Why I Make Cat Videos

This is my story for the first time. When I first made the channel of CreamHeroes I thought like this: Look everybody!
I’m sure that you will fall in love with these kitties. They are the world cutest! So, I focused shooting on kitties, not my face. Actually, I am very shy. When I was a child, I was a shy weak bookworm. While reading books, I was too excited about it and could spend all day long. My parents bought books for me.
Actually a lot of books. However, I finished all those books within short time, then went to the library for books. Those were not enough. I even spent all my pocket money for buying new books. But that didn’t last long. Because, I met a new friend, computer. Computer was really a cool amazing friend. The most interesting point was that my new friend had her own language and she was enough to be honest whenever I ask things. I felt like I could do anything with her. So, I had spent quite a long time with my new friend. One day, there was a speech held at school. I was so excited because the speaker was the person whom I was really a big fan of! People lined up on the stage after the speech. The people were exchanging the name cards with the speaker. I didn’t have a name card back then since I was a student; But still, I lined up just like the others. Finally, my turn had been come. “Sir. I am a big fan of you. May I have your… autograph?” While saying that sentence, I felt shy and embarrassed already. He nicely asked me the note that I prepared. “Think big; think disruptive.” I could say that the quote said everything about him. I could feel that ‘This is the alive quote from Son Masayoshi’. Until then, I was just one of the student who was really shy and introverted. Also who tried the best about given jobs. If I had to study, I studied. If I had to work, I worked. There was no rule for that, but I did it like there was. Like a train which runs on the endless rail, I had lived like the train. After that day, my life has changed. I started to believe there were some of the other ways unlike what I had done through. I had been believing only technology could make a better world. That’s why I have pushed myself harder and have tried to learn some more. I have done something good, and have done something useless at the same time. I have failed. Not once. Several times. But there, I found kitties on the middle of tired life and cheap whiskey. At the beginning, it could sound a bit ridiculous; but I just wanted to show my kitties to people because they were cute! I uploaded my kitties’ video on Youtube. And also did Live streaming. The thing that I couldn’t think of before that was I was the person who tried as much as I can once I started. Once I started, I continued to work no matter what or no matter how. As time went by, I tried even harder. I also got some help from my friends and family. My channel started to grow. I felt like I cleared quests in games. I was too used to try hard. A lot of people started to say they loved my kitties. I was only happy without any concerns. One day, I got an e-mail. “Hello. I am a 9 years old girl. And I am a big cat lover. My mommy goes to work every day. From the early morning to the night. I borrowed a phone from my brother and I’m writing this e-mail to you right now. I am really glad I can see you and your kitties. While watching your videos, I am not afraid and I am not scared. Thank you. This is for you. I made these. In that e-mail, I found a photo of ABC biscuit with kitties’ names. I recognized that my kitties are a part of the world. it was a small thing; however, it became bigger and bigger in my mind. I suddenly realized that it was called
as responsibility. Sometimes I say my goal is making the world as a warmer place with my kitties. When it is said that technology makes a better world, So do the kitties. Why do I make videos with kitties? Because I will conquer the universe by warmth and cuteness with kitties and you.

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  1. Hi Claire, i am cat mommy as well. I am so happy that you created and shared your cats video. The first time i saw it i get addicted to them specially Lulu. Well, i love them all, and get to memorize their names. I also invite my nephews to watch their videos coz i want them to understand why i love cats. Wishing you all the best and to your fur babies.

  2. Excellently done Claire. You have a good command of English. Thank you for sharing yourself and your uniqueness with us. For you kitties are not just pets. They make your life whole.

  3. Lately I've been very sick. I'm in so much pain. When I was still in hospital, the only thing I remember, and actually entertained me was your channel. Your kitties help me in the middle of the most painful time of my life. Thank you.

  4. I don’t know from where my youtube recommended me to your channel but before watching your videos i doesn’t used to hate cats but yes i used to love more dogs than cats ? but after watching your videos i first fell in love with Lala ?? His meow just took my heart away ♥️♥️ Now whenever i have time i watch your videos and yes now i love all kitties
    Chuchu ♥️❤️ They are really lucky to have a mom like you & you’re also lucky to have all these cute & smart kitties ♥️ Stay Healthy Everyone ?

  5. Soooo thiiissss is what the "claire" been coming fromm in CreamHeroes i never knew who claire was until youtube recommend me this channel lol ?

  6. I am glad to have found this video! I have been obsessed with watching Cream Heroes for the past few weeks after I found one video on YouTube. I love watching them and they are always cheering me up. There are so many videos to choose from and so much love and sweetness in every one. In addition to the kitties and their cuteness, your love is a big part of the appeal! I love hearing how engaged you are with them, how you laugh and praise them, and in general all of the ways you spend time with them. My favorite videos are when they are exposed to new things, like toys and food, and we are all so surprised and delighted along with you. Like the child you mentioned, I am also grateful for this way to escape with your cats from the world around me and to disappear into a world of cuteness and love~ Thank you for your work and time!

  7. 저 이 영상보고 마음이 따뜻해져서 울었네요.
    뭐랄까 집사님의 생각이나 마음이 전해졌다고 할까요.

  8. tl;dw why does she want to make cat videos ?
    She makes cat videos to rule the world and make every human bow to their knees with her seven cat heroes

  9. All I can say is THANK YOU! We love u, love your videos and the cats, of course (!!!). Pls, continue the AMAZING job! Wish u guys the best. Always.

  10. English? What is the fixation about how well she speaks English? The test is: Did you understand what she was trying to convey? I know that I understood her. Realize that English is a very complicated language. It is especially difficult to get pronunciation correct. English is inconsistent in the way vowels are pronounced. It has borrowed from many other languages and produced a soup of strange inconsistent sounds. All one has to do is surf Youtube and hear how English is pronounced by those who are tackling it as a second language. The results can seem funny at first, but when you stop to think about it you realize that a word that sounded funny is being pronounced as we write it. That's not the fault of the speaker. When we speak we pronounce the word "half" as "haf", or even "hav", for just one example of how we entirely drop or change letters for no apparent reason. No one teaches that! And don't get me started on what we do with verb tenses. And WORSE, depending on region, socio-economic status, age, or level of education …native English speakers are all over the place. I can barely understand those from my own country! Even worse is what the Brits do to the language … and the language started with them! They love to take a small fraction of a well-known proverb and turn it into a trope and then even drop much of the proverb. In one Brittish TV show, the idea to be conveyed was "Get to work and don't waste time". It wound up being "Check on it … a stitch you know." which referred to the old proverb "A stitch in time saves nine". Now, how the hell is a non-native speaker supposed to work with that? ???

    All I know is that she produced a 7-minute video, IN ENGLISH, which I perfectly understood. Yet I speak not a single word of Korean. To those who are puzzled by her English … How much Korean do you speak?

    As to the importance of cat videos … stuff and nonsense. We are owned by three cats now. They are an endless source of joy, laughter, and frustration. I can relate. I only wish I had thought to put a glass bowl over a cat's head when he popped up through a hole in the counter to have a look around. Since I did not, I have to enjoy seeing it on Claire's video.

    Lastly, as to your not appearing in your videos. Consider this: you are presenting less than half (there's that word again) of the story. The fun is not JUST the cats, but the cats, your sound effects, your commentary, your mind reading the cat's internal dialog, and what YOUR reactions are. It would be added fun to see your interactions with the mob. But what you are doing is wonderful as it is.

    Keep it up!

  11. Thank you for following your dream. I love to watch your videos with my cat Posy.
    You teach us a lot with your gentle care & constant fun surprising your kitties.
    You & your cats are making the world a better place!!!

  12. Hey! Claire….. Thanks for sharing. Some day we would want to see you. We love the warmth, love and care that you have for your kitties. Your kitties and you spread so much joy and cheer. Thank you

  13. Do attempt writing kids story books with your little kitties as characters in the story. Trust me it will be super hit.

  14. What a lovely person you are. Your humor, your photography, your editing, your creativity….. all are so appreciated! How amazing that people all over this planet are so invested in the health and happiness of your wonderful balls of fur! The internet can be a good place sometimes!! Best of luck in your endeavors!! Hugs from the USA! ???

  15. I really like watching you and your cats. It really makes me smile and happy. And my cat Elvis like watching you to. My God Bless You and your cats. ?

  16. Claire we love you <3 and your hero kitties. I’m in hospital and have been for the last few years with a severe chronic illness, your videos and your lovely kitties and hilarious antics always cheer me up and make me feel relaxed and calm. You’re a wonderful person and helping so many people to feel better with what you do. Hope you keep making videos with your adorable heroes and also more about yourself and your story if you feel comfortable to. <3

  17. Amazing! You’re great! You’re kitties are great! You’re videos are absolutely GREAT! Thank you, much love ?✨

  18. I seriously cried… it’s so amazing that you can have a positive impact on people with something so simple. It got me thinking about how much your videos have help me and I didn’t even realize it… I have been really stressed out from a traumatic event and I realized I would watch your videos to help put me in better mood… so thank you! Thank you so much!

  19. This video killed me with the cuteness!!! ><
    I'm addicted to all your channels! I am trying to make my friends and sis understand how you make my live more warm, especially on bad depression days and some of my friends agree with me
    Thank you so much for your hard working S2

  20. O man i watched this a while ago but this time the story with the 9 year old girl made me cry and then laugh bc ur kitties r so cute! I also watch your videos when I'm having a hard time and they help calm me down and get my mind off the bad things and make me feel happy? I'm very happy you share you and your family of kitties with us. Thank you❤❤❤???

  21. 세상에 공대마인드가 이렇게 넘치시는데 늘 강력한터치와파워로 조립과 요리를하시다니ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  22. Claire! Your english is great!! You have a way of speaking that makes your voice sound really calm and soothing.
    Your story is very touching, your inspiration and motivations are amazing.
    Keep it up! We'll always be here for you!!??

  23. Claire you have a lot of talent! Please if you think in write books I would be very interesting in read it. I love you channel. I am from.South America. God blessed you. ???

  24. Hey claire, I doubt you will see this comment, but I was wondering if you could do a feature on your camera people. I know you set up a lot of cameras yourself, but in other places its obvious someone else is filming. Are they a friend? Family? A professional? Or do they not like to be on camera like you?

    Thanks for the great channel and keep it up!

  25. I love your channel. I watch it everyday, the last thing I like to see before sleeeping is your adorable cats.

  26. claire im a big fan and i Googled the women behind creamheroes and i found claire luvcat i found some photos but i dont know if thats you you shoudnt be shy your fans really want to know who is behind the creamheroes channel

  27. I might have cried. I started watching your videos 6 years ago around the time Lulu's legs were hurting and the cats were small enough to be bathed in the sink. Before the subtitles and the beautiful edits. To watch you grow is amazing. Life gets really busy so I don't comments as much as I did back then. But when work is rough or I need to refresh I always find myself watching multiple episodes of cream heroes. I guess what I am trying to say is thank you. From a fan that has been around for some time. Thank you for still being here and sharing the lives of your beautiful cats. It makes me very happy ?

  28. never stop what you're doing Claire
    i remember watching your videos daily when i was really deep in my depression, and they really made me feel a bit better.
    Your personality and all of the kitties' personalities always made me feel better, and reminded me how to feel in general. I loved you guys so much since the beginning.

  29. Aw this is so inspiring. I'm introverted too and I want to learn tons of new things. I also love kitties and I want a cat when I get my own place but my doctor says I'm allergic but I never have reactions to them. Idk what to do ? but I love your channels and I will always watch your videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  30. I struggle everyday with a lot of stress because of my two careers, I mean, as a future psychologist and paramedic I'm supposed to deal with that but… The usual methods to relax just doesn't work with me… Meditation, exercise, breaking things, rest are some examples of the things that I tried to beat stress and my family just keeps asking me why I don't have enough energy but fortunately a couple of months ago I found out that watching animals doing stuff helped me a lot, dogs eating, cats playing, bunnies wearing hats… One day I just realized I felt less exhausted after watching videos like that and then I found your channel, so I just wanted to say thank you, to you and the heroes ❤️ thanks for share with us a little bit of peace and happiness in the middle of the heavy world

  31. Whenever I have time or am in a bad mood, I watch your videos to relax and feel at ease again. Sending love from Brazil! <3

  32. Aww I love your kitties, Claire! I only recently discovered you through Jenna Marbles, who I have been watching for about 7 years. She is a fan of you and your creativity with your kitties and I now know all of your cats by name. ChuChu is my favorite, but they are all precious.

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