When This Cat Gave Birth To Seven Kittens, The Family Dog's Animal Instincts Took Over

sucks verse presents when this cat gave birth to seven kittens the family dogs animal instincts took over help us spread the word about facts first by clicking the like button and also be sure to subscribe and click the notification Bell so you don't miss our future videos in 2013 a woman from Louisiana named Regina agreed to take in her neighbors cats Gayle and Tara the southern Louisiana woman agreed to help her friend who was going overseas after joining the United States Navy Regina promised her friend that she'd give her cats the best care possible in fact the cats were even given their own room in the house Regina was not going to be building a room for the cats she was just gonna let them stay in her sewing room so that they'd have some privacy when the cats went to stay with Regina they were also going to be staying with her dogs Archer and Zoey since Archer had never been around cats before Regina figured the cats might need their own space to stay away from Archer about two weeks after the cat's moved in with Regina she was out and she got a phone call from her roommate her roommate was worried that there was something wrong with one of the cats Tara she told Regina that the cat appeared to be bloated when Regina got home she went to check on Tara and she kept the cat's belly and she was purring and didn't seem to be in any pain so she put off taking the cat to the vet Regina kept an eye on Tara and began to assume that she was just a fat cat during the first week Regina thought that everything was fine the next week things began to change but she woke up she heard a strange noise coming out of the sewing room it wasn't a typical meowing which caused Regina to worry when she went into the room the strange being got louder she went into the room and found that Tara had given birth to two kittens Regina then realized the cat's swollen belly was not because she was just fat she was pregnant seconds after going into the room Regina figured out that Tara was not done having her babies either as the day went on she gave birth to five more kittens this left her with a litter of seven while Tara nursed the babies she would perv very loudly Regina had never seen the cat so happy since you didn't know much about kittens and their mothers Regina decided to do a little research online and it wasn't long before she realized that Tara could probably handle everything on her own the only thing that she couldn't do was name her babies so Regina decided to do that for her she named the two male ginger cats Fred and George after the twins and the Harry Potter series the rest of the babies were gray so she named the two males Telsa and Schrodinger the three females were named honey boo boo Minerva and Dutchess Archer and Zoey understood the Tara did need some time with her babies and at first they didn't even show any interest in the letter but it wasn't long before Archer started to worry about the kittens in the other room Regina couldn't understand why unit happened so suddenly after a few days of Archer being curious and wanting to get into the room Regina decided that finally it was time to let the dog in she's a bit worried about what he would do when he got inside and when she let him in she held her breath Archer went over to the kittens and did them no harm he just licked them all over and showed them affection and best of all Tara was fine with that it seemed that Archer wanted to be a father to the kittens it wasn't long before Tara felt so comfortable with Archer that she'd leave the kittens alone with him she was likely happy for the break and Archer did a pretty good job of babysitting when moving the kittens Archer would pick them up by the nape of their necks and place them down softly as if they were his own babies when long before Archer was carrying the babies all over the house even brought them to Regina so that they could all watch television together the kittens were more work than Regina had imagined she bought them some toys and a cat tree to put in the sewing room where they slept sadly things were difficult for honey boo boo one of the kittens she was having trouble with her eye and unfortunately it was too late to save her sight regardless of the eye issues the kitten was healthy though and Regina changed her name to Honey peekaboo when the kittens were old enough Regina sent them all to good loving homes subscribe for more you

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  1. OMG. I have three cats. Minerva, Fred, And George. I also have a dog named Sirius ( sometimes we call him Padfoot). Yes, a fellow Potterhead.

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