When You Walk Your Anxious Puppy // Presented By BuzzFeed & Puppy Chow

hey kids by our house anymore I don't shoot a panic stay calm okay run run once I miss musket oh it's food what else is back here oh it's really dark wait wait what's going on this again how many times do I have to tell you I will never leave you okay just hold on tight I don't want us to get separated okay here we go is he not coming is he scared should I be scared I guess that's it goodbye forever okay follow me let's smell everything going don't be scared I'll protect you please don't eat her please don't kill her okay okay don't hurt her take me take me it's it please please me inside please please think I blacked out back there what happened oh oh these things are unpredictable just wag your tail and act excited okay this is actually kind of nice Oh a little more oh yeah that's nice and we're done okay we're going this way we made it home and we're alive and that's sillier and that and that and you my second favorite person oh here we go this is good oh excuse me where you going where'd you go you know I can't eat unless you're watching that's better just stay there the whole time why this is the worst moment of my life ooh is this food no I knew right away definitely not food I'm getting out of here seriously I am very disappointed in you don't make me go back in there I don't understand I'm just gonna go back inside okay bye I feel ridiculous totally ridiculous I gotta get dry huh wha huh that's better careful don't slip the floor is wet ooh I just need that can I get that can you save me that thing oh this is working ah this isn't so bad this is actually kind of nice let's just never do that again deal

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