WHS Animal Compassion Team

I think if you ask the vast majority of
people they would admit to being animal lovers. I personally think that animal advocates
are no more compassionate or sensitive than the rest of the population I think
society has conditioned us to believe that certain species warrant our love
and compassion more than others. our goal as a committee is to educate the public
and to really make a connection so that people recognize there really isn’t a
differentiation between our companion animals and animals that are used in
factory farming or wildlife, those kind of industries. We use a lot of visual displays to try
and get the message across to people so we have a life-size hog that is in an
actual gestation crate to kind of bring that visual home of what it’s like to
live in a gestation crate day in and day out because the average consumer the
average person on the streets is never going to be inside a factory farm so to
visually see the limited space and requirements that are provided for that
pig it really brings the message home. We recently acquired a human cage is a
life-sized cage that people can go in and for just a few minutes of an
experience of what animals and intensive confinement might experience we have
monthly speaker events where we bring in various local speakers from across
Manitoba to come in and address an issue that’s currently affecting animals in
Manitoba or throughout Canada I think that one of the major challenges that
the animal compassion team faces is combating the ideas that are put out
there by industry and marketing the idea of separating the animal from the meat
product hog farmer versus pork producer cattle rancher versus beef producer
we’ve kind of separated the animal and their life and how they’re cared for
from what winds up in the grocery store and eventually on a dinner plate these
animals are so beautiful and smart and intelligent and sentient they’re they’re
far more complex than they ever get credit for they have such strong
maternal bonds with their young and they have such complex behavioral needs and
we take all that away from them and we give them nothing and it’s heartbreaking
I think one of the major challenges for us also is talking about how this
intensive confinement and these massive industrial farms are impacting the world
around us so you care about animal welfare is to care about the environment
to care about your own health and your children what I would like to do is educate the
public and really expand their circle of compassion to include all animals
regardless of species no sense he’d be desert to be mistreated they all deserve
love and compassion I would really like to see an end to industrialized
agriculture and an end to intensive confinement of farm animals and I know
that if we continue to speak out against injustice and speak out against these
various industries we can see that day we just have to keep trying and never
give up

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