Why is my Cat SO Scared of Me? Living with a Shy Cat

I get a lot of messages from people
saying that their cat is very shy and asking what they can do about it.
Now, I believe that in most cases with patience you can help your cat overcome
her shyness …and a lot of my videos explain how to do this. But I also think
that there are some cats who for whatever reason are by nature very shy
cats. My cat Kate Moss has been with me since she was about two months old, but
even to this day 15 years later she still acts like she’s scared of me!
Kate came from the exact same circumstances as her brother Creature
and her sister Miss Kitten did, but neither of them have the shyness issues.
Kate Moss Kate spends most of her day in her “lair” which is under the bed
in our guest room. Sometimes she’ll sleep on top of the bed but if anyone walks in
she jumps right off and hides. She gets along with all of the other cats and
none of them bother her, but she seems to prefer being alone most of the time. The
only time Kate Moss comes out of the bedroom is for meals she eats very fast
and then she’s done – off she scoots back to her bedroom lair. Very occasionally –
and I mean like maybe once a month – Kate will surprise us by venturing out
to socialize but only when we are both settled down watching a movie.
She’ll hop on the back of the sofa meow and rub her head against us for a minute
and then* poof!* off she goes. Other than that we just don’t see Kate
Mosse very much …it was even hard getting video footage of her because the moment
she realizes that you’re watching her she takes off! Some people would have a
big problem owning a cat like this but we have a lot of other cats and most of
them want our attention constantly, so we are not lacking in Kitty affection. So, I
just accept Kate Moss for who she is and I even love her the more for it. we call
her our “crazy Kate” and when she does come out for that rare visit it makes us
feel very special. I don’t know why Kate Moss is so painfully shy ,and you would
think after 15 years of regular meals and lots of love she would have come
around a little more,. Even so, the fact that Kate will occasionally gather up
the courage to venture out from the safety of her lair for a little purring
and some head rubs well that tells me that she DOES love us in her own way..
even if it’s just for a few seconds! Thanks so much for watching! if you like
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27 thoughts on “Why is my Cat SO Scared of Me? Living with a Shy Cat

  1. It’s very possible that you get autistic cats just like you have autism in humans. Maybe the stimulation is generally to much for her and she loves you but can’t Handel the overstimulation that surrounds being stroked and touched. (grew up in a home with a very large number of rescue cats and ferals) I certainly saw most of those developmental disorders mimics in our cat population.

  2. Shy Kate would have probably enjoyed growing up in a single cat retiree's house. Less change all the time. Oh well, she found a favorite place anyway.

  3. Nice of you to share. Lovely cat all the Same…. Best regards from your cat loving friend, Adrian in Sheffield England ?.

  4. My sweet kitten Smallfry is so much like this. He just comes out around me when we're alone. When somebody else comes here, he runs n hides. He's about 8 months old. I had him since he was about 8 weeks old. He lived in a nice home with children, but he's just super shy.

  5. Dear sweet Kate Moss. She is such a lovely kitty. I think Kate is the epitome of what many people consider kitties to be,aloof and independent. I totally disagree with this perception. Kate Moss is loved and cared for. She shows her love in a different way. And yes Kate does love you.

  6. Hi Caroline. Kate Moss is cute. I think she's so shy because she might be a feral cat and more outdoorsy. Having said that, I think you do an awesome job with her and I agree with you. She loves you and appreciates what you do in her own way. Thanks for what you do 🙂

  7. I love the name Kate Moss. Katey girl, you are a model kitty, even if you are shy. I think sometimes some beings are just shy no matter what we do. I think you accepting Kate for who she is is the best you can do for her. Most of my cats, except for one kitty, have been very social and friendly. I've always treated all my babies with gentle love and kindness. So who knows? My current companion, Mage Magdalene, is probably too friendly. Everyone who visits me is always greeted by "Maggie" with repeated head buttes and purrs. Maggie also happens to be a very photogenic calico Norwegian Forest 12-year-old girl. Men who profess to not like cats always wind up falling for her wiles.

  8. My sons cat is like that..i saved him 8yrs ago from under my porch. His head was stuck between a cement wall & cement block. He is blind in one eye but doesnt stop him from running round early morning which is his time. He wont come 2 me but if my son calls him he goes running to him. He likes being alone in his lair also. He's a Siamese cat plus a ginger. Loved the video.

  9. When I want hugs, kisses and petting I know who to go. When I want to be alone I know where to hide.
    Love her she's beautiful. ❤
    I got 8 all rescued ferals. Each one have their own personality and I love them all the same.

  10. A stray cat has moved into our woodshed. It's taken all summer, but we've gotten him somewhat socialized. We can't pick him up yet, but can pet him. He gives lots of head bumps and even purrs. He needs to be neutered and checked out for any health problems. He appears healthy, but I'd like to have a vet look at him. I'm worried about catching him as he may become traumatized, but we need to do something. We'd like to bring him inside, but don't want to expose our indoor cats to him before we know he's healthy and neutered. I feel sorry for him being out all the time. I think he wants to come inside. I especially worry about him at night and when he goes for walks and is gone for hours at a time. When he's out of sight we're concerned. He seems quite content in the wood shed, but I don't want to leave him there all winter. He's not nearly as shy as your Kate Moss, but it's taken months to get him to the stage he's at now.

  11. We have four cats, we say 4-1/2 because of the outdoor stray. Two are big males and hide when company comes over. Otherwise they are out and about all the time and very affectionate. Two others, a female and male, are outgoing and don't hide when strangers come to the house. Our female is the oldest cat, about 12. The other friendly one is about 9 months. Thanks for your videos. I look forward to new vids from you all the time.

  12. We took on a one year old feral and we just let her decide if she wanted to be social. She is not a lap cat and probably never will be but she knows she is loved and cared for. She will bump heads and allow herself to be petted on occasion. As long as we are sitting down we are not a threat, but if we get up from were we were sitting we become threatening and she runs and hides. She doesn't hide for very long because she is always interested in what is going on and has to investigate.

  13. I know of someone who has many rescues and one ended up having a litter of 5 kittens, which were born in his house. That was about 13 years ago and he kept four of them. A few years after he homed the one, he took him back. The one which got rehomed along with three of the others ended up very sociable, whilst one has been very shy for most of his life. He will always run off when the guy tries to go anywhere near him even though he’s always been around the guy since he was born. The one which was rehomed and two of the others are very sociable and love attention and affection. Two will give signs that they want to be petted, with one giving love bites. The other one was also friendly, but didn’t like too much attention.

  14. Sounds like she has a medical issue. Not wanting to hang out with people is one thing, but only being in one place day after day? Maybe she's in pain and doesn't want to leave the one place that comforts her? Have you asked the vet about it? *(Just read the description… maybe her eye(s) hurt?)

  15. I'd like to add one more thing that I forgot. I had my beautiful tabby for appox 4 months and I can't recall ever seeing her walk. She's either running away , or hiding.
    Her social box arrived today, & I will purchase a calming diffuser as suggested.

    See you in six months? A year?


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