White Faced Capuchin Monkey Loves Tomatoes LL (#202)

There’s daddy Lillian. Yay. Oh boy there’s daddy.>What’s that girl doing?? Did daddy bring you a treat?>Come here.>Come here. He always brings her treat. Come on in.>Lillian? What did Daddy get for you? What is that? A tomato. Oh my goodness.>I got it off the roadside Market. All right, nice fresh tomato. Yeah.>Boy she likes that. mmm hmmm.>If she eats that whole thing.. that’s going
to fill her little tummy up. Laughter. Yeah. We were in here playing. Yay.>Oh, she got a piece and ran off. Uh huh.>She’ll be back. And we’re going to have to clean it up too. Because I bet you won’t.>(laughter)>Is that good?>Look at you trying to eat all the juice out
of it.>You take a bite of that.>What about your tomato??>Come down here. Is that pretty good? Is that pretty good?>She’s after the juice. Uh huh. She spits the other part out. Yeah.>Lillian?>You better come over here and eat the rest
of this. You’re making a mess, huh? Yeah. Is that pretty good? Is that pretty good? Did you come over here to eat with me? Make a mess on me? Yeah? Yay. Are you celebrating? Are you celebrating the Tomato? Yeah. Yeah, look at you you’re so happy. You’re so happy. Oh she’s so excited for Daddy and the Tomato. She’s all into it. Yeah.>Come here and get some more tomato. Awwww, Are you giving dad kisses? Say “thank you Dad”. “thank you for the tomato”. Yeah. Say “that was pretty good. That was pretty good.” Yeah. You want to tell everybody bye bye? Huh? You want to come say bye bye? Say “Thanks for watching” Y’all have
an awesome day….. and we will catch y’all next time. Big kiss. Yay.

11 thoughts on “White Faced Capuchin Monkey Loves Tomatoes LL (#202)

  1. Awe….tomatoes are soooo good for her! Zeb loves them but he won’t touch them if I don’t peal them and chop them up. He gets them about 4 times a week. Judy, Lillian is such a beautiful baby. Her coloring is perfect. She’s the prettiest white faced capuchin I’ve ever seen and I’m not being prejudice because I already love her! ?

  2. Lillian Louise , you're so spoiled by your daddy and mom. Why hold the tomato when daddy can do it for you? ???

  3. Awwww…. so cute! Her playroom is awesome! She really loves to play in there. Gail loves tomatoes too. Love and hugs❤️

  4. Good evening ? my lovely beautiful little niece miss Lillian ?n my wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous, prst ?n family n friends ❤omg goodness miss Lillian loves her tomato ? ?she is just so darn precious ?plz give her the biggest hugs n lots of kisses ? for me ❤miss you?love you all?god bless you all always ?

  5. I don't blame Lillian for liking tomatoes. I love them. I found a produce stand that same day that had tomatoes the size of grapefruits. They ought to last me a while. Everyone around here is chomping at the bits for the ground to dry out enough to get their gardens in. I don't plant one. Dad always had one and I helped him gather the crops. Do you or anyone in your family plant one? I'll bet Lillian would have a ball gathering her own food. If you don't do a garden, you could use 5-gallon buckets for tomato plants. The ones in the stores just don't taste the same unless they have locally grown veggies. Of course, Lillian would need a bib cause the good tomatoes have so much more juice. Until next time, love, hugs and kisses to the whole family especially your little girl.

  6. Good job Billy, u got to keep your hat, lol her little belly has got to be full, she ate the whole thing, minus the peel, love the way she can skin it in her mouth and just spit out the peel ,she is so clever, thanks Judy for sharin Lillian with us, and keep those videos comin please

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