupati is doing the same thing continuously for 3 years only to hit rock bottom in his movie with Trisha. A talented Trisha should have been projected like superstar in the story line but in Tamil gents hero never compromise their No.1 image for the success of the movie . This is also a topic from visual communication.

  5. I saw his full show in amazon prime video but I am watching this once again because he his such a humorous man !!!!!

  6. Actually , I have studied that , sardar vallabhai Patel sir , wanted to continue English as a medium only till 1965 but some of south Indian scholars refused to use Hindi after then so it continued till now. I accept India is unified by its diversity but sometime it appears like, this diversity is stopping development when we look at the countries like Japan. A student when taught in his/her mother tongue , would find the concept appealing but the problem is , they must study those concepts in a whole new language and stuck up.

  7. See it's the condition of Tamil Nadu…. 90% of the people in this state thinks that Hindi is spoken in all states other than Tamil Nadu
    Bro…. Whoever you are first you do a proper research and check what percentage of India speaks Hindi

  8. Most of the people in Tamil Nadu speak and read only in Tamil,then what is the use of imposing Hindi in form of billboards, Railway and ATM?

  9. I don't think there is need to see the logic behind Movie it is not even a real story…and dont talk about logic because there is no logic shooting the gun down and make Police Jeep fly… It is so ridiculous that i dont like to watch a single south Indian movie

  10. Modi and Rahul Gandhi goes to Karnataka speaks in Hindi. Visits TamilNadu speahiks in English. Its possible because we this is a land of Periyar.

  11. First off, HINDI IS THE NATIONAL LANGUAGE OF INDIA OKAY!! The comedian doesnt' know or these tamilians dont understand that it was not invented just for north India!! It is for everyone, rather the ones who thinks its' for north indians only look like fools not anyone else. Second off, Most of us respect and know that its not meetha paan okay. Like itna bevda aur chodu koi nai hai India mei, toh get urself some better jokes man. Like I got tons of south indian friends and they clearly dont like this video because they understand how important north and south is, and dont make it a fight between north and south, keep it to India as a whole, we are one nation. SOME South indians always have a problem with north ones but never see a north indian complaining about south indians like that.


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