What’s your favourite animal? | Campus Interviews #2

You can change your mind if you want What’s your favourite animal? Tiger What’s your favourite animal? Either a dog or a lizard Ok, what about to eat? to eat? erm beef? as in meat wise? Yeah so what’s your favourite animal to eat? cow What’s your favorite animal to eat? I don’t eat meat the first question is a Virginia against animal cruelty right yeah yeah so would you ever pay someone to kill an animal if you didn’t have to as in for what was just something for pleasure for convenience well no no if it’s a pleasure no you would never pay anyone to kill an arm or just for your personal benefit we didn’t have to you know yeah so jus eat animals I do yeah do you have to eat animals I personally think that yet like humans like we’ve evolved to kind of yep use animals for wrote like nutritional values yeah yeah yeah but yeah I do think like if it’s available and if the animals living a kind of pain-free stressful liar at the point of the slaughter that’s fine yeah so in terms of that survival do we need to eat them or like I’d say was it just for survival yeah they probably don’t need to because you kept like vegans don’t eat me yeah if it’s not a necessity then would would you I’ll give you say eight classes is like animal cruelty if we don’t have to heart if we don’t have to kill them it depends what you define cruelty to be what would you define animal cruelty as pain and suffering to the animal yeah if unnecessarily or yeah I will unnecessarily yeah is I guess it is unnecessary yeah but like killing an animal after like if it’s lived a happy life and then eating it I mean yes there is some element of like wrong yeah yeah because like why does that I don’t have to die but at the same time like animals like they live the life but like it’s just a way it’s just the way it is so it’s a that I can I know if I’m like a dog had a really nice life does that mean it’s okay to kill it or even like that’s that board is on like what defines like the hierarchy of an animal because you’ve got the amount of intelligence like cephalopods and dogs and primates they obviously have a higher intelligence than say a chicken would you stop eating like beef if that you suddenly found out that cows are more intelligent the dogs no because I’ve it’s hard to explain it like if you can brought up from Annie from as in a society where eating meat is fine and then obviously now like more people are out right again yeah you see me yeah so it is I think it is really to do with society yeah I don’t know like I know there is a lot of problems besides animal cruelty with the meat industry al idea environmental environmental impact it had half as well so in a way like it probably would be beneficial for humans to stop any regardless of whether the animal is suffering in their life but it’s just you can’t change people yeah because if they’ve been brought up eating meat for their whole life they’re not just gonna be like right like a lot of people are now reminded and they won’t yeah yeah like I’d say I probably would give it a go yeah I’m I’m habitual in the sense I won’t you know check yeah yeah but like I probably if I really wanted to and I had all the facts in front of me and how your time and then going to do I probably would not eat meat yeah yeah it’s just that I’ve had it yeah yeah sound thank you very much one time sake I hope you do enjoy this what is your favorite animal my favorite animal I see Panda yeah and what’s your favorite animal to eat to eat uh it’s tricky question because I want to be a vegetarian yes because now I don’t eat meat because if I want I want to protect the rights of animal to be honest ok yes because here I have noticed in England a lot of people eat animals different kind of animal like we love them they way yeah yeah so maybe we need to protect them and to be a vegetarian it is also unhealthy I think for the body of the person and the for the person yeah generally yes obviously vegetarians eat like dairy and eggs and other animal products and it’s been scientifically proven that they they’re harmful for your health as well so would you say that like a vegan diet would be a more better option maybe more milk or something like that yeah cheese but not like a sausages or something like that yeah yeah I think you can eat the healthy food vegetables and combined with their milky product and say are you aware of the cruelty that goes on in the dairy industry with animals oh I don’t want to be like aunt answered no so basically like a quick run through the dairy industry obviously we take the cow’s milk and the only way we can do that is if the cows give birth to a calf so what we did is we forcibly impregnate the cow and then they hold their young for nine months as an a female would then yeah then we take the calf away straight away as soon as the calf’s born obviously the mother cows in like a huge amount of distress and it’s a very much and then um you know then we take the milk and we take the calf when either go to the veal industry Mikaella straight away or it grows up into a dairy I’m so like I said it could come cause the grandma suffering oh it’s very very difficult to answer to this question because as you said to me we need to make like a pregnant the cow in order to take a meal yeah I didn’t know to be honest about it yes but I need to think about it have a look when you got home a look at the dairy industry and you’ll see what’s your favorite animal and pick okay to eat as well and sometimes so your favorite animal too is also the same animal that uit oh no that sounds horrible no I think it’s do you think you can like have a favorite animal that you love and then also eat it as well and that’s not really morally right but yeah I do like little pigs so you like to eat pigs or you’d like that’s not a yeah I don’t think they’re piggies before animals okay so what’s your true favor animal oh yeah I like cats okay cut what’s your favorite animal to eat chicken chicken okay so which mean this way that you have a difference in your favorite animal than you’ve ever animal to eat no cause like a cat’s like a pet and this is different to like stroking a chicken yeah of course why do you think it’s okay to eat some animals and not others I guess like the way society is like could swim sit if you had to say like like a black or white right or wrong would you say it’s wrong to eat animals or ID animals I do say it’s wrong but it’s just what everyone does and yeah of course so when would you ever pay someone to like kill an animal if you didn’t have to just for your pleasure No so what you eat animals don’t you yeah do you have to be animals I don’t have to yet so which would you then say it’s kind of like your painting wants kill animals for your pleasure even you don’t have to uh yeah suppose you could look at it odd on it yeah you could look at like that um do you think we need three animals no I think with like the things available today or vegan food you ever thought about it yeah about tried tribe is hard when you’ve grown up the immediate yeah of course it’s part of our culture isn’t it yeah do you think because it’s part of our culture it’s it’s right or normal or shouldn’t be Charlie static and a cultural things I think it right this is a lot of cultures that we can think of in the past that aren’t right on isn’t it yeah I think that’s basically about it thank you very much no that was great you know you didn’t can change management what’s your favorite animal tiger what’s your favorite chocolate lizards okay we’re about to eat two E and B as in meat wise yes a watch should be of animal tweet cow okay what’s your favorite tree I don’t eat meat okay so it’s interesting that you said beef and mom yeah I know yeah so why’d you think there’s a difference in your favorite animal I’m in your favor animal to eat and that’s the tricky question favor animals are tiger okay yeah so it’s like so when I ask you what’s your favor animals it’s interesting like your initial reaction is an animal that you want you want yeah okay yeah that’s quite bad isn’t it so why drink there’s a difference in your favorite animal and your favorite animal to eat take it be honest I actually I I am changing my mind but things in moment because I’m used to eating me I mean I grew up in France so me eating is just part of the culture it’s like a strong element of culture but I don’t think it’s it’s right actually to me it’s based definitely something this I’ve grown up doing it and but I live with three vegetarians and my friends a lot of my friends veggietones so it has impacts in my way of seeing things so kind of quick answer why you vegetarian just cuz I just don’t think there’s any need to eat meat it’s not really like necessary part of my diet basically so the first question is would you ever pay someone to cause harm or suffering or even death to an animal if you didn’t have to no no so when do eat animals yeah okay do you that’s fine do you have to eat animals I do you have to know I wouldn’t have to so yeah me know didn’t have to know so but you know you just said like you wouldn’t cause you wouldn’t pay someone to harm an animal or necessarily you think there’s like us true so it’s a little bit hypocritical is Nia she think was like a fine line or I don’t know I guess I don’t know you said we think about it just animals here I guess she don’t rethink about when it’s for food is the difference is I wouldn’t pay someone to turn animal an animal but okay if you what’s the difference between paint like why would you have a piece here and I’m just like would it be for pleasure or convenience or like and Taemin I know like I don’t know some people like dog fights and that nothing would Payton what girls get or bullfighting in Spain and things like that so like if when it’s with for food how is it different like what would you say is different in terms of kill an animal for light for entertainment or like how is it different food we do need to eat and like yeah it needs it’s about doing it do we do any to animals I don’t know probably well probably not I mean people don’t yeah I wasn’t there fine but I guess it’s just sort of ingrained in our society yeah that was the area so do you think because something is ingrained in our society or part of our culture does that make it normal or acceptable or moral yeah well yeah a for example like a few hundred years ago it was normal like a rape cultures been thinking too much slavery that these are all bit things are normal and like everyone thinks it’s no until like few people that stand up and say it’s wrong so would you say that some because it’s part of our society it’s okay I guess it’s kind of thing that needs change it was perspective yeah of course yeah I did I guess it it’s a complicated one yeah so like in the potentially when you lay out like that yeah I see we’re coming from do you think you have a choice like can you choose not to contribute to these industries or do we have to get me of course that you have the choice but it also does can kind of feel futile sometimes if you make that decision because it’s not gonna stop yeah so why would it not stop what would stop it from stopping well there’s always people who are going to be in me as always people are gonna want me how could how could we ever stop that though well I don’t know someone more intelligent than me so basically it’s just as supplying the minded sure isn’t it yeah so the reason why animals are bred into existence to be killed is because we buy them so like how you said I would never stop there you’re like part of the problem could you buy every time yeah I know you’re only just one person but like if everybody thought like that nothing would ever get changed would it yeah that’s true it’s like it’s one if one person stops artists buying like a chicken sandwich every day and starts buying the vegan option and then that you’re actually reducing the demand slightly and then if the more more people to do that the last money they make or makes it a less animals at they go what’s your thoughts on that yeah I guess kind of thing we just get so used to buying meat and eating meat yeah and then it comes to it itself maybe ignore the problems with it yeah yeah kind of thing so would you ever think about like going vegetarian or vegan or but I’ve tried it before but it’s never lasted so I understand what why you go vegan I just find that myself I just find it a bit different well if it was easy what you’re wrapping you’d find it like more easy to doctor your lifestyle especially I well I guess so the options I think so um like I’m not like against veganism I wouldn’t be like oh I will never stop your convenience thing yeah I guess it’s like it is easy when like specially no guys have gone on to something yeah everything’s got meat and well there is actually one vegan option – yeah so hopefully that demand will make it more yes you provide more a good vegan vegetarian options in like fast food places yeah meals and things then more likely – yeah change awesome cheers mom thank you very much

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  1. My favorite animals to eat are cows, shrimp, fish, pigs, chickens. Yes, I think its okay to pay simeone to kill these animals for the pleasure of eating them. All animals are my favorite animal. I dont think you have to eat meat to survive. I dont think you have to eat anything to survive. I think we manifest in these bodies to enjoy them and eating is part of that enjoyment. I dont think we need to change our culture's eating habits. Just ourselves. Individually. Is enough.

  2. Great interviews.. when she said beef instead of cow… She self corrects and you can see the connections being made!

  3. You are almost there…just hand them the information card that has some documentary names and about the vegan challenge aswell

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