Why Getting A Dog Will Change and Improve Your Life

VO: (speaking to a dog) Who’s a good girl? Who’s a gooooood girl?? Oh hey! Sorry I was just talking to my best friend
here, Pixie. Pixie is my dog! Say Hi pixie! PIXIE: Arf! VO: Good girl! Today’s video is all about dogs, and how
they can change your life for the better! PIXIE: Arf, Arf! VO: Thanks, Pixie, I almost forgot… Before we go any further hit subscribe and
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this video until the end. Even if you’re not a dog person, Pix and
I think you’ll agree that having a dog can really change your life in the best way possible,
here’s how. You will never be lonely again
They say a dog is man’s bestie for a reason, it’s because they are! Seriously a dog will love you endlessly and
will always be game for doing something fun. If you wanna go out, so do they! Hey Pixie, you wanna go for a walk? PIXIE: (Jumping all over the person talking)
Arf, Arf! (to Pixie) Woah, haha okay okay, let’s go. (Back to viewer) Or if you just stay in and
watch a movie, that’s totally cool too. They’re really down for whatever. Honestly they really don’t know the meaning
of personal space. PIXIE: Arf? Sorry Pix, it’s nothing personal. (PIXIE AND THE PERSON CONTINUE ON THEIR WALK
AS IT BRING US TO OUR NEXT POINT) You’ll spend your time doing fun things
You know sometimes when you’re sitting at home, with no real plans, so you order in
some food and spend another night not really doing anything productive. Well, kiss those nights goodbye because instead
of wasting your time, your dog will encourage you to do more exciting things like take them
to a cool park or beach! You’ll have more opportunities to get out
and enjoy what the world has to offer, instead of hunkering down at home not doing anything. And while you’re out and about… You’ll meet new people
Yes! Owning a dog is one of the best ways to strike
up a conversation. Especially if your dog is super cute, right
Pix? PIXIE: (Very happily) Arf Arf! Seriously though, you’ll meet so many people,
in fact you’ll probably start to make new “dog owner” friends. People that wanna talk about their dogs, make
doggy play dates, talk about dog specific things like how funny they are when they start
running in their sleep. PIXIE: Arf? Oh, of course you don’t do that Pix, don’t
worry. (Winks to the camera). This will especially come in handy if you’re
a new dog owner. You’ll probably have a million and one questions
about the best toys, groomers, and dog parks in your neighbourhood. Who better to ask then your new friends who
already have dogs? Not to mention having a person to go on dog
walks with you is pretty fun and it’s good for you because… You’ll Get More Exercise
You know what dogs don’t have? Thumbs. Which means they can’t open the door and
take themselves for a walk. That’s your job. Granted in the winter it might not be so fun,
but on a nice day, regardless the season getting up and moving is great for your body and for
your mind. Walking a minimum of 30 minutes a day can
have some amazing health benefits like reducing your blood pressure, lowering your risk of
certain cancers, helping you lose weight which in turn reduces your risk of things like diabetes,
and can help boost your mood and fight off depression. Yep, all that and probably more! So next time you feel like you don’t wanna
go for walkies just think about how much you dog loves it, and how much your body will
thank you in the long run. Just one little serious note, if you’re
looking for something that’s going to make you exercise, a dog is not the answer. Walking a dog everyday is pretty mandatory
and shouldn’t be used as leverage to get you to work out more. Having a dog requires a lot of responsibility…speaking
of which… You’ll Be A Better Empath And Have A Greater
Sense Of Responsibility We’re not just talking about teaching the
kids the valuable lesson of responsibility either, we’re talking about you, too! There’s lots of research that backs up the
fact that owning a pet will boost your capacity for empathy. By becoming a dog owner, you’ll get to know
your animal and you’ll become extremely attached. You’ll be able to tell what they’re thinking
and feeling just by looking at them. Not to mention the fact that dogs can’t
really talk. PIXIE: Arf, Arf! Yes Pix, I’m getting to that. PIXIE: pant pant pant Yeah, dogs really can’t talk so you’re
sort of forced to learn to read their body language, and understand their needs. Eventually you’ll find yourself thinking
about your pets wants and needs pretty often and you’ll be wanting to do nice things
for your animal too. That’s because they’ll worm their way
pretty deep into your heart. It’s pretty great. Plus when you have to be responsible for something,
you’re more likely to form good habits which have a pretty good chance of bleeding into
other parts of your life too. If you haven’t started to binge on that
T.V. series yet, you’ll probably keep putting it off if you have more important things to
do, like take care of your pet. And if you’re already on a roll taking care
of things, you might look at some other stuff on your TO DO list you can knock off too. Not to mention if you have kids, what better
way to teach them about responsibility then with a pet? When they’re ready of course. We’ll leave that judgement call to you,
parents. Oh speaking of parents, if you are one, you’ll
probably like this next bonus.. Make your immune system stronger
Dogs can be a little gross at times. PIXIE: (Angrily) ARF! Hey don’t shoot the messenger, it’s true! PIXIE: (exasperated) HUFF Don’t worry Pixie, people can be gross too,
but this video is about our 4 legged friends. However, the fact that dogs are so slobbery
can be beneficial. Turns out that doggy smooches can help boost
a person’s immune system. To get into the nitty gritty of it all, scientists
think that having a dog is kind of like eating probiotic yogurt everyday. It encourages good bacteria in your gut to
grow, and you’ll end up sharing a lot of the same gut bacteria over time. Not to mention, parents having a dog can help
your young kids out too. You know how babies can possibly be allergic
to stuff if they don’t get exposed to it at a young age? Well same goes for animals. Research shows us that exposing your babies
to dogs might help reduce allergies as they get older. Of course, you shouldn’t attempt this with
just that goal in mind, and if you’re worried about allergies with your baby always talk
to a doctor, but you get the idea. We don’t want to stress you out…Oh! Stress, that’s another one! PIXIE: Arf? Don’t worry Pix, it’s a good thing, PIXIE: “Pants happily” “wags tail” Pets Relieve Stress
They just do. Life can throw all kinds of things at us,
and really? We can use anything that helps reduce the
amount of stress we have to deal with on a daily basis. Have you been around a dog lately? They’re hilarious, and things that are funny
make us laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. But if you want to know the science behind
it, Playing with or even just petting a dog (*Pets Pixie*) can increase the levels of
oxytocin and reduce the stress hormone known as cortisol. Not only that, owning a dog has been proven
to lower blood pressure and can even help keep it down when you’re feeling stressed. Not to mention another study said that owning
a pet can help your odds when it comes to surviving your first year after you’ve suffered
a heart attack. Not to mention the fact that dogs are used
as therapy and emotional support animals all over the world. PIXIE: (Happily) Arf Arf!! That’s right Pix, you’re a VERY good girl,
and relieving all this stress means only one thing… They Make You Feel Happy
Since you’re already on YouTube, we’d bet that you’ve already seen a funny dog
video that’s made you cry-laugh once or twice before, right? You can probably tell us your favourite one! The bottom line is dogs are really funny and
they make you happy! There’s even science to prove it. People who have a really good relationship
with their dogs have a higher concentration of the cuddle hormone in their bodies. We already mentioned this one, but it’s
called oxytocin and it’s the hormone humans produce that helps us bond with people, and
increases when you, well…cuddle! If you have a dog, we’re guessing you probably
get lots of cuddles! *Pixie jumps into owner’s arms for a cuddle* Remember if you don’t have a dog already,
they’re a lot of responsibility and you should make sure you’re ready to get one
before you make the commitment! They are a lot of work, there is some money
that goes into proper care and they do require a large amount of time, but we think that
pay off is worth it! Don’t forget if you are in the market for
a new dog to head down to your local shelter and adopt, don’t shop! PIXIE: (Happily) Arf Arf!! Have you always wanted a dog? What kind of dog do you have? Let us know all about your furry friends,
in the comments section below!

24 thoughts on “Why Getting A Dog Will Change and Improve Your Life

  1. Have you always wanted a dog? What kind of dog do you have? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! ?

  2. Absolutely. Dogs love unconditionally. They know when your sad and will be right by your side. They dont care if you decided to just hang around in sweats and be lazy they love it. Love my dog so much!

  3. Dogs rule. A rescue dog recently came into my life. He is everything I didnt know I needed. Since he requires to be walked, it forces me to walk, ie improved health. He's a great companion. We love each other !

  4. My Chihuahua got killed at the pet clinic by a pitbull. Now I have another one and keep him away from big dogs, they are unpredictable

  5. Dogs are wonderful creatures but sadly, not all people are worthy
    of such wonderful companions. Many people are too selfish to be

    good pet parents. Pets are expensive and they have basic needs

    and a lot of people are not willing to make the many sacrifices to

    provide for the needs of a pet. Too often, the dogs come 2nd, 3rd,
    or not at all. Dogs are better than people in so many ways. I've been

    a volunteer for animal rescue and I've seen some heartbreaking failures

    from the two legged versions in this world and the animals paid heavy

    prices. If people are not willing and able to give an animal a loving, stable,

    forever home, they shouldn't get a pet in my humble opinion. Dogs do add

    so much to our lives, if, we are worthy of the blessings and unconditional

    love they can bring. Otherwise, pets can become a disposable burden.

    Think long and hard before you get a pet because, animals have feelings

    too. Thanks for helping educate people on the benefits of a loving pet!

  6. Love dogs I wonder if the dislikes are dog haters so why watch never ceases to amaze me that if you don't like the subject why watch and dislike.

  7. Yea I just want a Pit Bull. One saved my life. But can't have one yet anyway. However, not EVERYONE should be a dog owner.

  8. I love ❤️ dogs ? but I don’t have a dog ? the reason I don’t have a is that having a is very expensive.

  9. I'm so happy to be a true dog lover I have an adorable very young Jack Russell Terrier who is incredibly cute and hilarious. She makes me laugh and that is so important for me

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