31 thoughts on “When Do Huskies Shed And How Much?

  1. Do your huskies pant all the time? I was kind of worried because I thought my husky was having an anxiety attack.

  2. Love your video! Looking into huskies. They're beautiful and sound like sweet friends (most of the time! ;-)) I want to be sure I know what I'm getting into and doing lots of research. How often do you bath your pups? Do they tend to get smelly?

  3. Hey there sixty formula I am the one who previously commented on your old video about getting a husky puppy and how Im not home from 8:00 to 3:30 but I dont have anyone to watch the dog so i was wondering if the dog would be fine if I left him in a big doggy playfence for 8 hours a day on weekdays with food water toys and potty pads

  4. I have dark blue carpet… I vacuum daily but within an hour it's white again, eventually you give up and admit you lost the war on fur.

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  6. Hey… this is off topic but how can you stop your husky from getting too crazy when he sees the leash. My husky realllly gets excited when he sees a leash and sometimes its too much because he goes crazy and end up breaking things.

  7. Zeus…sheds often as well…mattress hair..hehehe….I see 2 coats in zeus…yes we comb him often…

  8. Wow ..crazy hike…love hikes…we are going to be using your tips on our live today…you are super awesome..thank you …love Ryan Gosling and the rest of the siblings

  9. Ahhhh the dreaded 'coat blowing' seasons, hahahahahaa i feel like my huskies are in kahhoots? they dont shed at the same tine….as ssoon as one finally finishes THE BIG SHED….the other one only just begins!?‍♀️….but i wuv them anywaay

  10. I’ve been watching a lot of your videos cause I’m getting a husky and it really helps!

  11. What's your opinion on having a couch just for the pets? One of my friends has a coach the dogs aren't allowed on but they have their own

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