Why Dogs Smell Our Private Parties ? Awesome

warning please read the warnings we make in the more information section of our channel we are not responsible for the information herein why dogs smell our private parties awesome how embarrassing it has probably happened to you that a dog sticks to you smelling there as if you were hiding a plate of food in your underwear but more embarrassing would be if it is your dog doing the prank to a friend or family member why do dogs smell our private parts already leave you to a vergence art do you know why do does do this first of all you have to understand why dogs smell the but between themselves according to the portal dog Institute these animals know the world through the nose so to smell the back of another dog or person is the way to know who it is where it has been another information that is relevant to them among the sniffing things is all the information about the dog sex stress levels hormone levels and even the temperament relaxed or aggressive of the other dog so so do humans they also add the dogs have such advanced senses of smell that they not only perceive odors but also interpret and obtain relevant information from them that's why they advise that if your dog takes this seriously to smell there other people to the point that it is already annoying you must teach on that there are limits what you can do is always bring it on a leash just like when you expect guests at home when you meet people always make them sit and stand still until you tell them and just approach your guests when you tell them to I asked three favors one subscribed to share it with your friends and family three give our like

49 thoughts on “Why Dogs Smell Our Private Parties ? Awesome

  1. I clicked on this video because when I went t my guy friend’s house he had a dog and she smelled my private peep and I was wearing short short jeans

  2. So you mean to tell me my dog can tell who i am and how im feeling… sounds pretty pervy to me

  3. My friends dog kept trying to bury it's ? up my ass.Until I used my taser gun on him.Needless to say she said he's never tried burying his nose up another ass again.

  4. Cuz they’re dogs, and dogs are unclean repulsive creatures by nature when it comes to this kinda shit… Unless you have a clean pure dog, then looks like you hit the jack pot lmao.

  5. hahaha my dog loves my smelling crotch ..he's so funny ..he greets us with his head in our crotch..??? don't take it to seriously folks..it's just what they do…so don't get all paranoid ?..weather it smells like roses or stinks of fish..they will sniff there????

  6. I was watching Ben destroying idiots to dogs smelling our private parts. Prolly cause they think* there are more than 2 genders.

  7. This is one of the reasons I am not a dog person. All animals do this including my cats and ferrets. The dog is usually larger and is able to stick his nose more strategically. I do understand the reason, yet, I find it unpleasant. My friend has a small yapping dog who tries to mate with my leg every time he sees me- why?

  8. Well, we don't have that "problem" with our dog. He's too small to reach that high. He's little pipsqueak that can't reach my knees when he's standing on his hind legs.

  9. I can’t believe how wrong you are
    This is why dogs smell each other’s butts and ours
    A long time ago humans were so envious of wolves because they were much better at running, smelling, and hearing. One day the wolves were bragging and a dragon buzzed next to them. “There is one thing men have that you wolves will never have.” He said wisely. The wolves were affronted. “What do men have that we don’t? We smell and hear for miles! We can run like the wind! We can take down the strongest of elk!” The dragonfly just smiled and shook his head. “You wolves may be stronger, but you will never be able to dance.” And with that he buzzed away. The wolves scoffed at first but then they began to question. “Say, Fred you can dance right?” Or something like, “ Parker, we don’t need to dance right?” But that night the wolves needed to try for themselves so they stole a torch from the town below their hill she started to dance. But they just couldn’t stay up. Then a little one named Peter pointed out. “What if we hold on to each other’s shoulders?” They tried that but to their dismay their tails were getting stepped on she tripped the whole line of wolves. Then the biggest of them naked Ceymore said. “What if we take off our tails?” The others marveled at the wonderful idea so quickly they all tossed their tails in a pile and held on to each other’s shoulders. They began to dance and found, they could! But suddenly footsteps and the shouts of men filled the air! They’d seen the stolen torch from down below the hill and they were coming! “Quick!” Cried the middlest of all the middle sized wolves. “Grab your tail! They mustn’t find us!” They all made a scramble for the tails but after they’d all run quite far away from the men and each other they realized all at once. They had all gotten the wrong tail! So now dogs today, the decedents from those mighty wolves, sniff each other’s butts to check to see if maybe that other dog has their tail.

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