Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets | Season 3: Full Episodes 1-8 | Disney

and that's it thanks for helping me get the new yacht ready for its maiden voyage river jumping treasure we've got everything desert ass pop music it's gonna be great whoa look at the size of these tracks ah I feel like a CD truck before he tracks can only be from one thing really what Oh yowzers these monster tracks go straight to our sponsor are you sure if you see those track yeah but [Applause] hey guys just making sure the ship is shipshape for our Paulo cases it's not a monster it's my pal Otto it's a different that's why the tracks look so familiar oh I'm sorry treasurer I guess it was pretty silly of me to think it was a monster yeah I guess you otter I've known it wasn't haha I get it yeah I got it actually we got me how are we supposed to enjoy our spa day with those two goofing around I have an idea who wants to relax the spa and enjoy a refreshing drink no we're hanging out at a boring walk I'm playing with my best pal treasure yeah okay wait is that a very very SuperDuper cloudy why yes it is treasure Oh greater sawsan abandoning Oh foot massager well that's okay I can have fun of my own remember things a lot hey stop it you wanna play catch yeah that's what I'm talkin about hiya fella buddy don't forget your drinks Alton and this moon is delicious oh sorry what I ever wrong body isn't boring hmm it's amazing laughing body something Oh guys it's a dragon welcome aboard ash I'm Otto big shadow I heard the power sector on politician and I thought I joined the fun thanks for joining us I'll show you around – how about a movie your fire breath is so is – actually it's really hot and I'm having a little trouble controlling it well I think it's awesome would you like to chill out at our lounge my gosh I should have never come here I'm so sorry [Applause] ah what please toilet so I just ruin everything oh I got everything Gruen he what happened Otto I forgot the fireworks for the celebration here's your final test rock the boat and you'll get captain notice the feet the dark about the 4044 pal no pork is less starboard is right I gotta got better re Otto I guess I'm not much of a sea pony but I am a steady pony I hope so hairdressing horses ponies and petunias we're dusty barren stallions oh hey Paige what are you doing here just reading and eating you're not eating my books again are you you know that's the only way I can digest information you didn't happen to digest a book on slow if you mean oh I'm so sorry now I'm never going to become a captain wait this little lamb does have all that information stored in her belly and her brain how does that word I can teach you you're feeding and eating technique let's get the trick to help me pass the test so I can set go book made me a little fancy purple Oh treasure you are going to look fabulous for tonight's fur ball love it that's amazing pumpkin now you sit down and I'll do your hair now treasure I don't need anything too flashy I'm more about refined elegance simple and stylish stylish I got it oh we're going to be the belle of the ball we look so good simple and stylish right hi dad really good hair you came to the right person okay mom yes Burma later dude what are you due to your do is how treasure did my due and your zoo turned into a don't I just wish I had a wig like yours what are you for you have to do even I can do like our we are the head of the fur ball yeah they are okay how do I explain my new hairdo to treasure just tell her the truth pumpkin what happened I'm sorry treasure I know you did your very best with my hairstyle but it simply wasn't my style is it that's okay to be honest I really liked your way I've got an idea please talk ready for a holiday and the narrow camper I can't wait to jump around the trees and whisker 1 how long is the drive Oh dreamy you're retrieving the whole way yeah speaking of you hmm time for my camper cat now then lights up the road this is my kind of Parque Shikha Rovers area hmm topping the sweetest dream are you okay after E yo keed rucksack do you think she's asleep yeah it's Nouri wanna play game yeah I spy with my little eye something cork okay nope guys I just want to sleep sorry yeah sorry yeah go back and forth gently rocking and rolling right about time you figured out some holidays are really all about napping whoa pumpkin what is all this stuff that's because we're out in the woods doesn't mean we can't be stylish deer converse laughing well chipper this holiday will be slapping slapping glamorous tipping I don't know pumpkin camping is not about being all Faru Faru it's about kicking back I think kicking back Oh shush lunch sounds lovely doesn't it they're so funny bump in you're kidding right oh how about you try to camp without the glam I am sorry but that simply has no side well then you pick your glam bin and I'll stick to my campaign [Applause] [Applause] for this is your camping supplies fine no flip the book detail right oh I'm sorry tipper maybe I can get him to decide oh I'm sorry pumpkin I'm willing to give clamp in a chance let's cue this separate I'm no sucker our songs actually come together spice well done can we shoot you tailor mr. chow kibble shop we can multiply that's a water deliveries and I'm running late better get hopping sandstorm did you dig the hole no I did not dig a hole okay well I'm going to be careful hmm try did you count of oil no trying to climb not a danger see look I'm sorry Stan story but I'll never make all my deliveries and you keep interrupting me sandstorm why didn't you warn me you told me not to interrupt you what are you the one to Guinea Pole why yes I am he is scuse me dance arm can I tell her what oh yeah sorry waddles why yes I saw you're running late on your jewelry so I guess be told and Helen when you're sure to speed things up really well that is so sweet of you okay let's go well that wasn't it fast it was a ton of fun you said it dance darn Oh

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  1. I love this sooooooo much I’ve been binge watching this for a while and this is so sweet how there so kind to each other

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