Where To Find A Great Samoyed

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welcome back to all of our Yetables. There are doggies barking in the
neighborhood and Yeti hears the doggies. Dogs on that side of us and that side of
us. So Yeti’s on his leash. Yeti and I are often asked, where do you go to get a
great Samoyed? Well, we have some answers for you guys.
What are you doing? You napping on the side of the sofa? So, if you’ve never
owned a Samoyed, how in the world do you know where to get one?
Yeti and I can help you out with this. Research Samoyeds to find out if they
would be a good fit for you. How you would do that, is you can certainly watch
Yeti’s Place videos, other Samoyed videos on YouTube…. Excuse you!… You can go to a
dog show and you can ask to talk to a Samoyed breeder or handler and they
would be happy to show you their dogs. Build relationships with those breeders
that you’ve met at the dog shows. Yeti, you’re facing the wrong way! So, dog shows,
help give you guys the chance to develop relationships with dog breeders. You can
ask the breeders all types of questions about Sammy’s and about your family.
Where you live. How you would walk them. What types of exercises they would get.
What they would eat. Any type of question that you could possibly think of, the
breeder or handler would certainly have answers for you. Once you find a breeder
that’s right for you, be sure to set up appointments to go visit them at their
house. See where the new puppies are born. How they’re taken care
of. They might have a few dogs in kennels. Like normally, the males and females are
separated, so they might have the males in kennels and then the females would
be inside, or vice versa. Sometimes, they let all of the dogs come into their
house. You can also locate a Samoyed in a dog shelter. There are Samoyed
shelters for Samoyed specific breed. And in other smaller areas, there might
be dog shelters, where you would find Samoyeds, as well as other dogs. Sweetie, what
are you doing? Yeti what are you doing? He never climbs
up here! Okay, so I guess we’re gonna film with Yeti up there. The reason why Samoyeds sometimes end up in dog shelters, or Samoyed shelters, is because their
owners don’t know what in the world to anticipate with a Samoyed.
They unfortunately give them up for adoption. That’s good news for anyone who
wants to adopt a Samoyed, because they are such delightful dogs. If you know
someone who owns a Samoyed, be sure to ask them questions about their dog. Be
sure to ask, hey can I come over and visit you and your dog? Talk to the owner
about what the Samoyed enjoys doing. What they, they like. How frequently they wake
the people up in the middle of the night. How well they sleep. How well they, they
let them know if they have to go potty. Any type of dog question you can ask, be
sure to ask the person who owns a Samoyed. If you’re at a dog park walking and
you see a Samoyed, be sure to ask them all these questions, because you guys can
think of a lot of creative questions. You can also ask Yeti and I down in the
comments below and we’ll be happy to answer those. You can do a Google search
for Samoyed breeders. Most reputable breeders want to get to know the people
who are adopting their dogs. The day we brought Yeti home, his breeder told us,
okay you guys just go because I’m gonna hang out in the house and I’m gonna be
crying. They were very sad when we left with Yeti, because they had built that
special relationship with him. He never goes up there! How do you know
a Samoyed is a good fit for you? Well Yeti’s breeder, back when they had found
out that they wanted to adopt a Samoyed, they went to a dog show, because they had
no idea what type of dog to get. So they wanted to see the whole wide range of
mix of dogs. You know, the working dogs, the herding dogs, toy dogs. Every single
group there is, they wanted to experience. But they weren’t able to touch any of
those dogs. Because the handlers and breeders told them that no, no, no, don’t
pet our dog. Until, they came across the Samoyed.
And the handler and breeder told them, oh yeah, come on in. Come on in and play with
the dog. Pet the dog. Well just that one-on-one interaction between them and
the Sammy, hooked them right away. And they figured out, that this is the dog we
want. Within a short time they had a puppy Samoyed and that was the
beginning of their journey, into the wonderful world of Sammy’s. Yeti and I,
have to let you guys go, because Yeti, he is not in the mood to
film tonight. Which is very unusual for him. You guys, be sure to subscribe. Click
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13 thoughts on “Where To Find A Great Samoyed

  1. Yeti wanted to really play with the neighborhood doggies. He did not want his treats, nor did he want to film. He was silly in this video. Be sure to comment below, because your comments mean so much to Yeti. He always gets super excited when I read your comments to him.

  2. Eventhough Yeti is quite restless today,he’s still obedient to you.That’s the good side of a samoyed,am i right?Tell me if I’m wrong.?

  3. There is a rescue site www.rescueme.org where you can search for rescued animals according to breed and location. I have been looking for a senior Sammy rescue dog but so far have not found one available in the southeastern states. LOVE Yeti!!

  4. Are Sammys good with changing environments? I might have to move houses quite often but I really want a Sammy fren!

  5. Please ask Yeti ti reply to this one, seeing as he loves making comments… Yeti, woudl you like to meet Xiomara? She is a lot of fun, likes to play and have a good time,.

  6. How do u samoyed proof your house because of all the shed because ive always wanted one and im kinda scared its gunna break me house lol

  7. Can you help me finding a site in Australia for samoyeds and something like a samoyed is in stock, yetis owner?

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