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• From why guys have Adam’s apples to if
there are really bed bugs, we answer 10 of your most burning questions about life!
• Hey there, my name is Shima, I’ll be reading out the questions and answers
• I’m Danger Dolan and I’m here to blow your mind with truth
10 – Dragon Girl 5000 asks, Why do fawns have spots? ,
• Those aren’t spots, they’re burn marks from spending too much time sunbaking on the
beach – I’d flake them off with a cheese grater but none of them seem up for it…
it’s really strange • Most fawns are born covered with white
spots and no natural scent for the sole purpose of camouflage. The spots help break up the
baby’s outline, making it more difficult for a predator to single out the fawn from the
tall grasses they usually hide in. • Shima! Look, I made a smiley face!
9 – Sophia Murphy asks, Why can’t dogs eat chocolate? ,
• Because there wouldn’t be any left for us! Just think of what would happen if dogs
found out they could eat delicious chocolate with absolutely no repercussions? Don’t
even think that – just keep repeating, chocolate isn’t good for dogs… chocolate isn’t
good for dogs… repeat it until it’s true… chocolate isn’t good for dogs…
• Chocolate is actually toxic to dogs and many other pets! Chocolate contains cocoa,
which contains a chemical called theobromine. It’s this chemical that is hazardous to a
dog’s health. So even though your dog may try to trick you into thinking they should
have your chocolate, don’t give in! 8 – Audrey Lefeld asks, How many species
of bats are there? , • There are actually 2 – we use one to
hit balls in games of baseball, and the other is a different type of bat used in cricket…
after the game we usually let them fly off to chill out and prepare for tomorrow’s
game though • There are actually over 1200 different
species of bats in the world and they’re divided into two categories: the large fruit-eating
megabats and the smaller echolocating microbats. Aside from fruit and bugs, there are even
bats that feed on fish and, more famously, the blood-drinking vampire bats.
• Look Dolan! Isn’t it just the cutest?! • Ugh, I hate these things… AAAHHHH!
7 – Kylie Allen asks, Why do guys have Adam’s apples? ,
• Guys get Adam’s apples when they eat an apple for the first time. It gets stuck in
their throat and stays there forever. Girls don’t get them because they actually chew
their food, like, with their teeth. It’s gross!
• Both men and women have Adam’s apples, but they’re not as prominent on women. When
boys hit puberty, hormonal changes in their bodies cause their larynx, or voice box, to
grow rapidly. This results in the tell-tale voice changes and the appearance of an Adam’s
apple. Changes in girls are much slower and so they don’t go through the same, sudden
changes. • Check it out, I can make mine dance. *
• That’s just wrong… 6 – Sharky Star Studios asks, How does Autism
work? , • Auto-ism is the fancy, smart-people word
for when you do stuff without thinking about it or remembering what you did afterwards,
like when you walk in a room and you have no idea why you’re there, I mean, it’s
only been 5 seconds how could you forget what you came in here for?
• Autism spectrum disorders, or more commonly called autism, simply means that the brain
has developed differently and has trouble making sense of the world. When the brain
has trouble interpreting the information it gets, it becomes more difficult to interact
with others, like talking, playing, or learning. • Um… Dolan… what are you looking for?
• I don’t know, alright… the thing… I need to find the… thing… it was here…
whatever it was… I think… or did I want food or something… *mumbles*
5 – njihtgnalfeel asks, How does hair grow? ,
• Everybody only has so much hair they can grow on their head. It’s all spooled up inside
your skull. That’s why people who pull their hair go bald sooner, they’ve unwound all their
hair! People like me though, we’re naturally bald
• That’s not true – what about this old picture of you? You’ve got tons of hair!
• THAT WAS JUST A PHASE • Hair grows out from a root, which is made
of different proteins and fed by tiny blood vessels. As the root is fed, it produces more
cells, pushing the end of the hair out of the skin. By the time it pokes out, the exposed
hair is dead, which is why it doesn’t hurt to get a haircut.
4 – TheDestroyer 2103 asks, Are there really bugs in your bed? ,
• Of course, I knew a guy who knew this chick that was friends with a man’s brothers
fiancé who spoke of a birdie that told him that her uncle had a half-sister who was a
distant cousin to this guy that got nibbled by a bed bug once, the wound was itchy for
days and – this is the scary part – he had no bandaids
• Not all beds are the home to bugs, but bedbugs are real and can be a nuisance. Adult
bedbugs are flat-bodied, oval-shaped bugs about the size of an apple seed. They don’t
nest like other insects, but they do live in groups. Their bites resemble mosquito bites
but they only feed at night and only on exposed skin.
3 – Darian Williams asks, If I sneeze with my eyes open, will they pop out? ,
• Na…. na… no way… only reason that would happen is because you don’t eat your
vegetables – um… you do eat them, right? Wh— WHAT? Okay okay okay, don’t sneeze,
don’t sneeze! Someone get this man a carrot, alright, I need lettuce, HURRY UP THIS MAN
NEEDS NUTRITION • Generally, no, they won’t. The reason
why you instinctively close your eyes is to keep all that nasty nose-goop out of them.
However, there was one case in April 1882 where a woman got a sneezing fit, which resulted
in her eye popping out, or eyeball subluxing. • It says here you have carrots in your
cat food, can I give this to Pringle? • Well no, I kinda need that to live—
• This man is a HIGH RISK FACTOR, okay? Later on, we’ll go to the store, we’ll
get you some biscuits, get you some snacks, but in the meantime I need to save this dude’s
life, alright? • So… what you’re saying is you’ll
give me… foodies? • That’s right… we’ll get you some
foodies • *
2 – Why don’t birds fall out of trees when they sleep? ,
• Because you’re not shaking it hard enough – Melissa, get down here and voice a video
– I’m sorry about this guys, just let me… * … oh, would you just… * … aah,
forget it we got Shima… • Unlike the human arm, where you have to
actively grab onto something, a bird’s foot and leg is able to lock into place. In fact,
unless the leg is straightened out, they can’t release their grasp from the branch. So sleeping
with their talons locked onto a branch, is essentially the same as you relaxing in bed.
1 – SealzdoGaming asks, What is the most dangerous disease and is it avoidable?
• The deadly, highly infectious birdificus melissalie. The first symptom is the appearance
of large violet spots all over the person’s body, which grown until the victim turns completely
purple. Then… they transform into a bird. There’s only ever been one case, and sadly,
there is no cure for this deadly— ugh… ugh… ugh… ugh…
• There are actually three super deadly diseases in the world right now: the black
plague, smallpox, and HIV or AIDS. There is a vaccine for smallpox, but the other two
are still in development since they both keep mutating. They’re all avoidable as long as
you don’t travel to where they’re most common. But, if I have to pick just one, smallpox
is the worst by far. • *
• C’mon Dolan, you have to do your outro • *snore* havagudwun….

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