Why Syrian hamsters are SOLITARY

I really hate the fact that I have to
make this video but I have been asked now a couple of times to react to this
one Instagram and YouTube channel I’m not going to leave their names in or
anything because I don’t want anybody to go hate on them that’s not the point of
this video this person is going to continue doing these same things they’re
doing because they don’t care what anybody has to say you can tell them
what they’re doing is wrong and they will tell you no it’s okay
so this person’s gonna do it regardless of whether or not they get hate I just
wanted to make this video to inform others that it’s not right and that you
shouldn’t support accounts like this. Now based on looking at their Instagram and
YouTube account they are a firm believer of housing Syrians together they believe
that you can train Syrian hamsters to not be territorial and that they like to
live with each other which is so far from true also by looking at the images
they do breed Syrian hamsters and they do keep them in poor conditions they
give them small cages that are very overcrowded with Syrians and there’s
absolutely no enrichment for these hamsters so this video clip I am showing
you guys I actually found on one of their YouTube accounts and it’s two
Syrian siblings very violently fighting each other it goes on to say that oh
they’re not drawing any blood but I would like to show that there clearly is
a scab on one of the Syrians snout as well as both of their coats are very
poorly kept up so clearly they’re in a state of stress and this is not okay and
person clearly doesn’t understand that so for anybody who doesn’t know Syrians
are a solitary species of hamster they cannot be with each other. I think people
get confused oftentimes because they’ll walk into a pet store and they’ll see a
bunch of Syrians together in a tank cuddled up sleeping and they’re like
well why are they together why aren’t they fighting oftentimes pet stores have
young baby hamsters and Syrians actually are able to live with each other up
until eight weeks of age then that natural instinct just kicks in
they become territorial and they want to claim their own territory this is just a
natural instinct for a Syrian hamster if you take a look in the wild Syrian
hamsters will only ever come together in the wild to breed they will breed and
then as soon as they’re done breeding the female Syrian hamster literally will
kick out the male Syrian hamster and she’ll chase him away from her territory
because they all have their own territories they don’t live with each
other they’re not social with each other then the female hamster gives
birth and she basically raises the pups up until six to eight weeks of age and
then she starts kicking them out and saying you got to go get your own
territory this is mine that is how Syrian hamsters live it’s not natural
for them to be forced to live with each other when forced to live with each
other serious consequences can happen like injuries and even death because
they will fight to the death over territory you cannot train Syrian
hamsters to live with each other it is natural instinct to want to live on
their own. Oftentimes a lot of people like to humanize their Syrian hamsters
and they look at them and they’re like well my hamster is lonely my hamster
needs a friend, no they don’t they are not like humans they do not need the
same social aspects that we do they live perfectly and happily by themselves and
actually so do a lot of other wild animals there’s actually a ton of
animals that you wouldn’t guess that are actually solitary and they prefer to
live by themselves. I have been told so many stories of someone who decided they
wanted to have their Syrians together whether they weren’t siblings or they
were siblings and they ended up causing serious injuries or even caused death
like for example this Syrian hamster named Oscar was rescued from being with
another Syrian after the other Syrians started to eat a part of his back which
resulted in Oscar having to get stitches or like this Syrian hamster named Cove
who was cohab with his brother his brother then began obviously fighting
with him he ripped up some of his ears and part of his eyelid Cove was
thankfully rescued and both of these hamsters are now
separated but that did cause cove to have injuries or like this Syrian
hamster named ginger who was thankfully rescued by the pipsqueakery
she was housed with another syrian which then resulted in a serious fight where
ginger is actually paralyzed she can’t even express her own bladder
and the pipsqueakery rescue has to help her with that now these are just the
lucky Syrian hamsters who have survived the fights there are many stories I’ve
been told where another hamster has passed away because they have fought so
seriously. Oftentimes a lot of people will be like well I’ve had my syrians
together for six months now and nothing’s happened that doesn’t make it
right it doesn’t make it okay doesn’t mean those Syrians aren’t under a lot of
stress, one day the other Syrian might take a seed from that other Syrian and
that Syrian decides hey today I’m gonna snap and kill you because you did that
because I don’t want to live with another cage mate because I just don’t
like it I want my own territory that then is
your responsibility and that hamsters life is on yours there is literally no
reason to house Syrians together they get absolutely no benefit out of it, it
is just a selfish thing to do to want to see two syrians interact and be cute
together when all it’s doing is causing them stress, potential injuries, potential
early death. if you are interested in owning a social animal than I would
highly recommend looking into a pair of rabbits, guinea pigs, rats or even gerbils
these all are animals who need to have a companion of the same species they get
enrichment from it Syrian hamsters do not they do not get enrichment from
their same species. I’m sorry if I come off as angry in this video this is a
topic I’m very passionate about and I do not believe risking your animal’s life
is worth seeing two animals be cute together it’s just not worth it I don’t
see why anybody would do it they’re not a social species I would highly
recommend not following accounts that support this behavior of housing Syrians
together the less of a following they have the less
influence they have the less Syrians that are about to get injuries or die so
I hope this video was educational and it can help you guys learn a bit more about
Syrians and why you shouldn’t house them together thank you so much for watching

100 thoughts on “Why Syrian hamsters are SOLITARY

  1. Since making this video I’ve found that there are actually many accounts similar to the one shown in the video which is extremely sad. The only reason these hamsters aren’t fighting is because there’s 20 of them shoved into a small aquarium with nothing except ONE wheel, therefore how can they create their own territory when there’s not even space to create one. These hamsters have extremely sad lives and the fact that them living together is more important to the owner than basic enrichment, I would consider it abuse. Don’t house your Syrians together it’s not cute.

  2. i remember when i was younger and i went to visit my cousin and their hamsters had part of themselves missing because they had been fighting ? i wish i knew as much about hamsters back then so i could tell my uncle those hamsters aren’t supposed to be housed together

  3. A few years ago I went to the pet store and saw a bunch of Syrian hamsters in the cage so I was looking and after looking for a while I saw this one who looked like it got into a very bad fight. Part of his ear was gone and he had fur missing I decided I if he where alone he would be much happier so I adopted him. He seemed much happier when he got used to his new home and now those r the hamsters I will look out for when I think about adopting a hamster! But I honestly don’t understand it’s not that hard have one Syrian hamster per a cage!!

  4. Victoria haveing a pair of two rabbits can still fight if there is not enough space for both of them and most house and apartments and condos are no the size required for to bunny’s or rabbits

  5. Lord forgive my sins , no wonder my hamsters when I was little hated each other and they died ?????I'm gonna go kill,myself

  6. When I was 7 I got a hamster for my b-day and so did my lil sister and they shared a cage because we didnt know that they would fight each other and my hamster almost lost her eye and my little sisters hamster almost lost its ear because they started fighting.

  7. That’s why i have a Syrian hamster cuz they exactly have the same personality i have? I understand him so well

  8. I've seen this account to and it's so upsetting how they say they don't listen to "haters" and I hate it

  9. My hamster I got from the pet store was a drop off, so an adoption. And she was housed with a male who completely tore part her ears. She was also pregnant when we got her and were unaware of this. We were told she was dropped off with a male and all her babies so we thought it was kinda just baby fat. Then she had 15 babies..

  10. I do agree…some animals just need to be alone. Also ferrets are a social animal and they NEED to be with other ferrets. If you didn't no that. Sorry if I sounded rude.. It wasn't meant to come out like that.

  11. I’m probably getting a baby Syrian hamster! I’ve watched so many of your videos and I’m going to do everything right because of you! ?

  12. This is literally the stupidest Instagram account I’ve ever saw this is pointless this is just for a stupid attention

  13. This is so wrong wth ? these people really don't know what they're doing! And on top of the fact that they are housing Syrians together they also keep them in really small cages with nothing to do!! How do you expect them NOT to fight?

  14. I’ve seen those videos on Instagram 🙁 ngl though I want all those hamsters to myself they’re so cuteeee

  15. I rescued a hamster i didn’t actually know that until right now and I noticed my hamster’s ear is like half cut off

  16. My first hamster was gotten from a pet shop and he was kept with another hamster, the tank was tiny with only a water bottle and food dish in it no wheel or chew toys, they were about ten weeks old and my hamster had a bite taken out of his left ear. Glad to say I gave him a brilliant home for a year and three months before he had a terrible accident one night, he will be forever missed.

  17. Wow….. These people that house Syrian hamsters together watch a BASIC HAMSTER CARE video like yours Victoria unless THEY GET SERIOUS RESEARCH ONLINE i have two hamsters and i always follow ur advice and so they are healthy i luv ur advice thank u?

  18. If you think your hamster is or looks lonely, do what I did for my guinea pig after her cage mate passed away and get it a stuffed toy

    Also, I have a question.

    So, about betta fish, and that stackable studio tank;
    Is the studio okay for temporary holding, such as during transport to somewhere like a show or the vet, or for holding during water changes or injury/illness treatment and recovery?

  19. I went to find one of these videos and my heart tore just the fact people don’t understand hamsters and use their knowledge

  20. I am ashamed of how oblivious me and my family were when we got our first hamsters. We had 2 male Syrians in a small cage. My sister one day decided to get hamsters but when I decided to research and learn about them I made sure we separated them IMMEDIATELY and luckily they both lived happy lives. I love hamsters so much it it disgusts me that even after having multiple hamsters people still refuse to do their research. My hamster died today and I can proudly say they she lived a long, spoiled, happy life. R.I.P Latrice❤❤?

  21. In petsupermarket I see dwarf hamsters we're together and white hamster to and they keep fighting so I take dwarf hamster I kind of feel bad for the hamsters to be together ??☹️

  22. I have 6 babies and I'm worried about them going to a home like this, the pet shop is taking them today I'll miss them but I can't have 7 hamsters

  23. Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you for this video !
    ????????????? EXCEPTIONAL VIDEO !!!!!!
    Hamsters need someone to speak up for them ! Awesome job !

  24. when i had my hamster my birth father kept telling “he needs a friend!” “we need to get another hamster” and I was like “no no no they don’t like to have friends!”

  25. My mom’s friend’s daughters rescued two hamsters without doing any research and I was lucky enough to be able to keep one of them so they could both live happily (they are only 10 and 7) theirs escaped and has been out for more than 2 weeks ??? (mine is doing great tho) ?? keep doing what you are doing! It’s making a huge difference!!??

  26. Me and my sister used to have 2 hampster a bit they were Russian dwarf which is the only breed I am aware of that can be together. They started fighting so we split them up so we put one in a fish tabk(it was no a big one) my hampster ear was bit off partly which was why we split them up but that night the hampster escaped?? this is one action that can happen we couldn't put it in a proper cage and that is what happened

  27. This made me cry..? This is sick and disgusting! I dont know who would ever do this to such adorable creatures!??

  28. Hello, i did something i never wanted to do, and i ruined my friendship because of this but i feel proud at myself also. So, a few days ago i stole my best friends hamster! She had also two syrians together and even the pet store told her ''oh, they are siblings and they can go together'' and ''they never fight''. She got the two hamster at a way to young age! They where separated at the age of 22 days. I loved my best friend and i was very happy for her! i didn't know anything about syrian hamster and i thought this was totally fine. I visited her a lot and i loved the hamsters so much. i wanted a syrian hamster too because i liked the hamsters so much. they where still small and they where play fighting however when they got older i started to see wounds and my friend kept telling me thats from playing cause they play with their teeth. One day i was having a sleep over with her and we where talking next to the cage when suddenly 1 of the hamsters started making a sort of screaming sound and was laying on his back. he was hissing while the other one was attacking him. My friend was scared and she said in a panic voice if i can separate them. I was scared to be bitten but i was also scared that one of them was going to die or have bad wounds. i picked up the hamster who was attacking because the scared hamster which was on his back was also scared and hissing at my hand. We asked the mom for a bowl to but in the hamster i took out of the cage. When the scared hamster, he was named Kody, When kody was cooled down we putted Kima back in. They where both fine and a few minutes later they where sleeping again. Later in the night i heared the hamsters again. Hissing and screaming. i picked up my phone and putted on a flash light. I took out Kima again but i got bitten. I putted Kima in the bowl and i was just about to cry of pain when my fried came look at what i was doing. She saw i was bitten and said she was so sorry. She grabbed a wet towel and i washed out the wound. We looked at Kody and Kody also had a wound, in his ear. This was the moment when i knew this wasn't good. We went back to bed later on and i was watching your video's. I watched this video and i liked it so i could find it back. I found out that the cage was WAY to small. And that they can't be kept together. around the morning they where fighting AGAIN! i took out kima and let them rest. Kody's wound wasn't bleeding anymore and i was happy about that because last night it was bleeding a lot. We went to get breakfast downstairs and i talked to her about this situation. I told her how i watched your video but she just wouldn't agree. i told her that i wanted to care for her hamster so she could see him. I told her about the wounds and that this is not normal. She got mad at me and told me that i was just jealous! I knew this wasn't gonna work. She was very stubborn. later on we brought fruits for them. we looked at them for a while to see if they where okay. Then i brought up the topic again. She just didn't want to give in that this was a bad situation. She told me that the pet store also told her this and this is the best way. she said that if we where going to separate them then they will miss each other. we went downstairs to play there. Around the noon my mom was picking me up and i was getting my bag upstairs, when i heard them hissing lightly. it was now or never. I picked up kima, putted him in the bowl and took out Kody. And to my suprise Kody was super light weighted! I could feel his bones stick out. He probably hasn't been eating a lot because of Kima. I putted Kody in my bag and putted Kima in the cage again. I ran downstairs to my mom. I was so scared! what if they would catch me stealing their hamster?! i was shaking, almost sweating. I wanted to get in the car as fast as i could. in the car, i decided to tell my mom. She was SUPER mad at me. I was crying while she was yelling at me how i am going to bring the hamster back. i told her the whole story sobbing in the car. I showed her the hamster when whe where home and she also held it, and to my suprise she was a bit shocked too. she looked at the wound and was quiet for a few seconds. I showed her your video and she only understood some parts ( we are dutch). We kept the hamster in a box with soil we had in the garden, and we gave it fruit. It wasnt able to dig himself in and he was not walking a lot. He stayed there in my room for the first night. Then… i got a lot mad messages from my bff. her mom went to see the hamster alone without her. She saw how the hamster was looking and she also holded him. She was also kinda shock. she brought hamsterfood and told us to take care. If the hamster was indeed more light weighted then kima, then we where able to keep Kody. I renamed the hamster to Moffel. Moffel is a serie here in the netherlands, it's called: Moffel en Piertje. He looked like moffel. Moffel got back on his paws and we bought a bigger cage. He loves to walk and dig in the garden! ofcourse under save circonstances. With a pet ren. We showed the family pictures of before and after. her mom clearly sees diffrences, but my best friend ''doesn't'' and she is just mad at me. She doens't wanna be friends with me anymore. But i am happy i saved my lovely Moffel. Thanks for reading, i know i might could have done it differently but it just happend.

    Greetings, me! 🙂

  29. Surely the person who is showing their hamsters all in one cage has experienced her / his hamsters being badly hurt from each other.

  30. My moms friend told me that one of his friends had four hamsters and never fed them or took care of them to the point that they had to team up on each other to eat one hamster ?

  31. I have a question. Can I put two dwarf hamsters in cages beside eatch other or would I need to put something so they can’t see eatch other?

  32. people like them think there SO smart… BISH ITS COMMON SENSE!!! IVE KNOWN SYRIANS CANT BE HOUSED TOGETHER SENSE I WAS 5!!! (or 6 o.0 )

  33. When I was younger my parents bought me two hamsters from pets smart & we were told we were aloud to keep them in the same cage since they were siblings ( by the people at the store) . Long story short when they became older one of the hamsters killed the other one. I was very upset & confused since I was under 10 years old. The hamsters may be cute all together but that’s not the way their supposed to be ?✨

  34. The saddest thing about this is that theres still going to be ignorant assholes who watch this and still dont believe it.

  35. I seprated my hamsters when they started fighting while fixing a cage one bit the other to the point he drew blood they have never seen eachother again
    They were dwarves

  36. It’s so heartbreaking. In a pet store I live near there are two Syrians kept together I’m thinking of taking one of them. It’s not fair. Love your videos Victoria!??

  37. @1:52 i hate that to and i dont have a hammy and not enough bedding i learnd about hamsters from u so thank u

  38. I can never watch these videos ? I just feel so bad.

    And Oscar looks like my hamster Peanut Without the Scars ❤️

  39. So Syrians are solitary, but are dwarf hamsters? Usually dwarf hamsters are housed together in pet stores. Will they fight each other?

  40. Victoria I have Syrian hamsters male and female they play with each other and help each other and the female is pregnant!!!

  41. Okay, hamster fans. It’s it fine if I get a male as well, I have a female hamster. I have an another territory for the male, how do I introduce them? Or I not?

  42. Just seeing those insta videos makes me just want to cuddle with all my pets to keep them safe I don't know why I do this
    But in other words I'm disappointed and disgusted at people not caring for there animals who deserve nothing but love and care

  43. Where i adopted my hamster he was i a cage just like the first video
    There were many injured hamsters fighting
    It was very sad seeing them like that, but at least i got to save one from that situation
    And my bf also adopted one ( his is at his house) which we didn’t think would survive because of its injuries but luckily he did

  44. Also, just because any animal “cuddles” and sleeps together doesn’t mean they are bonded. It might just be the best place to sleep…

  45. I saw there YouTube channel, and was horrified, so much that I actually went into emotional shock. It sickens me that people think that this is okay

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