35 thoughts on “Who framed Roger Rabbit (1988 movie clip) Crazy Toons

  1. You know what's amazing?!!

    Tweety the Bird, Mickey Mouse, and Bugs Bunny first showed up in this clip of the movie and I love this????

  2. This scene is really funny.
    BUT it doesn't seem to fit with Bugs usual "karmic trickster" persona to pull this on a guy that hasn't done anything to wrong him previously.
    Just my opinion.

  3. Nya, I love the attention to details in this movie. Look at the clouds just before Eddie falls. They all have faces!. When Tweety is taking his fingers down there is a clock in one of the buildings extending his clock hands, with gloves, in an attempt to save Eddie.

  4. Dis widdle piddy went to market,
    Dis widdle piddy stayed home,
    Dis widdle piddy had woast beef,
    And dis widdle piddy had–
    Uh oh, wan out of piddies…

    Classic Tweety Bird ?

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