When Orcas Attack

today's video was requested by Supreme Josh before we begin be sure to subscribe to they will kill you hit the like button and request any topics you'd like to learn about in the comments section below although commonly known as the killer whale the Orca is actually the largest member of the oceanic dolphin family the popular name for the Orca is derive from asesina Bolinas a term 18th century Basque whalers used in reference to them which literally translates as whale killer it was based on their observations of Orca pods hunting baleen whales the orcas easily distinguishable by its black back white chest insides white patches above the eyes and the dark gray saddle patch across its back it's heavy and robust body features paddle-like pectoral fins and a large dorsal fin which for males can be up to six feet tall males are larger than females weighing over six tonnes with lengths from 20 to 26 feet the largest killer whale ever recorded was an 11 tonne male measuring 32 feet orcas have good eyesight a good sense of touch an excellent hearing through their exceptional echolocation abilities they identify objects and prey in their environment by emitting clicking noises and listening for echoes they live in groups called pods and are a highly intelligent and highly social species it's claimed that they're intelligent to the point of self-awareness they've sophisticated vocal behaviors and hunting techniques which can be particular to a specific group and passed across generations which is an indication of animal culture they're also the apex predators of their environment and will engage prey as large as adult baleen whales number six Douglas Robertson despite there been no instance of orcas killing humans in the wild there have been a small number of reported clashes in 1972 about two hundred miles from the Galapagos Islands a pod of orcas ran the hull of loose set a 43 foot long wooden spoon ax captained by author and sailor Douglas Robertson he managed to escape the sinking vessel with his wife Lynne their three children and an inexperienced crew member they'd picked up the six people escaped using an inflatable life raft and a solid hull dinghy but with little provisions for 38 days they lived as castaways collecting rainwater and catching turtles mahi-mahi and flying fish while using a makeshift sail heading towards Central America they were eventually rescued number five hans krishna the closest an orca came to directly killing someone in the wild was at Point Sur a state marine reserve and conservation area off the coast of California the victim was Californian surfer hands Kretchmer while resting on his board an orca reportedly sunk its teeth into his thigh dragged him under the water and bit him several times apparently this is the only documented incident in which a wild Orca has ever bitten a human being Kretchmer survived the attack but his wounds required a staggering 100 stitches killer whales are a cosmopolitan species meaning they're found in a wide variety of marine environments in all of the world's oceans and most of its seas in fact with the exception of certain areas of the Arctic as well as the black and Baltic seas killer whales are found everywhere as they adapt very well to any climate according to SeaWorld they're the most widely distributed mammal second only to humans the striking appearance and imposing size along with their intelligence playfulness and trainability have made them popular and aquatic theme parks orcas are the only extant members of the Orca nosaka genus and even without any clear subspecies yet they can be differentiated based on their behavior where they live what they eat how they communicate and certain differences in their appearance resident orcas visit the same area frequently and live in large groups primarily eating fish transient orcas travel in smaller groups roam inwardly along coast with a diet based on marine mammals transient pods are more aggressive and similar to a wolf pack that members work together hunting for prey even if they live in the same areas residents and transients avoid each other and genetic data shows that they have an inter bred for 10,000 years of shore whales travel far from the shore living in groups of 20 to 75 members evidence suggests they're smaller in size and typically feed on schooling fish but have also been observed tackling much larger prey number four alexis Martinez alexis Martinez was one of the most experienced trainers at the Laurel Park in Tenerife on December 24 2009 he was working with keto a 14 year old male Orca keto who was born in captivity at SeaWorld Orlando Florida had been described by other trainers has not been completely predictable while practicing the routine for a show set to take place on Christmas Day keto rammed Martinez in the chest he died before fellow trainers could intervene it was initially believed he drowned after being knocked unconscious the park didn't consider it an attack but rather a tragic accident caused by roughhousing an autopsy later revealed the cause of death had been serious injuries inflicted by keto Martinez had bite marks all over his body tears to his vital organs and multiple compression fractures in Western culture Pliny the Elder first described orcas around 70 AD he wrote that they were like an enormous mass of savage flesh with teeth and that they charged and pierced through whales like warships ramen despite no recorded fatalities caused by orcas in the wild attacks by orcas in captivity have ended in injury and even death along with their intelligence and ability to engage in strategic attacks their sheer mass and strength is enough to make them potentially dangerous with strong conical teeth which can grow up to four inches in length their jaws exert an almost inescapable grip their front teeth are slightly forward and outward inclined so when it bites into its prey the back of its teeth support the grip aside from tearing at their victims orcas use their powerful bodies to ram prey breaking bones and producing life-threatening injuries they've been observed throwing seals several feet in the air with their flukes they're known to partially beach themselves in the pursuit of prey and have even gone after moose according to SeaWorld number three Keltie burn in captivity there have been four recorded fatal or attacks and one male named Tilikum was involved in three of them the first was February 20th 1991 and Sealand of the Pacific in Victoria British Columbia when Kelty burned a part time trainer fell into the tank Tilikum rushed to her grabbed her by the foot and dragged her underwater to smaller female orcas present in the tank joined in the attack horrified visitors saw the three orcas continuously blocking Byrnes path while pushing and throwing her around the pool once Byrne managed to reach the side and tried to get out but the orcas pulled her screaming back into the pool continuing to submerge her the trainers tried to help burn by throwing her alive ring but the orcas kept her away from it burns surfaced three times before she drowned it took several hours before her body could be recovered from the tank see land of the Pacific closed soon after the attacks selling all their whales to the SeaWorld franchise number two Daniel Dukes tilikum claimed his second victim at SeaWorld Orlando Florida on July the 5th 1999 the night before Daniel Dukes evaded part security and hid until after closing he then entered the orcas tank naked when park workers approached to tank the next day 27 year old Daniel Dukes new dead body was found draped across tiller comes back he was covered in bite marks bruises abrasions and his scrotum had been ripped open drowning was determined to have been the cause of death and no drugs were found in Jukes system according to SeaWorld staff this wasn't the first instance of Jukes diving with sea mammals unclothed unfortunately it was his last an accidental fall was ruled out as to enter Telekom's tank Jukes needed to hop a three-foot Plexiglas barrier some guardrails and climbed down several steps number one Dawn Brancheau Dawn Brancheau was telecoms last victim she was an experienced trainer who on February to 24 2010 was part of dine with Shamu show at SeaWorld Orlando alongside tilikum the show's main attraction towards the end of the performance Tilikum reacted poorly to one of her commands dragged broncho underwater and drowned her eye witnesses claimed Tilikum grabbed her by the forearm while Park officials said he grabbed her ponytail the final autopsy report where the Bronco died of multiple traumatic injuries and drowning according to SeaWorld officials tilikum died in January 2017 due to a bacterial infection a BAFTA Award nominated 2013 documentary called blackfish focuses on Tilikum his capture in 1983 off the coast of Iceland the attacks he was involved in as well as the fate of whales held in captivity once in the water with them there's little you can do against an orca which can take on some of the largest animals on earth and even elite predators like the great white shark the potential of killing us is undeniable but that doesn't mean that attacks are likely there hasn't been a recorded case of an orca eating a human we don't look like their typical prey and studies have shown that orcas tend to dislike human meat the incidents that occurred in captivity mostly involve trainers and in some cases poor management by the facility the best survival policy here is to avoid contact orcas in theme parks may seem playful and harmless but that's the result of training and relationships cultivated over time even then the reality is orcas are apex predators and wild animals hence unpredictable on March 15 2014 Chris Kremers and lee-san Froome arrived in Panama for a six-week holiday shortly after their college graduation after touring Panama for a couple of weeks the two Dutch girls arrived in boquete on March 29th

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  1. Ripped dudes scrotum open and was found with dudes body draped on his back. If that ain't some GANGSTA shit right there, I don't know what is. Tillicum was puttin in WORK! But umm, who did a study to see if Orca's liked human flesh to eat?

  2. Just saw three killer whales today, I live in Norway near Sognefjorden. Never violent creatures to humans in the wild, I'm sure I'd get crazy if I was 4 meters and locked up in a tank.

  3. For those moaning about the guys voice its called sarcasm and he prob loves orcas dont capture the orca leave them alone including elephant and all wildlife

  4. It's not there fault. They go crazy in tanks. They etstresse. They do get fed unless they do things right. I'd get pissed too. I hope they keep killing until sea world stops the show. To Sea world they are a investment..and a money maker. They need to be freed ..nit be slaves

  5. Poor creatures aren’t supposed to be cooped up. They belong in their natural habitat. Any trainer injury or death is karma.

  6. My god I couldn't even finish watching the video your voice was so deeply annoying, I'm sorry…. but you killed it 4 me ????
    When you talk like that just was so freaking irritating I could even enjoy the video…. p.s next time please???? dont talk like that just talk normally ???? aghhh ??

  7. These gay how work in theme parks where they do this kind of shows they should build some kind of metal frame underneath the water so when they get attacked the metal frame arises above water bringing the orca and the trainer out of water giving him or her fighting chance.

  8. The words vs the tone of voice is hilarious.

    "They were eventually….rescued"
    "He was not…completely predictable"

  9. Tilikum killed 3 people and his aggressive genes were passed to his son Keto who killed Alexis…. go figure, maybe SeaWorld shouldn't capture wild whales and abuse them and then force them to breed even after proving to have aggressive tendancies, wouldn't you only want to breed whales that are docile

  10. some scientists say the orca is the reason that megalodon went extinct. but I don't think it is ok that we keep them captivated. look at the males dorsal fin for the ones in captivity, it is bent all the way to the side. and it is said that only happens in captivity.

  11. He talks like these actually kill humans. Which they don’t. They are dolphins. Ya know… friendly to surfers…. keep sharks away. Dude change your voice. It’s stupid for an animal that only gets pissed when captive. I think we can all avoid them by not jumping in Sea World pools, lol

  12. Stupid fucking voice, Can’t watch it. Sounds like a british dude having to do the over the top american obsession of sensationalising everything. Not needed

  13. Orcas do not belong in captivity caged up and made to do tricks! These Orcas are very unhappy and stressed..being in a small environment and forced to do tricks! I can understand them getting angry and lashing out. I know I would. Honestly I am surprised that there aren't more attacks in captivity. These huge mammals should be in the ocean where they are meant to be! I would never buy a ticket to Sea World and watch them abuse these beautiful creatures. Let the Orcas go back to their home and live the life they were meant to live!

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