Which Resistance Bands Are Best For You?

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resistance bands resistance bands are great for injury prone exercisers they
don’t stress the joints like weighted dumbbells or kettlebells can and they
target the smaller muscles in the body that help to stabilize it there are
several types of resistance bands today we’ll be talking about loop bands
therapy dance and tube dance loop bands these are thin flat bands that create a
circle if you want to work both arms or both legs loop bands will be a perfect
fit therapy dance these are very thin flat bands that are open-ended and
typically several feet long they are the perfect starter band because they
provide the most variability they can be wrapped around the hands or used with
handles tube bands these are long skinny tube that typically have handles on the
end they come in a variety of configurations and are most versatile
when used with an anchor strap loop tubes are used for unilateral exercises
and provide double the resistance as a unilateral or a bilateral tube a single
strand unilateral tube provides less resistance than the loop tube it often
comes with an anchor strap attached bilateral tubes come with two handles
they can be anchored under your feet or anchored in a door when searching for
the right resistance a band for you thickness plays an important role in
your decision the thicker the band the harder it will be to stretch we
recommend focusing on two different types of resistance bands for your
workouts a lighter one for your arm workouts and a stronger resistance one
or your leg workout it’s bound to happen your resistance
bands will break after a substantial length of time store your resistance
bands away from any pets that like to chew objects keep your bands out of
direct sunlight and store them in moderate conditions exposing resistant
bands to too hot or too cold temperatures can affect their
flexibility and make them more prone to breakage and always avoid stretching
bands toward the head or the face if in doubt wear safety goggles to
protect your eyes they also will begin to oxidize after a period of time and
discolor always inspect your resistance bands before use for any kind of rip
crack or puncture especially around the handle or anchor strap it’s important to
replace them right away if you see any signs of wear we hope this video gave
you more information about everything you need to know about resistance band
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