White House Honors Military Dog Used in ISIS Raid

-Let’s get to the news. The White House held an event
this afternoon to honor the military dog
used in the raid on the leader of ISIS. Of course, the poor thing had no
idea what was going on. And neither did the dog. According to reports, Republican
Congressman Devin Nunes went to Europe last year and met
with Ukrainian sources to dig up dirt on former
Vice President Joe Biden. Wait. So you were overseeing
the impeachment inquiry and you were part of the thing
he’s being impeached for? This is like if the judge of the
O.J. trial had been the glove. President Trump had a
private lunch this afternoon with Vice President Mike Pence. It was so private,
even Trump wasn’t there. “I’ll have some more bread
while I wait.” The White House
has announced the names of this year’s
National Thanksgiving Turkeys, and you guessed it —
it’s Lev and Igor. Tesla unveiled its new electric
pickup truck on Thursday, and Elon Musk
tried to demonstrate the truck’s resilience
by having a designer throw metal balls at its
windows, which then shattered. Said Musk,
“My thinly veiled masculinity!” IKEA —
[ Cheers and applause ] IKEA held a promotional event
recently to show how its furniture
could be used to outfit future settlements on Mars. So it’s gonna be extra annoying
when you get home and realize
you’re missing a peg. “Oh! Oh, no! Honey, I got to go
back to Earth.” According to the latest numbers,
“Frozen 2” has achieved the largest opening box office
of any animated film in history. And If you want to know how
they’re celebrating, that ain’t snow. [ Cheers and applause ] It’s cocaine. Finally, “The New York Times”
published an op-ed yesterday encouraging people to turn off
their phones for Thanksgiving, because, trust them,
you’ll be thankful you did.

100 thoughts on “White House Honors Military Dog Used in ISIS Raid

  1. I wonder sometimes that if only Trump was given a pet dog when he was around 5 years old, maybe, just maybe he wouldn't have turned into a psychopath.?

  2. Wait a second… Trump disparages the people behind the raid, but publicly honors the dog? We're in the twilight zone, people

  3. the misinformation said by these npc characters are so unbelievable that i seriously question the ability for anyone that is anti trump to think for themselves

  4. Actually as a woman I can tell you with authority that Elon Musk's masculinity is is excellent standing. He seems to give zero fucks.

  5. the best part of the video honoring Conan was the reporters question at the end "Would you say he is a very good boy?" LOL ..

  6. I think it is terrible to do this to the dog. The travel by it self must has been difficult but being close to Trump must has been disorienting

  7. History will remember the Drumpf name forever being synonymous with American Fascism.

    Webster's dictionary will remember the Charlie-Trump-Manson administration as the Literal Definition of a KAKISTOCRACY.
    (A government ran by the Worst, most unscrupulous, least qualified citizens.)

  8. So Devin Nunes isn’t just mindlessly obstructing the impeachment proceedings to protect Trump but also because he’s involved in the corruption? I would say I’m surprised, but just like everything Trump says that would be a lie.

  9. Trump hates wildlife & condones animal abuse.



  10. You know how irritated Trump was to have to take time out of his corruption plot to honor a K-9 or as he calls it a dog. The ego-maniac thought he deserved to be honored for his actions (?) more than the dog. He said as much at one of his rally's . He is vile.

  11. How is OJ still used as a stand-in for a murderer? Such outdated comedy, filled with privilege. Especially since almost all serial killers are white males. Ugh… America, we get tired of being the butt of your jokes. There's an OJ reference every week.

  12. I saw Frozen 2 yesterday. First off I want to tell you I love musicals, buuut not in an animated movie. The voices are beautiful, but there are too many long songs. My 7 year old grandchild sat through it ok. The only time I heard a reaction was when Olof did his antics. I’m sure if I had my younger grand child I would have heard…can we leave yet? I know I was wanting out and I love animated movies.

  13. Not to be that guy but the "thinly veiled masculinity" joke made no sense. That would mean that Musk is a super manly guy who tries to hide that fact and the broken windows laid it bare. The writers probably meant something like "my thin veil of masculinity."

  14. So why has Nunez not stepped back from the investigation a long time ago because of conflict of interest?
    And why is no one asking this crook that question?

  15. Trump puts Pence between him and the dog just in case the dog realizes he is the enemy and attacks. How ignorant and waste of taxpayer money to bring a working dog all the way to the US for a photo-op.

  16. The assholes honored the dog because unless you're a war criminal no decent military man or woman wants anything to do with these criminals.

  17. At what point do Trump's defenders become his accomplices, eligible themselves to be investigated for criminal behavior?

  18. Oh no…on this Thanksgiving, for millions of Americans, their cellphones will be their only escape from Crazy Uncle Ed and Demented Granny, and their Trump conspiracy ramblings.

  19. Just watched someone whittling a Nunes whistle. Outside the range of human hearing, can only be heard by a Nunes. Usually requires a lot of wind, blown from a puckered hole.

  20. Every time I hear the White House is announcing the names of the turkeys that will receive a presidential pardon, I honestly expect to hear "Don Jr and Eric."

  21. when asked why Rudy was doing that illegal thing, trump just said "well, you have to ask Rudy"
    AND JUST LIKE COHEN… RUDY IS ABOUT TO BE ARRESTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I don't believe the story about catching bagdaddy with a suicide vest on. Like he wears it around the house or to bed. SmfhT

  23. And now we see why Nunes was so vehement in his defense of obvious wrongdoing. I can't wait to find out why Graham and Jordan, and the Republican party at large are implicated next.

  24. What’s wrong with honouring the dog? Don’t like trump but this is perhaps the only good thing he’s done!

  25. Trump promised a treat to Conan the hero dog to get him to the white house, he gave him a Trump steak,that is cruelty to animals, add that to the list of impeachable offenses

  26. could you cover this please LOL! trump signing to celebrate women's suffrage centennial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmfQxSIbSOg

  27. That was a lame joke on Musk. You could've actually made a funny joke about the truck instead you insulted the guy standing next to it. Real classy, smart too. ? idiots

  28. Come on, Seth, get up to date on your ornithogy, the Audubon Society would be ashamed of you!

    Lev and Igor aren't turkeys; they're stool pigeons.

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