Why is My Dog Limping? 15 Causes of Lameness in Dogs

When your dog begins to limp, you may be curious about the cause. Is it something minor like a burr stuck in the paw? Or something more severe, like a broken bone? Here are 15 Common Reasons Why Dogs Limp…. Sometimes a fetch session, rough play, or
a run in the park can leave your dog sore and cause hobbling about. Most dogs will usually recover quickly. Dog limping is often caused by a laceration in the paw or something stuck between the toes (such as a burr or thorn). In some long haired dogs, even their own fur can get matted between their toes and cause discomfort. An ingrown or overgrown toenail can cause discomfort by digging into your dog’s foot pad. In severe cases dogs may need veterinary attention. Venom from bees and other insects can be poisonous and cause swelling. Animal bites can also be dangerous because of puncture wounds and infections. If your dog has had a previous injury, built up scar tissue can cause limping. A deformity from birth or improperly set bone can also cause lameness. Infections of the paw or leg can cause a dog to chew and inflame the skin. Most infections can be treated with antibiotics and an e-collar. Leg injuries are one of the most common causes of limping in dogs and should be suspected if the onset
was sudden. This condition (also known as panosteitis) tends to affect growing large breed puppies. It causes lameness to move from one limb to another over the period of several weeks or months. This occurs when a dog’s kneecap moves out of its natural position. The effect varies from complete
unwillingness to bear weight on the limb to mild to moderate instability without
accompanying pain. Hip and elbow dysplasia are common hereditary conditions that cause the joint to become loose and
move out of position. This condition of chronic joint inflammation is caused by deterioration of cartilage. Older dogs have the highest risk. Broken bones are not always visible to the
naked eye. When a dog is suffering from a fracture,
it will be unable to bear weight on the affected limb. When a dog has untreated diabetes,
excessive glucose in its body can cause progressive weakness or paralysis. Usually this will cause the foot to drag
when walking. Also known as degenerative myelopathy this progressive disease affects the spinal cord in older
dogs. Initial symptoms include weakness and lameness and can eventually progress to paralysis. You should always monitor your dog for
any unusual lumps or growths. Bone cancer, which is especially prevalent in larger breeds, can grow rapidly and cause limping, pain, and death if left

21 thoughts on “Why is My Dog Limping? 15 Causes of Lameness in Dogs

  1. My dog sometimes just wakes up in the morning and limps,but after 5 minutes she's fine.

  2. I'm scared because my puppy can't walk because he won't use its legs but can control them. He's almost 2 months old, can you help?

  3. My dog was walking outside, and after he was limping. I think it's an object, but I think it's the nail because my dog has very long nails and we haven't been getting a dog nail cutter.

  4. My dog is limping now on her right leg and when I touch her leg and paw she doesn’t seem to have a reaction when I put pressure on it with my hand some one pls help n I don’t have much to go to the vet plz help ?

  5. Take your dog to the doctor if it's limping cuz my dog I had since I was little started limping and we thot he just broke a bone or something but now his arms all flat and pointing in a weird direction and he has cancer so now we putting him down in a couple days

  6. Neighbour street ? limps and suffering in a joint problem and that joint portion grows in big size! What's the solution?

  7. my dog jumped from a high place and landed on her right back leg, i’m so scared that it’s something like a broken bone or a fracture but she’s not crying or anything when i touch it but she still is limping, idk what to do ????

  8. I have a malti poodle 4 months old he was jumping by him self and fell down and started screaming and crying now he is not walking but wen u touch his leg he starts shouting and crying Can any one advise what should be done ? It’s his leg behind which is hurting him

  9. okay and what are the solutions. I found a lump in his front leg and I think it may be the problem. Vet says its not cancer so I don't what.

  10. Im so scared…I cant sleep, ive been cryings for a long time my dog bites her right front paw and all her back paws….IM SO SCARED I LOVE THAT DOG WITH ALL MY LIFE I DONT WANY HER TO DIE, NOT ALONE
    Maybe she jumped or something….because she also has a scratch on her chest…I hope its just that, but she keeps licking them bitting them…ill have to beg my parents to take to the vet

  11. My dog just started limping yesterday, we were at the park an she took off & ran. Now my baby is hurting 🙁 her little leg shakes of how bad it hurts ?

  12. My dog started shaking and limping after a short sleep at night. He gets up and he was shaking and tries t walk but limping. after a about a minute he got fine. But he didnt wanna go back to sleep after it, so he stayed up all night, he just sits at one corner, with eyes closed but didnt really wanna lay down after that. what could be the cause of this????

  13. My dog is around 10 years old in human years she keeps limping and her leg looks a bit swollen when i call her she just looks at me and wags her tail i just told my mom about this but she said she fine…im sacred that she broke her leg. Edit: i have just realised my dog had a incidence on the same leg she is limping on a few months ago

  14. My dog was stupid and jumped off the bunk bed and now has a limp. She lets us touch her leg and doesn’t seem in too much pain. She’s an 8 year old springer spaniel and she’s usually very grumpy and growls if u get close to her but ever since she started limping she’s very sweet and loving

  15. Just today my little chi got attacked by 2 big dogs earlier. Now he is limping. I see that his bones are okay. But he is really in pain.whenever i touch his front paws. He gets furious bec of pain? i need help

  16. Well this limping is my fault..I feel so bad and I’m scared so basically what happened was that I was asleep and he got on the couch and I was asleep so I put my leg on top of him and I feel so bad..??

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