Why Do Cats Love Boxes?! – Simon’s Cat | LOGIC #4

Hello I’m Simon, welcome to Simon’s Cat
Logic, we’ll be finding out from a cat expert why cats behave the way they do. Today we’re going to talk about boxes. Well we all know that cats love boxes
and out of my four cats I’d have to say it’s Teddy that loves boxes the most he
goes crazy for them, if there’s a box around he will find it and he likes to sneak
around and he’s quite mischievous so he’s always finding somewhere to hide and you’ll see his two little black fluffy ears sticking out of it it gives him a perfect ambush place to jump out on the
others, which he does quite a lot. Cats feel safe in enclosed spaces This explains why cardboard boxes are immensely popular. They feel safe having something enclosed and particularly something with sides. All cats need to be able to hide not just the scaredy cats or not just when
there’s fireworks outside. Even confident cats need the ability to hide even if it’s just for a
few moments. Sometimes owners buy an expensive cat
tower for their cat and whilst they’re busy constructing it turn round to find that their cat is more interested in the cardboard box it came in. Boxes make great cheap toys
which you’ll notice in the video Simon’s Cat -‘The Box’ where Simon’s Cat has a
lot of fun playing with a box that’s been left lying around. So, whether your cats play by themselves
with a box or with other cats they are a lot of fun. You could also use them to make a cheap enrichment toy. This is basically feeding a cat in a more interesting way, that’s more mentally stimulating compared to feeding them in a food bowl. So, what I’d recommend, is get a cardboard box put some of their dry food in, which is part of their daily allowance and then scatter in some dried leaves. Cut two
holes into the box for access and then watch your cat having hours of fun whilst they
try and hunt out those biscuits in the box. Well cats can get really creative when they’re playing with boxes and I wanted to sort of capture that. Well, what I liked about designing this box film was trying to think of all the different ways that cats use boxes. So not only were they running around inside, but they’re also using the little holes in the side and also playing with bits of cardboard they’d torn off. So it was nice to get all of that into that film.

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  1. I can understand cats loving boxes. I have one cat Caz, who loves flattened long boxes, he takes a run up and slides the length of them. He also loves open books, especially text books, and paper, like my daughters homework. Nukeela my other cat loves the outside swing chair, laps, or under the lounge where he tore the lining and made himself a hammock inside the lounge.

  2. My cat Chloe Ling used to love sleeping in an old shoe box that sat on the counter so we put a blanket on it and she loved it! I might try out the treats in box idea 🙂

  3. One time, my cat was on a closed box, was really high. So she fell in, and she meowed. Someone got her out and closed the lid. But then she jumped on it again and fell in the box and meowed. Someone had to get her out, then they flipped the box upside down!

  4. My cat is to lazy to look for food. She's the type that lays down and uses her paw to drink water. She's only 8 pds and couldn't be any lazier. LOL She's 18 too. That might have something to do with it. 😉

  5. our cat Lou Lou is crazy about boxes she even tries to get into get into them before we open them any box is fair game . Lou Lou ,s slaves???

  6. My cat used to steal my dog's bed, making my huge dog sleep on my bed (which I like to think neither of us enjoyed.). A few weeks later I was planning on donating some of my older clothes. I put an old shirt in a box and left the room to get more. When I came back, my cat had made her new bed in the box and for the first time in weeks my dog got his bed back. Boxes surely have an effect on cats, mine changes sleeping locations during the day of course, but at night she uses the box. ?

  7. Hey, Simon. I have a rare breed of cat,(at least my mom says :/) and he is a Lambkin and I know part of his breed is a munchkin, but I don't know what other type of cat he is. I was wondering if you knew.

  8. When i receive box from Amazon i let my cat play with it until he is borred..its take about 3 days …and when i receive a new one…he get all over it again …..and he actualy very love his tree ….but i had to put material from his old tree for him to accept the new one ..he was missing so much his old tree he was looking at it outside in the trash …

  9. My cat liked boxes but his favorite was the very narrow cardboard box that soft drink cans came in. As he grew it became more difficult for him to get into those boxes but it didn't stop him from forcing his way in. Couple of times I had to cut him out of his cardboard overcoat.

  10. Cardboard box with leaves? Nope. Just, nope. My s.o.'s cat will end up eating the leaves and then proceed to sneaky-vomit them out in a place where we are likely to find it, like the bedside carpet. She has done it already and we're not going to take our chances.

  11. When my calico had kittins. I asked my neighbors for like 10-15 boxes and made a cat-box tree for them. Greatest idea ever.

  12. Okay, so explain why my cat would rather eat the box than play in it? No, seriously, I have to get boxes specifically for Coco to chew on or she'll try and termite her way through any scrap of cardboard she sees. She even knows which boxes are her chewing boxes, and acts like she's getting a treat every time I have to put down a new one! Which is every couple of weeks…

  13. My best friend has a cat named Cookie and she has a 'favorite box,' so we put her in it and it was Beth's birthday so we said "Did you order a box of Cookie?" And then Cookie jumped out of the box and onto the couch. Lol. Also Cookie is fat so Beth hopes that she would have kittens lol

  14. not a box but my cat likes to sleep in the draw in my wardrobe i put her a blanket in its like her little bedroom

  15. Why does my cat rip pieces of cardboard off a box using his mouth, throw them off to the side, and ignore them? this bothers and amuses me, but I have a pile if little cardboard shreds in my room whenever I put a box in there.

  16. yeah I started just leaving boxes around for my boys to lay around in, they love them. it's better than any toy I could ever get them. #simonscatlogic

  17. Squeak would live getting in the plastic into an empty grocery bag when we get back fro grocery shopping, She'd get in it , turn around and peek out. One day i hanged the the bag with her in it on the knob of one or the drawers in the kitchen counter. She'd manage to poke head out of the top bag enough to see and love the idea. One the funny things Jeannie were reminiscing about about our buddy today.

  18. If my cat sees a box she ignores it at first, then later she just sits in it, no joke, no play, just sits





  19. My cat missed the box memo. She never plays in them. She periodically hides behind them when playing with another toy

  20. Teddy reminds me of my cat because when I was younger I made a fort out of cardboard and he would do anything to get inside

  21. They really love it when you drag the box across the floor with them in it. They get really excited with two types of fun; being in the box and moving at the same time.

  22. A lot of people say I'm a cat. I think it's true. I hiss, I scratch, I bite (out of self-defence) I meow, and I play in boxes. Plus I'm pretty lazy.

  23. My uncle had a shoe box but he now left to Poland my cat December sleeps in it 3 hours a day if i I push the box she looks at me and falls asleep.

  24. My cat eats boxes he will rip parts off and try to eat them. Sadly he lost all right to box do to his unsafe habit of eating the box as lunch all 4 other cats hate him for it

  25. But what is it with paper? I was reading a magazine and one of those stupid little cards fluttered out and onto the floor. I finished the short article and went to pick up the card only to find that the cat was sitting on it – somehow managing to get all 4 paws perfectly onto the card!

  26. i don't have a cat anymore cus i had to get rid of her her name was ruby she was a really nice cat

  27. I once built a ball pit in a cardboard box with all the gacha capsules I brought back from Japan. Costello loved it. I have a picture of him with gacha capsules scattered around him as he's searching in the tipped box.

  28. If I put a box like the illustration in front of my closet mirror, my cat stares at himself through the holes a then pops up like, ‘peek-a-boo, it’s me!’

  29. With 8 cats, we have about a dozen boxes laying around so everyone has their choice. Naturally, several will all decide they want the same box! I suppose I should just be grateful we only have one who likes to chew cardboard… ??

  30. My second cat liked boxes. After we received something in the mail that came in a box we would leave it in the hall for the cat to play in. He would only play with it for a few days before the cat would lose interest in the box. After he lost interest we would take the box away and he would be boxless until the next one arrived in the house.

  31. My cats love boxes, the smaller the better. Idk why they like to squeeze their fat butts into tiny boxes.

  32. My cat loves his Amazon box, which is too short for him now. I got him a newer one and he looked at me like "WTF is that?" and promptly hopped into the old one. Cats…

  33. Every time I got something in the mail, the first thing my girls did was climb in the box. I love how they would sit in a box that was clearly too small for them to be in.

  34. This is such a nice video, this the reason why YT was conceived in the first place, interesting high quality content.

  35. My cat, Chow Mein, loves boxes and no matter how small, will attempt to get in it. She will even get the lid off a box to get inside, even if it if full of "stuff." Love your videos! True to life and very amusing!

  36. Love all the cat logics… As I am a first time cat owner, it is not just fun to watch these videos, but very educational too… Hit two birds with one stone… ???

  37. RE: the Enrichment Box. Bell thinks not. She would just sit by her bowl and LOOK at us, and RACE into the kitchen anytime we move in the house, trying to shepherd us over to the catfood dishes…. Wouldn't you like to feed The Cat? It's not too early to feed The Cat… Heeeeey, there's a whole lottah activity going on in the kitchen. Anything for the cat? Simon , if you haven't done a video on this already, Bella comes RACING into the room if we open any kind of plastic snack food bag like Raisins or Peanuts in a bag which rustles like the Temptations or other Cat Treat bags. RACING in. I have to show her what is IN the bag to dissuade her. When I was nibbling on peanuts, she scarfed 1 done because it was from one of THOSE sounding bags and resembled a treat in size and shape. When I offered her another peanut a few minutes later, she refused and gave me that, "I will NOT be fooled twice by you!" look. LIKE 23K and something. lol. Cheers and blessings, April #AdoptDontShop

  38. Well Lulu adopted us,she simply turned up, my husband says she's come from God because we'd lost our ginger Buburayam (after eighteen and a half years….awful, shortly after I lost my Mum,my job then my Dad, Lulu turned up at this point…! She must have been treated fairly badly as she had no cat personality,she was scared of boxes, she never purred, she rarely miawed and I don't think anyone had ever played with her. It's taken almost three years but now she's gained confidence,purrs,talks,plays,likes boxes, seems to understand us, yes she's brought pure joy into our lives. Thank you God…! Thank you Lulu.

  39. Remember bringing a kitten home in a cardboard pet carrier. All the way from armley in Leeds to Morley in Leeds. On the bus mind . By the time I got to a bustop in vicar lane the kitten started to shove its head out of the box. I thought I'm never gonna get this kitten home in one piece. its miowing like a mad thing. Paws and claws coming out of every hole in the box . I got her home. She was mine for around 16 happy years. I called her Amber. Fully ginger a beauty. Buried under a rose bush now that's got lovely orange flowers.

  40. In some ways your videos make owning a cat seem really stressful, I think it's all the shattering sounds that happen off screen.

  41. Both of my cats is nuts for boxes, they can even fight over a box that lais in the sunlight. Its cute and funny since their ither in a box or tries to steal one

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