30 thoughts on “Why societies collapse | Jared Diamond

  1. I totally disagree with his assertion that there isn't one factor why some societies fails and I suspect I would be classified as an idiot. In fact, I can sum it up in one word why they fail, it's call GREED!

  2. Economic freedoms for individuals and sound money are the very critical components by which to sustain Society on a long-term basis, it allows for the recycling of wealth to remain in the community

  3. Interesting talk and I have enjoyed Jared's books. However, I wonder though if he overlooked a potential factor in societal collapse that occurred in the past; namely, the role of religion or spiritual beliefs. If the members of the society believe that they have god given rights to act as they wish and a conviction that god will provide for them, then may walk headlong into disaster and ignore any signs that might cause them to change behavior. Furthermore, these beliefs often act as inertia to prevent or delay behavioral changes.

  4. Good intentions in this information.
    Life is a miracle beyond words and I hope our kids will love life as I have.

  5. I volunteer to cleave the heads off all our male leaders and the .1%. Without trial, debate, or delay. Eight to twelve hours a day, six days a week, until I die of old age. And may all their blood be on my own head.
    Let me know, thanks.
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    If not, then don't ever complain about your eminent, befitting, wilfully delusional demise ever again you disgraceful cowards.

  6. I got distracted at his opening statement where he says Java is thriving yet Indonesia is on the verge of collapse since Java is in Indonesia. But I listened on and his thesis is interesting.

  7. He can seen the greater picture, but he can't see that his comb over isn't fooling anyone. Is that a tumor? This guys a genius, but he obviously doesn't have any friends to tell him he'd look better bald. I hope he watched this video and realized he's better off shaving his head.

  8. He likes to format concepts to fit his social/political outlook. What happened to the Norse in Greenland in all probability had to do with competition from better areas and economics. Greenland was a place far away from European markets and had relatively poor potential for agriculture. Alternatives in Europe would reduce inflow of people into the Greenland colony and secondly, there would be a tendency of people there to want to leave that colony for better prospects. It should also be remembered, a while before the Greenland settlement finally disappeared, the Plague hit Europe killing off a large percentage of the population. Property became available in more pleasant areas. The plague may have reached what is left of the colony. Only today with global warming, there is some interest and shown viability in agriculture in Greenland. The Inuit have never been able to achieve a large population. Today, Greenland has a population of 56,171. Modern Greenland only has a population of eleven times that of the Viking colony at its height. Even with the warming trends, there still isn't much of anything to sustain people.

  9. So, society, failing to recognize its greatest problems and failing to apply timely solutions might be similar to a public speaker who concentrates on his messages while having failed in his personal grooming with an atrocious and distracting hair style, who then might, by losing credibility in that way, might also lose credibility and effect in his messages?

  10. Every time I see Bill Clinton's face on here, I'm reminded of just how far these TED talks have come since these early and often clumsy days.

  11. They always forget nukes.  The false alerts, blunders, terrorists getting them, instant thoughtless response or first strike just as thoughtless or countless other  things.  Nuclear Winter if prolonged will lead to 90% extinction.  So what will happen to societies?  This is ignored probably because it so bad thoughtlessly.

  12. In Australia the
    neo communists are using the bogey of
    man made climate change as a pretext to blow up coal generating power stations so surrendering our
    advantage of cheap electrical power generation to foreigners to whom we export our high grade thermal coal .
    Instead our inept Chicken Little governments are erecting expensive imported windmills which are subsidised by raising local power prices through the roof.
    Our leaders here. rabbiting about carbon pollution ( before the global warmiing hoax carbon dioxide was a life giving gas for plant life which gave out oxygen)
    They are forever drinking the new world coolade claptrap of global warming necessitating ever higer power prices as our manufacturing industries move to asia where they burn our cheap coal.
    And now we are about to elect a collectivist government which forcast we will all be driving Tesla vehicles within 10 year –
    I say! How will our workers pay for these expensive vehicles
    $A 100,000 when the price of petrol becomes beyond the rings of Saturn for internal piston jobs !
    Where is the electric power to charge these Tesla cells coming from we soon will have no coal fired power stations and they won't sniff at nuclear power here!

  13. Societies function by a trinity. Very simple. Rules establish. Adherence to the rules allow them to flourish. Justifying excuses for not following the rules brings about failure. One, two, three, simple.

  14. The single factor of societal collapse is because greedy idiots take over the stewardship of society and take us into futile wars of conquest.

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