Why Do People Like Cats?

– Owning pets is weird, isn’t it? I mean, I’m for it, but it’s weird. – It’s kinda weird.
– I think it’s weird. (dramatic symphony music) – I’m not a cat guy. That’s why I decided to
make this video, to see if I could learn to like cats,
because I don’t like not liking things. I wanna be more positive,
and often when you don’t like something, it’s because
you don’t understand it. And I sure as hell don’t understand cats. So, I decided to talk to a
bunch of cat lovers out there, including my sister. Who’s my sister? Hey, you’re my sister. – Yes, I am. – She’s definitely pro cat,
and so is my friend, Matt. – My first word was kitty. – My first word was, I hate kitties. (laughing) – That’s three words. – I hyphenated ’em. – Oh (laughs) – I also talked to my wife
about cats, ’cause well… You are the most important
person in the world. – Glad our daughter’s not
here to hear you say that. – Well, you are raising her. – You’re also raising her. – Not as well. (laughs) Speaking of raising things,
there are people out there that raise cats. – Oh, cats. I don’t
think that I would want to have a cat now, even if I could. – I also talked to another
very wise expert, known as, random people on the street. Would you like to talk to me? No. Definitely not. Why cats? – I don’t know. They’re good. – Good, he says good.
– ’cause he’s a p****. (laughing) – You will eventually see
me talk to some people. First, let’s pick apart
what it is I don’t like about cats. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m an idiot. The first reason though,
is a very valid one. Who was your first cat? – My first cat, was Tigger.
We had to get rid of him. – [Craig] Why? – [Melissa] Because, you came
along and you were allergic. – My sister actually wanted
to get rid of me instead of the cat, but my
parents wouldn’t allow it. Such loving parents.
Let’s check in on them. – Listen, my esteemed wife, companion. – What’s the good word ol’
matrimonial associate of mine? – Let’s get a cat! – I mean no disrespect, but
that’s a dumb (bleep) idea, and I respect you less now. – Whaddya mean, toots? – What if we had more
allergy infested mistakes? – Are you referring to children? – I’m pregnant. – Pausing. I was doin’ a pregnant
pause, get it? (laughs) I’m not pregnant. (exhales) – Can we get a cat? – Nope! – Okay. – Anyway, my sister and I
initially didn’t get along, but we’ve since made amends. I love you. – Love you, too. – This isn’t just like a
(sneezes twice) allergy, it’s more of a (inhales
deeply twice) allergy. It affects my asthma. I
can’t breathe, and breathing is really important to me. I like it a lot. I do it everyday. True, there are allergy
pills, but I don’t want to have to take them everyday. And true true, there
are hypoallergenic cats, but most of the cats I
come across are not that. So that would only be
relevant if I decided to own a cat, and if I’m gonna
own a cat, I’m gonna have to get over the
other reasons why I don’t like ’em first. – Cat’s stink. – (laughs) Why don’t you like cats? – They poop inside. – Shirting and peeing in your house. Pee and shirt in your house. – But it’s in a box. – They pee and shirt,
in a box, in your house. – Unless you have kitty problems,
then they may go all over. – Well, that happens with dogs too. – That’s true. – And most pets. And humans. Not actually. – Well, yeah. – Yeah. All right. Three, many, if not most,
they don’t like you. They barely acknowledge you’re there. – No, no. That’s not true at all. – I’m talking very broadly
here, and that’s gonna get me into trouble, but that’s… Yeah, I’m probably not
being fair, however… My experience with the
cats that I don’t own, which is all of it. When a cat is around, I
think I want it to act more like a dog than it does,
and that frustrates me. – Why do you like dogs? – Loving, affectionate,
obedient, friendly. – You don’t think cats are that way? – No. They’re snots. (laughs) – [Melissa] I like the fact
that they’re independent, and kinda snotty. (laughs) – I like dogs. Like 90% of
them are willing to, you know, have a good play. Cats, 90% of them, they are not willing. – Okay cat lovers. You can stop commenting all
of your counterarguments. Now we’re going to do
the counterarguments. Here are the reasons people like cats. – They’re cute. – They’re cute, and you
know they got big eyes. – [Craig] Oh, okay, yes. They’re definitely cute. Aww.
Ohh. Oh, they’re cute, mmm. Oh, little kitty. Oh, little kitty. Oh, little kitty. Oh, little kitty. Another reason that Matt brought up. – [Matt] You can pick ’em up,
you can pet ’em with a fuzzy. Ahh, they feel nice. They’re cuddly. – [Craig] However, that runs counter to my they don’t care about you argument. No, but in the past I
have tried to pet them, and they like, go away.
They don’t wanna be pet. – Well, sometimes they
don’t wanna be petted. – What? They have moods?
(blowing a raspberry sound) That’s stupid. Sorry. I’m kinda in a mood right now. – [Matt] They’re often a little
stand-offish to people they don’t know, especially toward dogs. – Oh, so they’re careful around strangers? That’s smart. That’s
really smart, actually. – [Matt] The cats are pretty
affectionate to the owners, and they’ll come running
up to you, and they’ll– – Ch-not all cats. Yeah, some cats are different,
like my sister’s two cats. – [Melissa] Herman is more
about, “Yeah, you can touch me “when I say you can touch me.” Nermal is the exact opposite. – [Craig] You could pet Nermal forever? – [Melissa] Yeah. Pretty much. – Yeah, so cat’s are
complicated and different, so you can’t say all cats
like to be petted, Matt. Ha! – Well, not all dogs either. – Ha Ha, okay. All right,
yeah that’s a good point. I guess there’s nuance in everything. (exhales) Nuance. – Since there’s so much
variability, diversity within the dog breeds, it’s hard
to compare, I think, a dog to a cat, because what
kinda dog you talkin’ about? – Well, if we’re talking
about my dog, Mitzy, she was a dog, dog. You know what I mean? Super doggy. – [Chyna] Mitzy was a dog,
but she was kind of a cat, and she wasn’t like all up
in your face all the time, like pet me, pet me, pet me constantly. – Okay, so maybe there’s
something likable about a pet not needing attention and
affection all the time. Like my sister said. – I like the fact that
they’re independent, and kinda snotty. (laughs) – Why do you like that they’re snotty? – (laughs) It just adds to
their personality, and sometimes they can be real fun that way. – You wouldn’t know what to
expect with a cat, I suppose. – Exactly. – ‘Cause they can do their own thing. – Mm Hmm. – Hmm. Maybe I’m like a cat. Maybe that’s why I don’t like
’em. I see myself in cats. Okay, so. I’m gonna have
to do some soul-searching, but let’s finish this video first. What else is likable about cats? – Well, you can get a laser pointer. – Okay, I do like that. Yes! Do yourself a favor, get
a cat and a laser pointer. That’s good times. We’ll call this reason, they’re hilarious. – [Chyna] They’re funny. I
want other people to own them and record them doing
ridiculous things, and then post that on the internet for
me to peruse at my will. – So, in a way, you’re a cat
owner. You own every cat. – [Chyna] I guess so. – And let’s not forget about cat sounds. They’re a good time. Mew. Meow. Meow! (hissing cat sound) Mew. Meow. What’s a cat say? – Meowwwwww! – Speaking of cat sounds… – They’re quiet. Oh,
that’s a plus for cats. Yes, generally speaking,
the sounds a cat make are more likely to be quiet,
adorable, and hilarious. Dogs can be adorable, woof,
but also loud, (barking loudly) depending on the dog. Ah, Nuance. Now, I would like to think
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NORDVPN.COM/WHEEZYWAITER, with the code, WHEEZYWAITER. And the final reason we discussed… – Relatively easy to take
care of. Low maintenance. Especially living in a
city, you can keep them in an apartment, and
they’ll be perfectly happy, for the most part. – [Melissa] They’re usually
pretty easy to take care of. I know some people think
that cleaning out a litter box is hard. – Do they? It’s not as
hard as having to walk your dog all the time
and pick up their poop, even though a lot of people don’t. Hey! Pick up your dog’s
poop if you’re gonna walk around in a public space. Here’s a song to help you remember. If you’re walking a dog
in the public square, pick up it’s poop from it’s derriere. Derriere that’s French for butt, derriere of a poopy mutt. But, if cleaning a litter
box is too hard for you… You also can train cats,
apparently, to use the toilet. – Yes, you can. I have not
seen this successfully done. – Our friend, Francine,
attempted it, and it was beginning to work. And then they went on a
trip, and then they came back and it stopped working. Point is, if you’re gonna
have a cat, yeah, you’re probably gonna live with
poop and pee in your house. But the trade off is lower
maintenance, right? Totally. – I think that dogs take a
lot of work, but so do cats. Especially when they get old. Both of my cats have
something wrong with them. I have to give a pill to
Nurmal for her hyperthyroid. Herman has diabetes now. – [Craig] Oh no, and that’s
just a bunch of extra work, you know?
– It is. – Owning a pet. It sounds
like cats are probably easier, but it depends on the situation. Nuance. And having a pet, no
matter what it is, is gonna be a commitment regardless,
which is probably why… – I’m not super pro having
a dog right now either. – Having no pets right now is pretty nice. – Yeah, I loved our dog
so much. I loved her. – Mm Hmm, me too. We’re
both very glad we had Mitzy. The dog we always wanted, actually… – I didn’t even want a dog
– Responsibility – to begin with that much. – No, you really didn’t,
and then we got her, and you like were head over
heels in love with her. – And now I tattooed her on me. – Yeah. – Yeah, so with cats, maybe
the same thing would happen. I’m sure I could fall in love with a cat. – Absolutely. – Oh yeah, I said that didn’t I? – I think the biggest thing
is that you are allergic. – There you go. Turns out loving someone or
something, is complicated. You can’t just list two
to five reasons, and make sense of everything. It’s a feeling. It… Nuance. So I guess the takeaway is,
I’m not really a cat guy, but I’m also not really
an any pet guy, right now. But I could be. – Anything else? – Uh, meow. – Meow. – Thank you for watching. I do a daily vlog every
single weekday for patrons over on Patreon. I do these
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