White Rabbit Moscow: future of food and augmented reality [2019]

«Contrast» tasting menu is the next level of evolution of White Rabbit’s team. The main idea of «Contrast» is to shake the two opposites. And come to harmony. This is the DNA of Russian cuisine. I am a cook. I communicate with the help of food. Give me your palms, please. Rub to heat. And enjoy the aroma of freshly baked bread. We start with «neither fish nor meat». We pickled coconut. With garlic, dill and pepper. I was experimenting at Gaggan’s kitchen. I realized that young coconut can be like lard. We add seasonal lime buds. They give a special taste. A very famous story: smoked pear from Cherkessk. Zucchini from our farm in Saratov. I’m rubbing some pear on top. Imagine that this is your painting. Dunk, draw and eat. It’s the season of young almond. Peony rose. I add some oil to young almond. Here is the smoked caviar. Some thyme flowers on top. It is «hard and soft». Smoked black caviar with almonds, almond milk and peony rose oil. Sea and land. The «flowers» are the celery root, representing the earth. They grow on a tree of algae. This is an oyster visualization made from mackerel. A bit of bladdernut flowers on top. Bladdernut a product of the south. We salted bladdernut this year. The next story is a contrast between Europe and Asia. I cooked European carpaccio From Far Eastern scallops with algae sauce. Extra virgin olive oil on top. And ponzu algae sauce, which we make ourselves. I added some carrot-rasberry water. A lost recipe. Prepared from vegetable-berry juice. One tea spoon of vodka per liter of juice. Mixed and insisted for two weeks. In the main menu, carrot-raspberry water is served with tuna. Carrot-raspberry water, scallops, algae sauce, and guacamole, which can only be made in Russia. There is no avocado. Only Russian ingredients. Guess what. If you guess, you’ll get the prize. And here is the super prize to the one who guessed what the guacomole This is a chocolate cast of my hand. You can gnaw off Mukin’s fingers. The next contrast is a contast of the sea and land. The story of the real and unreal. Is there Abkhazian sea urchin caviar in the Black sea? We came up with it. Baked potato, sea urchin caviar. Real. Mousse from baked potatoes. Some ash at the bottom. And ice. Ice and fire — world’s most famous contrast. A little ash on top. Now you can eat it. Eat potatoes with sea urchins with your spoon. And combine one by one. First hot, then cold. Chopped cabbage. And cucumber pickle. Mixed it with green herbs. I cook «okroshka» soup with milk mushrooms. Very interesting flowers: «Viola». Kostya Tokarev grows them up. They are very tasty. I recommend to eat them at the beginning. Another ingredient: Borodinsky bread. Very good pairing for this dish. And this is a cucumber pickle, mixed with soup. Pickle, sweet and sour, tart, not bitter, powerful, deep. With every spoon of soup you say: «Оh gosh, what is it? I have never tried this». Return «okroshka» back. Russian cuisine is an extract of truth. Here it is the truth. The magic happens here. Right at this moment. Russian cuisine is not like French. Those thousands of ingredients on a plate… It’s all about this moment. Collected, cooked. Wham! It’s alive. After some time it’s already not so good. Here we have fried mushrooms. It’s the season of chanterelles. These are fried chanterelles, nasturtium flowers and young almonds. We have enriched almond milk with carbon dioxide and turned it into almond sour cream. I added salted cucumbers as well. So it’s almond and chanterelles. This dish could be at my grandmother’s house. It is very important for me. We travel around Russia and return Russian taste back to Moscow We share it with our guests. Very unusual steak. Neither fish nor meat. Japanese amberjack from Vladivostok You find it between Hokkaido and Sakhalin. This is her cheek. We cut the head, and we bake it like a steak. We marinate Japanese amberjack in kvass wort. This is a mulberry. I recommend eating with hands. Add more salt, if you want. A huge new wave of young chefs is coming. They seize this city, seize this country They work to win. They want to change something. They want to be better than yesterday. So, it’s the intermission. I invite you to the kitchen. To meet the heroes who are cooking for you today. This is the holy place: White Rabbit’s kitchen. Hi, everyone! Hello, chef! We have an interesting old Russian game: Sabrage. Wow! Beautiful. Roman, you are the master! A little splash of champagne. This is champagne jelly with strawberries. A small entreme between fish and meat. So here is White Rabbit’s kitchen. Here we have… Hot station, cold station, grill. Here you can check you clock. This is a huge machine that works tirelessly. New order, guys. Zucchini soup. To be served with appertizer. Check comes out. We are voicing the order. The cooks are preparing everything and send to us. We finish it and the food goes to the hall. That’s it. Everyone is happy. We also have la carte menu with a lot of interesting dishes. One of them is this is seasonal colored carrots from Svetlana Ivanova. She is… Come on! Try it. She grows farm products. This is her purple carrot. White, yellow… Yellow beets are incredibly cool. Katya, show us the yellow beets. A lot of students are interning here. Katya studied at Le Cordon Bleu. Where did you study? So… I had several internships. In Zurich and in New York. I was working for Joel Robuchon. And now I am here and I am very happy. Thank you. Wait! Yellow beets!.. Thank you! We bake beets on sea salt. An interesting caramel color comes out. We make gluten-free ravioli. Smoked cheese and three types of caviar on top: Sturgeon, trout and pike. We brew it in scallops juice. Very cool dish. We came up with it together. Katya is working on it. Katya is an example. Of those who have already studied abroad. Now there is a generation of cooks who have studied abroad and returned to Russia. It’s a good school for a cook. Getting here is simple. One interview with me. Getting here is not difficult, but to stay is a real challenge. Not everyone will survive. Not easy. But the goal justifies the means. Wood chips. We smoke the soup. What’s the biggest challenge? The most difficult is to coordinate the work. One dish is cooked by several people. We are coordinating the distribution. One chef coordinates and two are finishing the dish. The most difficult to coordinate, yes. Kostya, tell me the checks and time, please. Number 11 — eight minutes. And that’s all for now. And stress management. Manage the stress is the most important in our work. Cute little cucumbers. And so they get into my Instagram. People asks who leads White Rabbit’s Instagram. Nobody. I do it. Look at this guys, it’s amazing. This is sex. Tomatoes from Krasnodar. Tomatoes from Krasnodar. It’s amazing. Incredible. Incredible. We burn the bird. It burns and thus smoked flavor appears. Load it into the grill. Welcome to White Rabbit’s lab. This is our test-kitchen. A lot of interesting things happen here. This is our library. Years of collection. We translated the best cookbooks into Russian. This iMac has the Russian version of everything. This is the main goal: Cooks choose a recipe and work with it. The main goal is that people come and cook. We had a guest. She brought chicken from Siberia. She has a chicken farm. We can make chips from the skin. Inspiration can come from anywhere. In this beautiful story, the most delicious thing is not chicken. It’s this garlic. This baked potatoe cooked in chicken juice. The magic is here. Potatoe can be used as you like. Make a snack. Or baked potato with chicken. Or use the chicken other way. The chicken, by the way, is so-so. It has taste. But… Rubber, hard. If you describe this chicken… I guess it’s a broiler. Try it. Meaty, but … What do you think? The guys are working out the new dish. This is a new story. It’s the season of zucchini and pattypan squash. I’ll show you. I will get today high quality farmer’s pattypan squash. Watch it. Cool, ah? Super quality. It foams here, and here not. Spruce… Spruce… Spruce… Bacteria got in? There is fermentation happening. We make mistakes. Mistake is a new opportunity. To make mistakes is normal. Contrast.What came first — chicken or egg. So find quail and egg on a same plate. Hare cabbage on top. A bit of truffle from Krasnodar. And a piece of Jerusalem artichoke. Jerusalem artichoke is fermented. Choose your knife, please. This is my personal collection. Each has its own story. Some are over 120 years old. The sweet part of the menu. That this is the beginning of the end. Salad for dessert. And also crispy green sweet salad. It’s below. It’s like real. Just salad. Lera Sidorova, our pastry chef. Very famous person in the pastry world. And not only there… This story is about art. Constructivism. And impressionism. This is a clear constructivism. When you finish, there will be abstractionism. The next story… The contrast between the future and the past. This is inverted flower pot. From fireclay. With a birch bast mousse on top. The oldest ingredient of the russian cuisine. Peasants used it to make bread. We printed a flower on top. To understand this dish, you need to grow a flower. You scan the picture with your smartphone and the flower appears. Augmenting the reality. It’s alive. You see… It moves. It shows its pollen. You can take a picture. Send to a friend. And so on. We don’t know where it will lead us. Printing this stamp on food. This augmented reality. was made for first time. One biennale inspired me. I scanned the object with my iphone and saw how everything came to life. So I wanded to do same on food. This is a special printer that prints on food. I had an idea yesterday. Make a dessert tasting menu. This is the idea. Upside down pot grows a flower. Of the future. Perhaps the future is a flower of infinite reality. Endless possibilities for us. Smash the chocolate with a spoon. And eat. You have probably have seen the Sistine Chapel, where God creates Adam. Here is Adam’s hand. Adam is reaching to God. Because God is everywhere.

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  1. Abusive husband vibes 4:32…
    who stuffs flowers in someone’s mouth and sprinkles flower petals on their wife’s head?
    great way of disrespecting someone and showing you’re the man.

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  3. That's when you can't even imagine how those food supposed to taste.
    But at least I could understand Russian.

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