Which Adopt Me Pets Have You Seen? Can you Help Me?

hey guys I've been playing Adame pets on the test server over the last few days now it's really hard to get on but I have seen quite a few different adopt me pets but I don't think I've seen them all so today I need your help to identify which pets you've seen in these reveal videos and we can determine whether all the pets have been revealed so far so here's the top 10 pets let me know in the comments below or whether you've seen these particular pets just let me know what the name is or you could just use these numbers so I've definitely seen quite a few of those I'm not sure about number two those so if you've seen that on the server let me know now here's the other Tanner dot my pets have you seen these pets in videos so far we know now that number 15 is the Griffon and that's going to cost six hundred roebucks and we know 16 is a horse and that one is going to cost you a 300 Robox I've seen the dragon and unicorn in game and also the Doge and red panda so I've also seen one of the bunnies as well so I'm pretty sure I've seen that most of these animals I'm not sure I've seen the beaver either so if you guys will let me know in the comments below which animals you've seen then I can collect a list and identify the ones we haven't maybe we've got some more surprises to come maybe those are legendary eggs we have we'll reveal another couple of pits because after all originally it was mentioned there was 16 pits to collect and there's 20 on this board so 2 or 4 roebucks what are the other two hmm so let me know in the comments below which pets you've seen and we can determine whether there's still a couple more pets to be revealed so it's just a quick video today and Adamo pets is coming or really soon so until next time it's bye for now

48 thoughts on “Which Adopt Me Pets Have You Seen? Can you Help Me?

  1. 1-A Blue Dog
    2-A Buffalo
    3-A Cat
    4-A Blond Dog
    5-A Otter
    6-A Pink Cat
    7-A Chocolate Labrador
    8-A Fox
    9-A Puma
    10-A Snow Cat
    11-A Beaver
    12-A Bunny
    13-A Rabbit
    14-Maybe Another Puma (Not Sure of that one)
    15-An Eagle
    16-A Horse (Love that one)
    17-A Red Panda
    18-A Shiba Inu (A tipe of Dog
    19-A Dragon
    20-A Unicorn

    Hope it Helped! 😀

  2. 1- looks like a dog,just a black one
    2-it looks like a little bull with horns
    3-looks to be a black cat
    4-hmm..a white dog
    5-A seal!
    6-a ginger kitty
    7-a brown doggo
    8-a red and white fox!
    9-a piggy
    10-a red eyed cat
    11-A brown bear
    12-a white bunny
    13-a different white bunny
    14-some sorta white cat
    15-Griffin (eagle)
    16-a brown horse
    18-a doge
    19-the legendary dragon
    20-the legendary unicorn

    I am sure of the griffin and the dragon because they are flying above the nursery and holding up the timer!

    These guesses to me seem accurate so please reply or heart the comments so I know if it was useful!

    Also I subbed and put post notifications on!stay awesome!

  3. 1. Dog
    2. I think thats a dog too
    3. Cat
    4. Dog
    5. Beaver
    6. Cat
    7. Dog
    8. Fox
    9. Hamster
    10. Cat
    11. Bear
    12. Rabbit
    13. Rabbit
    14. Hamster
    15. That griffin
    16. That horse
    17. Red panda
    18. Chiuvava
    19. Dragon
    20. Unicorn

  4. Nooo! Sorry that I’m late this time too! I was at swimming class! :C. Awesome video by the way! 🙂

  5. 5. i think is a common otter . i really want that. i think it is very cute. :3
    2. cow , ox , buffalo well idk.
    1. poodle
    9. cougar
    11. beaver
    13. Big fluffy bunny
    14. snow cougar
    15. griffin
    8. fennec fox
    16. horse
    19. dragon
    20. unicorn

    I dont really see these in videos. So i write it down. If someone don't know what are these animals.

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