31 thoughts on “Who Let the Cats Out? Deluxe Cat Enclosure

  1. I would love to see a detailed tour of the design of the catio. The construction of the cat door in the window, etc

  2. Riley is 18; I'm so glad she got to use it. My kitty Bella gets things my late kitty Buzzy never got to experience. But, he was well loved. Very happy kitties. Max, the slow starter, would probably love it the most, he's just a little more cautious. The plants obviously his! And their off and the first to the cat door is … Cats just belong in a garden. There's a lot of art to suggest this. Now the great outdoors can be the safe outdoors as well. Great job on the catio!

  3. I love the way Riley bravely adventures out when she hasn't been out in 18 years. What a trooper!!

  4. It's so great seeing cats run bit freely. I grew up that cats just roamed as free as their spirit would take them. It's kinda sad to see a cat never been outdoors but this is life now, even some humans live like this never realy experiencing life to its fullest.

  5. I LOVED watching your babies living the good life! I sooooooo wish that I could provide a place like that for mine!

  6. Good use of that many holed play box (7:30)….I have one just like it and have been trying to figure out what to do with it!

  7. Beautiful kitties. Riley's got my heart though❤ my cat just turned 2 and hasn't been outside except maybe a few times in the yard when she was a little kitten. But I've been wanting to get her outside to have fun. Unfortunately we live in an apartment now so I can't make a little enclosure for her. What to do what to do!?

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