Why Do Wet Dogs Stink? + Other Canine Chemistry

all right folks just gonna keep it real in this one we want an excuse to look at dog videos all day and this is the result it's time for some k9 Ken as some of you out there have already learned dogs have an outstanding sense of smell an olfactory system that runs laps around ours but there are 220 million olfactory receptors in their noses dogs can do more than just sniff their neighbors but in fact a dog's nose is so strong that it can detect diseases in people one clinical trial had dogs sniffing out prostate cancer in the urine of patients with 98% accuracy that's not all some service dogs are trained to sniff out explosives drugs and even different species of insects now finding a bomb might make you sweat dogs on the other hand start sweating before they find a bomb when dogs get hot they don't sweat like humans instead they have glands on the bottoms of their paws and their noses to keep their body temperature regulated but the mucus on a dog's nose also helps it sift through and process smells so when a dog smells something molecules enter its olfactory system and bind to receptor cells that send a signal to the brain like hey that's some poop or hey that's the thing I'm supposed to smell in order to get a treat nose mucus slows down or speeds up specific types of molecules helping a dog's olfactory system process and identify smells more efficiently speaking of smells why is it the dogs seem to smell worse after they've had a bath that wet dog smell is from the microorganisms that live in your dog's fur like yeast and bacteria these organisms extrude stinky volatile compounds but if these confidence are always being produced in your pet why does the bathroom it can stand out when your dog gets wet the water displaces in liberates these organic volatile molecules from the surface of the dog's fur allowing them to find their way right into your nose another smell that often offends dog owners is kibble kibble is made up of a cocktail of animal fats vitamins and minerals bought together by a soy or wheat grain now dogs are big-time green lovers so chemists are called in to figure out how to attract them to the food turns out the best way to make dogs eat something is to make that something smell disgusting to give you an example of their collective tastes and smells dogs are attracted to aroma is like putrescine and cadaverine molecules that forensic scientists know as the dead body smell so you can see we've got a little bit of a difference in taste so the challenge for chemists isn't finding a right balance between attractive eats and offensive odors dog owners out there being thought of in the lab somewhere how comforting finally folks a reminder pick up your dog's poop and here's why dogs add to zoonotic transfer in public water that's how a scientist says that animals can get people sick with the water we use the study recently found a way to track dog poop in the water supply and found exactly what they were looking for dog poop residue in the water supply this is trouble because dogs can carry many different types of parasites including a coli which can contaminate water sources so seriously people pick up your dog poop oh if you love watching dog videos join the club and hey you can check out this one about why dogs smell each other's butt's not a dog person shame on you but it's okay you can watch this video about the chemistry of cats got a pet question will more than likely have an answer for you to post it down there in the comments subscribe on the way out and we'll see you again soon

27 thoughts on “Why Do Wet Dogs Stink? + Other Canine Chemistry

  1. www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX6HDY6UrnY > My deceptively cute Dog shows vicious inner wolf by savagely mauling and killing a rug

  2. I says it once. I says it twice. You can lead a wet dog to water… But ya caint make it float. (thick southern accent)

  3. I have an Alaskan Klee Khai and ever since we've had her (for around 9-10 years now) she's always been a heavy breather.  (Picture the sound of snoring, but while awake) It doesn't affect her health or anything, the fact that she's 13 shows she's never had an issue.  I'm just curious as to why she always seems to be a heavy breather for such a small dog. Also she snores like a grown man in his 40's when she's asleep in terms of noise volume.

  4. "pick up your dog poop" – and dispose of it in the trash which goes to the landfill.  How does that not still contaminate the water system?  I mean I would pick it up and hope others will too but just curious if this is really an issue.  Otherwise really fun and informative video.

  5. i was wondering why sometimes I'll smell like a wet dog after I just get done taking a shower and putting on clean clothes then going outside for a few minutes on a hot summer day in Texas. i always thought it was because of pollution in the DFW area. is it because my clothes have yeast and bacteria on them?

  6. how does this video get so many views but my sexy fitness video or fifty shades video with butt slapping can’t get over 1,000???? omgg

  7. Why do dogs stink when they're wet and which one smells …http://izsearch.com/?q=Why+Do+Wet+Dogs+Stink

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