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Oh yeah, baby. This week is gonna be allllll about Jack. That’s right. Mmmm… This toy has got all the right moves that’ll
get yo’ dog –shut yo’ mouth—I’m just talking about Jack. *clears throat* Sorry, don’t know
where that came from. Anyway, this week, we’re testing out the
Treat Holding Jack from the Busy Buddy toy line by PetSafe. It’s definitely one of the more interesting
toys out there, not just in looks but in design as well. PetSafe specializes in dog toys that include
some kind of treat added within the toy to keep your dog’s interest. This particular toy is supposed to look like
a jack from the childhood game called jacks; which for you millennials out there, is a
game involving bouncing a ball and collecting little metal caltrop looking things called
jacks. The toy itself unscrews allowing you to insert
a couple rawhide chewy ring things which are included with the toy. When your dog has somehow managed to chew
up all 4 included rings, you can purchase refills for about $5 which come in various
flavors—just make sure you get the right size. Speaking of which, this is actually the large
model for dogs over 50 lbs. A bit large for my dog but hey, she’s making
it work. So, let’s hand this fascinating toy over
to Story and see how it does after a week’s abuse. Will the included rawhide rings last the test? Is the plastic strong enough to survive? Will this dog toy be confused as a sexual
aid? Let’s find out. As you can see, the toy made the week-long
test without as much as a dent. The funny part is I didn’t even know this
thing had a vibration setting until this morning. I mean, what’s the point of a vibrating
dog toy? Does it clean their gums or some… Hold on one sec.What? What do you mean that’s not the toy? Oh, sh– As you can see, the toy has been pretty well loved though not according to the toys design. I can tell you right off the bat that I cannot
recommend this toy. The safety concerns are just too high so it
gets a 1 out of 5. As Story was chewing on this toy, bits of
nylon where just coming off in little pieces. They aren’t likely to cause much harm but
it’s definitely not something you want your dog digesting so I really had to limit play
with this toy. For design, I gave the Jack a 3 but it was
a hard one to judge. Partly because the whole rawhide thing didn’t
work but also because I purchased the wrong size. Had I went down a size to fit Story’s weight
bracket, the toy may have worked out a little better but I still feel as if all the little
arms or legs or whatever you’d call them hindered Story’s access to the chewy middle
bits. It definitely looks interesting but it just
doesn’t work well in the real world. Longevity is also somewhat hard to determine. While the toy will likely last for months,
I had to give it a 2 because it only took a day or 2 before shreds of nylon started
coming off of it. That said, the rawhide part will likely last
a long time as it’s well protected. I felt kind of bad that Story couldn’t get
the rawhides off of it so I just threw her one. Now I just need to modify my Spiderman disc
shooter to work with these and we’ve got a brand new toy! And that leaves us with the price point which
sadly continues this poor trend and receives a 2. Had I got the medium, as the weight bracket
suggested, it would have been $9.95 on Chewy.com but I purchased the large size which doubles
the price to a whopping $19.95! I honestly don’t remember spending that
much on the toy but I guess I thought it was such an interesting toy design that I had
to give it a go. And for those keeping track at home, the final
verdict is a 2 out of 5 bones. While unique in design, the price was simply
too much and the safety factor is a big concern. For these reasons, I cannot recommend this
toy to anyone. There are, however, other forms of this toy
which seem to allow better access to the rawhides and you’ll surely see another on here at
some point. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s where we’ll
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    Ps: I died laughing at 1:35

  2. I love your channel and you dog is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so cute!!!!! I really really want a dog so bad!

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