Which Wireless Dog Fence is Right for a Lot with Woods, Hills or Landscaping?

If you live on a property with sloping
hills, extensive landscaping and/or densely
wooded areas, the optimal fencing solutions are the
Custom-Shape Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence or the Havahart® Fence Free Underground Wired Fence. and here’s why: Properties with sloping
hills, wooded areas, and extensive landscaping
present several challenges for the Radial-Shape Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence. These dense objects can obstruct or interfere with the wireless signal
strength. When this happens, the objects between the Controller and
the set Trigger Zone are said to attenuate the radio signal
or the Trigger Zone. The part of the Trigger Zone that is
obstructed by an object may bow or dip inward toward the
Controller or Base. In these instances, the Custom-Shape Wireless Fence is recommended to maximize the Roaming Area for the dog. When factoring in these property
attributes, the Radial-Shape2 Wireless Fence will provide a very limited
Roaming Area for the dog, as these obstructions can cause
attenuation. The system will provide a consistent
boundary. However, bowing or a dip in the fence boundary
can be caused by these elements. By using the Custom-Shape Wireless Fence,
the dog will have the maximum Roaming Area possible in a wireless system. The Custom-Shape Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence will accommodate sloping hills and contours by allowing the fence to conform to all
corners of the property. This will help expand the dog’s Roaming
Area beyond what a circular fence can provide. An added feature of the Custom-Shape Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence is the flexibility to create up to four
Exclusion Zones to keep the dog from entering a zone
within the fence boundary. Some examples of Exclusion Zones would
be a swimming pool or a large garden area. If you find that a wireless fence system
is not the best solution for your property, Havahart® also offers the Fence Free system. An underground wired fence solution
that can easily and efficiently be used on any property
type. With the Fence Free system, you design
the boundary shape to work around any natural or permanent
objects in your yard to create the maximum Roaming Area you
want for your dog. Freedom for him, peace of mind for you

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