Why Do Spiders Come Inside – Charlotte Pest Control

Many people have a lot of little running
spiders in the spring here in North Carolina inside the house right around the
foundation of the house and you wonder why is this huge population right on my
home right now well infestation begins usually the
winter before insects likes spiders and crickets in
arachnids and all sorts of other creepy crawlies are looking for a warmer place
to live and you heat your home so as things cool off they gravitate towards the home and towards logs and rocks that
they can hide underneath your house is like one big log in the
middle of the forest with a heater on it so They pull up into the house over
winter this is an example of some logs they’re
just laying out amongst the foliage here we flip over them the log and look to see what’s underneath
we can see lots of decaying organic matter and a spider living comfortably a pregnant mother wolf spider as you can
see here Now she is gonna stay out here for a while
but this is going to get cold she’s gonna look for a place a little bit more
comfortable which nine times out of ten is your home.

3 thoughts on “Why Do Spiders Come Inside – Charlotte Pest Control

  1. You know spiders are not detrimental to your home. They actually help. They kill bugs you don't want like roaches and flies.

  2. Very true, in some sense they can help! However, there are various types of poisonous spiders that can harm humans. For example the Brown Recluse Spider, or the Black or Brown Widow. These spiders may protect your home, but they may also create a very dangerous home to live in. Especially those with a small child, pets or the elderly. Black Widows are capable of killing a human, and the Brown Recluse needs medical attention after a bite has occurred. That's why spider control can be important!

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