Why Do Animals Have Tails?

hey squeaks look what we have here
we just got an awesome question from one of our viewers they want to know why do
animals have tails that’s such a great question
lots of animals have tails yes including rats Greeks but humans don’t personally
I’m pretty glad we don’t have tails can you imagine trying to sit in class at
school with the tail getting in the way all the
time but the real reason other animals have tails is that they need them and we
don’t I bet you can even guess what some animals use their tails for when you
think of an animal with a tail what’s the first one that comes to mind a dog
that’s a great one squeaks maybe you have a dog in your family or you know
someone who does and I bet you’ve seen that dog wag their tail a lot when dogs
wag their tails that’s often because they’re happy or excited since they
can’t talk using words their tails do the talking for them and if you see a
dog with their tail lowered between their legs
that might mean they’re scared so that’s one reason some animals have tails to
help show what they’re feeling can you think of any other animals that have
tails maybe one you’d see on a farm yeah tails
too sometimes horses use their tails to communicate like dogs do but their tails
are also useful for something else flicking away all those pesky flies
buzzing around them some other animals like cows do the same thing that’s true
squeaks there’s another very important example that we haven’t talked about yet
rats wrasse mainly use their tails for a different reason to help them balance
you know how sometimes if you’re walking along the edge of a curb and you start
to feel like you might lose your balance you can throw your arms out to the side
like this and keep yourself from falling over
well rats and lots of other animals use their tails in the same way if they’re
climbing something really high or narrow where they might fall they can stretch
out their tail to help keep their balance
just like you stretch out your arms cats use their tails for balance too which is
really important for them because they jump very high
and some animals like monkeys can actually use their tails almost like an
extra hand a monkey’s tail helps them balance but they can also use it to hang
on to the tree branches and sway I know it would be so much fun it’d be like
having a swing set wherever you go so whether they’re using their tails to
communicate flick away bugs or balance tails are really important for lots of
animals and there are plenty of other ways animals use their tails that we
haven’t even talked about but humans don’t have a tail at all because we
don’t need one for any of those reasons we have other ways to show what we’re
thinking or feeling like by talking or even just using our faces to smile or
frown if bugs bother us we can swat them away with our hands and since we walk on
two legs we don’t need a tail to help us balance we can use our arms for that
like when you’re walking on the edge of a curb so even though tails are really
helpful for a lot of other animals for us humans they would mostly just get in
the way thanks for asking such a good question do you have more questions
about animals or the human body or anything else ask a grown-up to help you
leave a comment down below or send us an email to kit at scishow comm thanks and
we’ll see you next time here at the fort

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