Which Try Guy Knows Keith The Best?

– Welcome to Try Guys Game Time! It’s like a sleepover, except it’s during the day! And we’re not sleeping over. Because Ned won’t let us sleep at his house. Today, we’re finding out who’s actually my best friend. There’s going to be three rounds of questions. Each question round is worth different points. The person with the most POINTS is my BESTFRIEND! (all) – TRY GUYS GAME TIME! – I’m a giraffe. [Upbeat Try Guys intro music] Let’s meet today’s contestants. *laughter* First off my best friend, Eugene! – I don’t know if I’m Keith’s best friend. I don’t really know how much I know about my best friends. So… – Ha ha ha ha! Thanks Eugene! Let’s throw it on over to Zach! – I’m Keith’s real best friend. We’re best friends. We’re in love. – Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks Zach! Let’s throw it on over to Ned! – Hi I’m Ned. I’m a rooster! – Ha ha ha ha ha! Let’s get started with round one! If you guys don’t know the stuff in this round it’s gonna be very hard, because I’m pretty sure this is painfully easy, but you out there might not know about it. All the questions are worth one point. Question one: What state is Keith from? Spelling counts. [Zach] Fuck! [Ned] Shit! – Eugene, reveal your answer. – Tennessee! – Zach? – Tennessee, and I put a little “N” there because I forgot it. Ned? – Tennessee! – Nice, with the chemical symbol as well! Yes, the state I am from is Tennessee! Yay! [Zach] I definitely almost spelled that wrong. – Question two: What year did Keith graduate high school? [Eugene] Awh , shit. [Ned] Okay. Wait- [Keith] This is the math question! – Keith graduated high school in 2006… – 2005? – ’05! – 2005! *cheering* – You couldn’t remember how much older you were than me. – I don’t know anything about… how old are you? You’re 35? [Keith] 31! 35?! – I knew I was going to lose this, I’m gonna lose every single one. – Nah, you’re gonna do great! Question Three: What is Keith’s shoe size? – You know what they say about big shoes: that they’re hard to fill. – All right, Eugene? – A 13 in men’s? – 13 wide. – Ooo, 13! – The most correct answer is, 13 wide! – YEAH! – I’m going to give the point to Zach. – Old fat feet Habersberger! – Old Fat feet Habersberger! Where do Keith and his lovely wife Becky go for Valentine’s Day? Oh, what’s it called? – This video is not sponsored, but it could be. – It’s like your new catchphrase.
– I know, I really like it. It won’t make it into any video ever. – You’ve asked me to come along sometimes. It’s the very upscale and posh…. Outback Steakhouse! – Zach? Not only Valentine’s Day, but also anniversaries! Outback Steakhouse. – Outback Steakhouse. Outback Steakhouse! And after we tend to go and watch the shitty Fifty Shades movie that’s out, because they always come out on Valentine’s Day We get real drunk and go watch softcore porn with a bunch of people. – A Habersberger family tradition. – Last question of round 1: How do you spell Habersberger? – I’m so tempted to just write Keith. – I want you to face the board to me so that you can’t see it, and spell it out, out loud. all: H A B E R S B E R G E R Habersberger! – I was never able to fill all of my letters into the standardized test. – You’re really an icon for people with long last names. Thank you [All] Try Guys Game Time! – Come on ned. – At the end of round one, the points are: – I’m gonna lose, I’m gonna lose all of these. Here’re questions that, like, my friends should know. The questions are worth two points each. What is Keith’s middle name? – Keith’s middle name is Douglas. – Douglas! Douglas, aka Dougie! -Dougie!
-Dougie! Excellent! Two points for everyone and an extra half point for Ned. – Wow, that could be a tiebreaker later. What bone do Keith break when he was 17? It’s also the only bone Keith has ever broken. And it’s not a boner. Although that would be hilarious. – You know, I’ve never seen a photo of you with a broken anything. – I’m gonna say Keith broke a finger bone, otherwise known as a metacarpal. – I believe the story is that you were playing ultimate frisbee and your hand smacked someone’s face. And I believe it was your finger. – I’m also going with the Ultimate Frisbee story, but I believe it was his wrist. – The correct answer is…. My right hand pinkie bone! The closest answer is Eugene for at least getting the medical term. It wiggles, right?
– Super weird. – So we knew the actual story but Eugene just had some BS medical term so he gets the point. – That’s how my friendship works. What was Keith’s favorite video game in high school? *groaning* Do we have our answers submitted? – I don’t know anything about, about anyone. I’m gonna guess, you seem like a Legend of Zelda guy. – That’s a good answer, shit. I just went with the only game I know that you play: Mario Kart. – I gave you two answers: Mario Kart or…. Crash Bandicoot. – I’m sorry, you’re all incorrect. My favorite video game and you, this will, you’ll know this when you see it, was dance dance revolution. ALL: Oh! – And then what’s the game you hate? – Pump it up. Pump it up sucks. – Are you good at DDR? – I competed in a Dance Dance Revolution competition. – Wow. – Yeah. We’re learning so much about you.
– What?! I didn’t win. – Did an Asian kid beat you? – Yes, he did. *laughter* – You know, I care more about the stories than I do the points. Wow, it’s nice to just get to know you. – Extra point for Zach right now. – Oh, no, he’s being a suck-ass! – No, don’t give him a point, take a point away How long have Keith and Becky been a couple? Not married, but together. – I just imagine you’ve been together forever.
– Aw. – I’m gonna guess nine years because I believe that you met when you were senior in college, and she was a freshman. I don’t think she liked you when she first met you. And I think you became a couple a year after you met. – I did the math thinking that she was a senior and you were out of college, but I think that’s wrong. So I wrote seven years. – Nine years! I think you started dating when you were a senior in college. – You all are correct, that I did meet Becky when I was a senior in college. But we did not start dating until she was a senior in college. 7 years!
*cheering* Nice job!
– Dammit. – She disliked you for a full two years! – Uh-huh.
– Three years! – It wasn’t until I came back and did an improv show, where she told her friend that she thought I was cute, her friend told me, and then I Facebook messaged her immediately. – 2012 ya’ll. – Yeah! What two states has Keith never been to? The only two states in the United States of America that I have never stepped foot inside. – Two states keith has never been to are: Oregon and Idaho. – Zach?
– I know it’s Oregon, South Dakota? – Oregon and Idaho! – Oregon and Idaho.
– Yeah! – I have been to South Dakota a fuck ton. So I’m gonna try to get to Oregon and Idaho this year. At the end of Round two, the points are: – I’m assuming I’m still losing. – Try Guys Game Time! – I’m a turtle.. There’s one more round and all the questions are worth three points. Who’s gonna be my best friend. What is Keith’s second favorite food? – Wow a lot of choices here.
– This is tough and theres alot of choices. – You love so many foods. – This is my current second favorite food, the one I’m most interested in right now. You love everything but I’m gonna guess your second favorite food is a chicago-style hot dog It’s a really good choice. – But it’s wrong. Keith’s second favorite food: Ramen. – Ooh that’s a very good choice. – Keith’s second favorite food Korean barbecue. Oooh! That’s a very very good choice. My second favorite food: steak. [groans]
Steak… – Which korean barbecue feel like that’s the closest answer of the three. I’m gonna give it to Ned I feared I’d be bested by Korean but I didn’t think it would happen like this. What is Keith’s favorite restaurant? – You have a lot of food questions Keith!
– Do you think you know? Your guarding it like you know Tokyo Fried Chicken – Currently seems to be Tokyo fried chicken. – Ned?
– It has to be it damn it – I kept the KBBQ train rolling with kang ho-dong.
-I do love kang ho-dong but right now: – Tokyo Fried Chicken!
-Yeah! – You talk about this place a lot.
– I go to this place about once a month right now Even though it’s a 45-minute Drive.
-Wow. What non-production job; so not a performance, not of producing, not making videos. What of that kind of job? Did Keith have in Chicago?
-I got it. We talked about it. I have absolutely no clue But the one I wish you were was a tour guide on a boat It’s hard to get those jobs. Those are coveted jobs. They are hard work. In college Keith was paid to drink alcohol and be a science experiment That is a very good answer Keith went into a room and he got drunk for four hours and they did tests on him Oh, I love that, how do I get this job?
-it was pretty great In Chicago Keith worked for Groupon Almost every other improviser did work for Groupon I was a “manny” slash babysitter Oh duh! For a 12 year-old. His name is also Zack. Oh, wow! and he was also Jewish You got a lot of practice for me Yeah, I really did! Last question: what is Keith’s ultimate career goal? I think you all should know this one But the internet doesn’t and maybe something out there watching will give me this job. You’d be great this job Keith should be and will become a late night TV host à la Conan Late-night host To be Conan O’Brien A late-night host! Yes, I would prefer just to be Conan O’Brien. It’s pretty much my exact brand of humor [All] Try Guys Game Time! I will say that all three of you came within one point of each other In first place: Congratulations for the sweet turtle himself: Zach Kornfeld – [groans]
– Yeah! Woo! Should we hug? You wanna Hug? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Oh man Congratulations To all of my best friends today. I’m actually very happy that you guys knew more than I thought you knew You know, I think we’re all Keith’s best friend. I’m just a little better – Ugh
– You are a little Well, this has been great until next time. This has been: [All] Try Guys Game Time! Why are we freezing like it’s gonna be a freeze frame

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  1. I really want Zac or Zach or Zack to win for some reason. Sorry I dont know how to spell his name and I know that he hates when people spell his name wrong. No one kill me please

  2. I just wanna comment again on how I am deeply attracted to Eugene. I'm sorry Eugene, I know I'm a straight woman and this might gross you out but I am really attracted to you. lol

  3. It shouldn’t be called who is Keith‘s best friend it should be called who stocks Keith the most

  4. damn for the longest time I thought TGGT meant Try Guys GAY Time……… and I was very confuzzled

  5. Hi, Zach’s flesh colored socks freak me out because they blend into his feet and make it look like his toes are fused together, or he has one giant toe on each foot.

  6. when you find out Keiths faves food place is 5 min from ur house omggg…ive watched this vid 3 times and just looked up the place to see what it was and now I'm im freaking out

  7. If you begin in supine position, the carpal bones are distal to the radius and ulna. Then, the metacarpals (called small metacarpal on the pinky and thumb metacarpal on the thumb) are distal to the carpals. After that, we are at the proximal phalanxes, then the middle phalanxes for every digit excepting your thumb, so 2-5. Finally, we are at distal phalanxes which are present in the thumb, ring, index, middle, and small phalanges groups.

  8. Im cunfused the try guys have their own channel and they work for buzfeed or is the try guys channel owned by buzzfeed

  9. Kang ho dong is a restaurant??????! I thought he was a very good Korean wrestler turned comedian turned game show host

  10. The finger bones are phalanges, the metacarpals are the bones in your hand that connect your fingers to your wrist. So, Eugene was wrong.

  11. In the Eugene Trys each of the state's alcohol, when Indiana(my state) came up Keith threw shade at Chicago( in Illinois!) And never said anything thing about INDIANA! WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!

  12. I love the idea of Keith and Becky getting drunk and watching the 50 Shades films drunk. I love that tradition.

  13. on the question whams kieths favorite game before he answers the question i was thinking i think its dance dance revloutiuon because its a good old game

  14. My last name is Wilson-DePasture so I completely understand Keith not being able to fit his name into standardized testing boxes

  15. Does everyone think that Zach is turtley enough for the turtle club? I totally think he's the turtley-ist ??

  16. as an oregonian, i felt special for having my state named, until i realized i was probably actually the least special state if he’s never even stepped foot in

  17. Eugene: I’m gonna lose I’m gonna lose I’m gonna lose
    Ned: Everyone calls him a classic dad and a cock
    Keith: Just talks about food
    Zach: I’M A TURTLE

  18. You all pronounced Kang Ho Dong incorrectly. It is pronounced Gahng Ho Doeng. Also, that is not even the real name of the restaurant. Kang Ho Dong is a former wrestler and current comedian that the restaurant is named after. The actual name of the restaurant is Baek Jong

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