Why dog owners are happier than cat owners.

as you've probably heard we are a nation and a crossroads America has never been so divided with half of us staring at the other half over a masive massive ideological and maybe even moral divide friendships have ended entire families have been reduced to squabbling clans and even marriages have broken up over this issue of course I'm talking about the difference between dog people and cat people 6 out of 10 Americans own a pet of some kind and while studies have shown equal levels of happiness among pet owners and non pet owners a new survey suggests that dog owners are happier than cat owners yes dog owners scientists suspected that people who own dogs are also more likely to be outgoing more likely to be married and more likely to own their own homes than those of cat owners and being an extrovert a spouse and a non renter are all traits more are closely associated with greater overall happiness now I suspect that crazy cat lady defined as living alone and having at least 57 cats who share a single litter box don't be ashamed tend to drag down that average happiness quotient of cat owners too however it seems to me as a lover of all animals that the difference lives the personalities not of the pet owner but in the pets themselves dogs are friendly loyal and eager to please and they're walking hours are kind of the same as ours now cats are less demonstrative somewhat mysterious and at times they're more nocturnal dog owners might be more likely to describe themselves like their pets as outgoing and eager to please which probably makes all concerned happier but if cat lovers like their cats are less demonstrative and more reserved I'd be willing to bet that they also didn't absque ribes themselves as being more content so whether or not you are a person that are enjoys dogs or cats more happiness and contentment is one thing we can all agree upon to something we definitely need more of today and that's the news of it for this hour you can follow me on Twitter at Scott Ian Hughes use the hashtag envy user we're going to see you right back here tomorrow at 3 p.m. Eastern thanks for questioning more hey YouTube thanks for checking out our channel we hope you enjoyed the video we have tons of concept for you just like this for more of RT America's one-of-a-kind news and analysis be sure to subscribe and never stop questioning more

24 thoughts on “Why dog owners are happier than cat owners.

  1. WTF?.. both animal's rules.
    cat's population, independence, self sufficient and other's too. BOTH RULES!.

  2. dividing itself again.. funny a's he'll.. or play's the fake victims or Semitic dog's instead.

  3. both animal's rules…. plus domestically animal's/wildlife population rules too.. ANIMAL'S RULES!.

  4. And cat owners are more likely to be intelligent, compassionate, and rational. Cats are independent, complex creatures. Unlike dogs, you must earn their trust and loyalty. They don't just bow down to Human authority. Saying "dog owners are happier than cat owners" is subjective nonsense.

  5. Fake news… both groups are very sad people inside who didn't find connection they were longing for with humans so they are reaching out to animal kingdom in hopes they'd find it there.

    Most will never admit it, then again most don't even understand themselves.

  6. Both dogs and cats have been members of my family. Love both, but dogs are definately more similar with humans, and the bond deeper.

  7. First of all, I do not "own" a cat. I live with a cat, ,and she's wonderful. She's the reason I am happy.

  8. Dog owners are usually also more stupid. The way people give their dog human like emotions is just gross and wrong. Animals don't have feelings like we do, its funny how people think just because its living it got a sub-consious mind

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