Why Does A Lady Keep Following A Dog Even When She’s Seen As Crazy? (Part 1) | Kritter Klub

At the same time every day At the same place On an asphalt road where cars go by As if she’s familiar with the routine, she sits down Resident: I don’t know why she’s sitting there when it’s so hot Resident: I think she’s pretty old… She doesn’t do anything and just stares at one place At the end of her gaze is a yellow dog..? Resident: The grandma is always there when the dog is there It’s been over 4 months since the lady and the dog were spotted She keeps a distance from the dog in silence and just stays sitting on the ground “Hello Madam, we’re from SBS TV Animal Farm team” “If you’re going to watch me, please watch me from far away” Hm…What could be her story?? “Eat some eggs, you like eggs” Only then the dog gets up But.. The dog’s body looks uncomfortable…could the dog have some problem? She feeds eggs to the dog and becomes silent again.. After a while the dog gets up and leaves The lady gets up as well “Darong~~” “Darong, go slowly” *Stops* So the dog’s name is.. Darong? The dog steps on the dangerous road “Oh it’s dangerous, come up quickly. You shouldn’t go to the road, hurry and come up!” Is the lady the owner of the dog? Then why do they as if there’s an invisible wall between them “I’m not going, not going, not going” Why is a distance always maintained between them? On the road and now The lady can’t get close to the dog If so, then why does she follow Darong around and take care of her.. Resident: People say that she’s crazy but they’re saying that without knowing what’s going on Resident: Whew there really is no such person like that~ What’s behind the reason that the lady continues to follow the dog? What could be their relationship? To be continued in part 2…

61 thoughts on “Why Does A Lady Keep Following A Dog Even When She’s Seen As Crazy? (Part 1) | Kritter Klub

  1. الله يبعد عن امي وامك المرض ولتعب وعذاب القبر معقول تقراها وما تحط لايك وتشترك ?

  2. I want to give the woman a thumbs up, but I want to give the channel a thumbs down for not setting it up to have "Parts 1 and 2" uploaded at the same time. But I'll keep my thumbs to myself for the dog and woman. Hopefully this wont be a 10 part series that slowly gets uploaded.

  3. im so much grateful for uploading such kind of videos, i love watching your videos even if i cannot understand it, please put english subtitle. Thanks!

  4. Porfavor ayudar a ese perrito se ve enfermo …necesita ayuda ..cuidados amor…
    No lo dejeis solo abandonado en las calles…
    Pasando calor comiendo mal..
    Buscarlo un hogar q lo quieran d verdad q lo cuiden..
    Esa señora solo le lleva un poco comida no es suficiente..
    Haceros cargo d el…

  5. Is that dog pregnant because the stomach is rounded so differently to her body? I'm glad the lady is watching the dog though. That's commitment.

    Edit: Okay, I saw PT2 and yes, the lady isn't crazy. Instead she was watching and protecting the dog even when people call her crazy, this lady is an angel. Yes, the dog is pregnant and I'm happy things turned out perfectly. I just wish I could say thanks to the lady for watching the dog 24/7 because they're near the road.

  6. Creo que es una perrita que está embarazada y pudiera ser el caso que la Dama la está cuidando ??
    Saludos desde México ?

  7. Какая женщина молодец! Столько терпения ходить за собакой войти в её доверие. Только жаль что видео не до конца .

  8. Crazy lady, no way, devoted lady, yes all the way, someone looking after that dog and teaching him to start trusting human again should be name the most sane person on this planet.? ?

  9. Tats called humanism…..proud of you..nd cutyyy nd adorable baby…muahhhh love u all always stay blessed hapoy healthy????

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