When A Brown Girl Dates A White Boy (ft. Adam Devine)

I am so excited to meet your parents I actually took a yoga class last night the instructors name is Raj wait what does when did you yoga it's so I can relate to your parents right I learned the downward dog okay you're gonna learn the downward spiral did you keep believing stereotypes like that I'm just feeling good Lily I mean I'm I slay this I even went to an Indian restaurant last night just prepping you know Adam I'm sorry to burst your bubble but Indian restaurants are not for Indian people okay they're for white people trying not to be racist masala okay what samosa now you're just saying words Deewani should I be offended by this Diwali you know honestly I'm sorry to get offended by this come on shorter ah oh yeah kamasutra I mean I was just allowed to talk to boys like three weeks ago okay they got the source of that book mixed up Jaeho okay Adam just shut up okay just be yourself but like normal I am normal if you're dating me you're not normal just cuz I'm talking there's sometimes you see this is exactly what I'm talking about okay because we're both aware you're so hot when you do that intestinal gift I am oh concession yes okay oh hey everyone so this is Adam hi Adam you mean a duel um now Adam add damn strange name um it's like it's like Adam and Eve who let it go like oh well it is really nice to meet you Manjeet and Paramjeet 1g things i don't you you also call your parents by their first name one Oh Barb and Alex yeah and my stepfather's mark step father mom and who is everyone else ah yes this is Lily's and Lily's cousin and Lily's uncle I'm really song cool they live in next door oh wow cool I didn't know as meeting the whole family fuck there's only three people we wanted to keep it intimate you so how'd you two meet oh um Lily and I met at a club one night study club that's about five years ago six six months ago she was wearing this really cute red skirt turtle night it was a turtle egg with full-length jeans and odds wasn't it yeah yes it was fully clothed how did you two lovebirds meet you gotta married that's how we met he got married that's funny it's good one what did I say Adam why don't you tell my parents about your job Adams a teacher sure ma'am babe okay okay and let's keep it PG cover you okay well I teach grade six to eight math science history sex education Oh God good education sex hey sex education stop saying that word education sex Oh God my parents had sex once my sister saw Adams mom is a doctor really okay now we're talking brain surgeon no heart doctor which one she's a psychologist should I believe a dumb tell me where your parents from we're American no like where they really from oh just America you know but like oh like where are we originally from yes yeah Idaho you don't know of it no no I duh your nope yeah my parents we're back in Idaho but I moved out when I was 17 Hey seventeen what happened you get in a fight no no I just barbed one in too much rent so friend Bob good parents charge of end yeah a lot too I mean why wouldn't it you're adopted me go I have to pay rent poo no sweetheart moon I will never let you be independent okay sweetu boom what do you do for fun golf what your last name divine divine didn't they delete that application how many cousins do you have just to just to do oh poor family poor what is your favorite food shepherd's pie Shepherd pie you think the school yeah I have a degree in the Performing Arts hey quit going on key card via huh dad Lucy vassakara he's saying how much he likes you nice I should show them the downward dog oh no you have to do – okay you're doing it he's doing it oh three shepherd boy cocking what a donkey she's just saying that she's gonna make you shepherd's pie next time that's so sweet thank you I like it with beef be hey if baggage a kike Tapia did they're just so overwhelmed by how polite you are yeah and flexible I have a pet lizard Lucy don't know bother yeah my committee Maupassant I think you're so hot when you talk Indian good good the philosophy at Idaho very mom but be honest Gulf Kayla did and they want to go golfing with you water polo Kayla run to Carlo and take you out for brunch Wow I'm flattered thank you so much I had to stop I was losing vision all the blood was rushing to my head you guys know how it is booby notice with the bun ja ja keep it all off not via Carla so then top everything they're saying is Alda just they're so excited that's awesome this is so great here give me smooches downward spiral Oh tell you about whatever wanted to girls soup woman in Adam Devon make sure you check out the last season of workaholics tell me where to find it January Comedy Central get you song boom if you want to check out my last video slash collaborations right there behind the scenes and bloopers of which there were many right there than that make sure you subscribe cause I make new videos every Monday and Thursday one love superwoman that is a wrap and Zoop

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  1. "I have a degree in the performing arts"
    me: I hope you like bruises cause your girlfriend bout to get BEAT!

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