Why Does My Dog Eat Shoes and Underwear? – Ask Dr. Andy

[Music]>>Meg: Why does my dog only like to play
with things that aren’t his toys?>>Meg: Like my clothes, my cat’s toys, and
other stuff? Ok. This one’s easy. Your clothes are number
one on the list because they smell like you. To your dog, you’re the greatest thing in the face
of the world, and so obviously they want to spend time with
stuff that smells like you. Socks. Underwear. Clothes. Shirts. Any things
like that. That’s what they go for. The bad part is, I see a lot of dogs that
eat underwear and socks and those are serious problems, and they can have to go to surgery to get those things fixed. So, get a good laundry hamper and keep clothes
and stuff up and away from your pet. The other stuff, the cardboard. Cardboard
is just fun to tear apart. Ropes and things like that…they love that
stuff. It doesn’t mean that it’s safe. Even the cardboard
and paper and things. I’ve seen dogs eat enough of this stuff to
cause real problems. So, if it’s not a toy that you want your dog
to have, make sure they don’t get it. Positively reinforce them playing with the
toys that they do own. Just praise them and love them and make sure
that they know that their toys are wonderful things that you approve and
appreciate. Cat toys? They’re a lot like dog toys. Sometimes
it’s hard to tell the difference and maybe your dog just really loves your cat? What else you got?>>Meg: Where are my keys? They are in the kitchen. Whiskers knocked
them off the countertop. [Music]

4 thoughts on “Why Does My Dog Eat Shoes and Underwear? – Ask Dr. Andy

  1. Here is my thoughts. Like horses that eat wood, dogs are missing nutrients that only they can smell. There need for barks, wood, cardboard is there mad search for those ingredients.

  2. Dogs eat the strangest things sometimes. Once, we had a dog wake up from a neuter and promptly vomit up a dollar's worth of quarters ?

  3. Thanks for the help. Like i said he only plays with the stuff. He throws them about and then giving them back to me once hes done playing with them. As if to say look dad i made it better by covering them in drool lol.

  4. I have a cat question – I have four….3 of them are related one mom and two children. This might be a silly question but why must I spend a lot to get shots for them if they are strictly indoor kitties ? I can understand the rabies shot because of state law but why all the rest. Also I have such arguments with people about whether to feed them dry only moist only or both. I split two packets of natural balance platefulls for four cats and they get approximately 1/4 of a cup or less of dry (as a treat before bed) Max Cat indoor chicken formula it's almost like Crack to them! LOL – what is your professional opinion

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