Why cat enjoy to eat in this way? – Belly enjoy this playful way to eat.

Belly, come back! Finish your meal! Lunchtime Belly hasn’t finished her meal for several times. Naughty cat Ore and Reo are doing well Where are you going? Finish your meal. Come back! Please… Ok, Fine! You’re the boss. Do it with your favourite way Belly could keep eating forever with this playful way. Here, one more. Belly: “Where? Where? “ Belly, you acting like a racoon Still on the table, you smart little cat. You really can do this forever, isn’t it? Dinner time I believe she has been exhausted for lunch. Hopefully, Belly could finish her dinner. want more? Belly, well done Ore, you are a robber Ore, shame… You just little kitten, eat too much will got diarrhea Ore and Reo want to try this as well. Please, eating like a lady…

100 thoughts on “Why cat enjoy to eat in this way? – Belly enjoy this playful way to eat.

  1. This is so peaceful ??Im a little sad because my cat died yesterday. Good video!! ??
    (Sorry for my bad english im spanish)

  2. I found a little cat at the street, but i arent that responsible to take care a cat, so i took the little kittie to a shelter for stray cats and they are taking care of the little cat!???

  3. Ζουζουνιτσα φερε το χερακι σου αχχχ ααγγααππηη μμοουυ!!!♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

  4. ho my god man i loved she's so cute and these little ones are so big i love you and how much i look at you i feel peace in the world i love you and who created this channel too❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. I love you lucky paws every day I see your video I have a lot of memories with my cat who died 4 cats died actually because the one that my grandmother ?? buy me 1 years old and turned out that she is battling cancers in 1 years later she died and I had no one to buy me a cat ? and the few days I just had a great idea for a cat so many people are helping me to get my first cat and fannaily I got one and but it's not a cat is a dog ? his name is max and he is 10 months old and I hope you have a great day the important thing is you love ❤️ anyone reading this have 34 years of good luck ? I love you lucky paws I forgot if I say that again have a great day ???????☺️???

  6. Aww so cute ????idk y but my cat won’t eat her food out of a bowl either sometimes to so I got her a couple cat food enrichment items an keep them filled up with her food so she will still eat I guessed it was cause she was really a out door stray cat b4 she just out of the blue showed up at my house an I took her in an guessed she got board of just the food being there an liked the thrill of hunting for it sometimes an it worked by the next day the food will b gone from one of the enrichment items but her bowl b filled tho still lol

  7. Hi its you're biggest fan I'm sorry I'm late because our wifi here us so poor but love you're videos so so so much

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