Why Dogs Lick Our Faces And Other Dog Facts

the bonds we have with our canine companions are unlike any other and knowing what's going on inside their precious heads can only make that bond stronger so let's explore some fascinating dog facts some people actually like it when dogs lick their face burrows people who have no fear of bacteria and a lot of those people probably think their dogs are licking them out of luck well we hate to burst that big slobbery bubble but that licking behavior is actually part of an ancient instincts puppies are known to lick their mothers faces as a way of asking them to offer up food they've already eaten this is a survival tool of wild panics wolves don't have reusable shopping bags so if they want to bring food home for their kids there's really only one way to do it they carry the food back in their stomachs and then bring it back up as a bonus it's already partially digested for the pups it's not always about that tasty vomit though dogs also lick other dogs and sometimes people to show submission or because they enjoy the taste of salty human sweat even if you just fed them five minutes ago dogs will probably give you those begging eyes when you're trying to eat your lunch it's as if they're one stagger away from collapsing from sheer starvation it's belief that this behavior is a holdover from when humans first started inviting wild dogs to share our campfires and our table scraps no one knew when the next meal was coming so it was better to chow down on food when it was there and it's likely that the focus on food is still biologically hardwired into dogs today for some dogs there's always the possibility that they've experienced the life of real starvation even after being rescued they can remember what an empty belly is like vets will often differentiate between begging dogs that act hungry and dogs whose behavior suddenly changes to become more demanding of food thus it's important to keep an eye on puppies in case they go from begging to ravenous he's trying to tell us that there's four clowns stuck somewhere in the car broke down we're a boy where there are no clowns men he's just hungry dogs are emotionally manipulative creatures with a knack for nailing the most effective sad expressions one reason for this trade is that humans have gravitated toward those sad eyes for generations so we've bred dogs with features that accent that pitiful look also dogs aren't dumb they probably know if they lie down with their heads on their paws and look up they're going to get attention but sad looking dogs might also actually be sad according to some canine experts dogs could be struggling with the change in roles of their species herding and hunting dogs now have different lifestyles and people suddenly don't need all the traits that have been bred into them for generations canine sadness can manifest as a lack of appetite sleeping all day and at this interest in playing or walks happy dogs wag their tails at least that's what we've been led to believe but it turns out that tail wagging is actually a lot more complicated dogs do indeed wag their tails when they're happy like when they greet their owners after a long absence but when they see the leash right before a walk but this appendage swinging can also mean other things according to pet MD the tail is only one part of a complex system of communication which may also include body postures and facial expressions dogs that have stiff tails or are wagging their tails high above their backs may be exhibiting signs of aggression meanwhile dogs that hold their tails lower as they wag them are showing signs of fear or relative timidness happy dogs on the other hand tend to wag their whole butts when dogs stick their heads out car windows they look like they're enjoying the speed and the rush of air and humans could surely relate to that those are the reasons why people love rollercoasters after all so it makes sense to assume the dogs also want to experience that same adrenaline rush but according to Reader's Digest dogs stick their heads out of cars mostly just because they're short dogs have a strong sense of visual curiosity so they want to take in as much as they can but from inside the car they may have a hard time seeing all the action so if they want to solve that problem sticking their heads out the window makes a lot of sense also the freeze is nice and cool and let's face it if you could stick your head out your car window without getting dirty looks from civilized humans you'd probably do it too right bring your head in this window roll it up in there got it check out one of our newest videos right here plus even more grunge videos about your favorite stuff are coming soon subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the bell so you don't miss a single one [Applause]

45 thoughts on “Why Dogs Lick Our Faces And Other Dog Facts

  1. watch your own video to know what's the reason they lick our faces; exactly the moment in which a dog wags his tail,jumps and licks a man's face.

  2. I'm kind of a dog whisperer kind of guy who loves my dogs. Here is my take on why dogs lick us. First the taste of our skin whether it be cologne or salty sweat but I also believe when they really do love us they can't pet us or hug us so that to get the bonding kind of emotional fix we get from petting them they like us to get that feeling.

  3. I really truly LOVE dogs they're the best lifeform on the planet(yes even better then most of us humans)

  4. Doggies need a modesty flap hung over the back of their tails. Have they no sense of shame and embarassment?

  5. Somebody used to beat our cheweenie rescue pup. The first few weeks whenever I approached her she'd wince, roll over and cover her face with a paw. What maggot would hurt a cheweenie puppy?

  6. This video made me depressed. I thought I was being a good dog owner but I’m glad I watched it, now I know how my dog really feels

  7. Great content!!! I just found your channel and I subscribed!!! Looks like I'm binge watching your videos!!!

  8. My dog Ava has mastered the pitiful sad look. She’s so manipulative in that way, but she does it because it works. I just love her to death.

  9. You're telling me dogs can spin into depression after an existential crisis? This is the worst news I've ever heard.

  10. Why do boxers lay their head on your lap while you eat? …. that way they don't get slobber on their paws

  11. Fun facts:Dog's are Wolves and only a manefestation of humans need to control things, if you really loved animals, you'd leave them be in their natural habitat.

  12. My stella's nickname is heli-butt because she wags her tail so hard it looks like she's about to take flight and fly away like a little gsd helicopter

  13. Because they're short and want to see what's going on? How stupid. I suspected the following before I found it by a search:

    Why Do Dogs Stick Their Heads Out of Car Windows?


    Dogs seem to stick their heads out of moving cars almost any chance they get. What’s so great about a wind-whipped snout?
    While I wasn’t able to find any scientific research on the phenomenon, a number of dog behaviorists agree that the window’s main draw isn’t the scenery or the breeze. What dogs are after are smells.

    A few months ago, in a post about bloodhounds, I explained that dogs are basically walking noses… As air moves over the olfactory membrane, odor molecules settle on the scent receptors and get recognized. The more air there is flowing over the membrane, the more scents the dogs can detect. So when a dog sticks its head out the window, it’s like pigging out at a hi-definition all-you-can-smell scent buffet.

  14. There may be some validity to what you say. But you'll never convince me licking isnot also a show of affection. I dont agree with with your opinions of dogs

  15. My neighbor's dog has only two thoughts in its head:
    1) See moving object. (animal, blade of grass, rain)
    2) Bark endlessly at moving object.

  16. Good to know thank you! ?❤️?
    Btw if any1 wants to be YT doggy friends I have cute funny doggy vids ❤️??

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