What’s the dog’s name? (Extended scene) | Terminator 2 [Remastered]

– Look. Todd and Janelle are dicks but I gotta warn them. Shit. You got a quarter? [phone rings] – Hello? – Janelle, it’s me! – John? – Yeah. Is everything alright,
are you guys okay? – Sure honey, everything’s okay. Are you alright? – Yeah, I’m fine. – John, it’s late. Honey, I was beginning to worry about you. If you hurry home we can
sit down and have dinner together. I’m making beef stew. – Something’s wrong,
she’s never this nice. – John? Where are you? – What the hell is the
goddamn dog barking about? HEY! Shut up, you worthless piece of shit! – If the dog’s really barking… – Thought you had told the kid
to get rid of that fucking mutt. [punches wood] – John. Honey, it’s late.
Please don’t make me worried. – Could it already be there? – Honey, are you okay? [with John’s voice]
I’m right here. I’m fine. – Are you sure?
Are you sure you’re alright? – What’s the dog’s name? – Max. [with John’s voice]
Hey Janelle, what’s wrong with Wolfie? I can hear him barking.
Is he okay? – Wolfie’s fine, honey.
Wolfie’s just fine. Where are you? – Your foster parents are dead. – Woah woah woah,
I need a minute here. You’re telling me that this thing
can imitate anything it touches? – Anything it samples by physical contact. – Get real. Like, it could disguise itself as a… pack of cigarettes? – No. Only an object of equal size. – Well, why don’t it just become a bomb or something to get me? – It can’t form complex machines. Guns and explosives have
chemicals, moving parts. It doesn’t work that way. But it can form solid metal shapes. – Like what? – Knives, and stabbing weapons. [bell rings] [dog barks] [dog snarls] [dog snarls] [dog yelps]

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  1. And what was the reason for the T-1000 to kill Max?? Poor Dog, I'm so glad that was cut, I really hate animal cruelty.

  2. Wow, this is awesome. I never saw the bedroom search scene before. Robert Patrick sure does look scary when he doesn't blink.

  3. I wonder if todd fucked the t1000, then right afterwards, he calls the t1000, a "WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT ", then smacks the t1000 in the face for being such a shitty fuck

  4. Would have been nice to see the pics the T1000 was looking at. Still, the T1000 was far better than that stupid REV9

  5. I actually rooted for the bad Terminator when he killed Max. That's what he gets for barking and getting on the dad's nerves. I'm the same, I hate barking.

  6. And they fucking killed John Connor in the new one. You KILLED THE HERO! nobody cares about these new asshole characters

  7. One plothole here is that Arnie says the T-1000 can't form things with chemicals or complex moving parts but when he transforms back into the cop he has his utility belt with weapon, radio, etc.

  8. Scary thought. Dog running toward you. You don't know if it's a terminator. You yell for him to stop but he keeps coming, seems too excited. Do you pull the trigger, or wait for it to leap into your arms?

  9. "Hey Janelle, DragonBall Evolution is the best movie right?"

    "Yes honey, DragonBall Evolution is the greatest DragonBall movie of all time"

    Your foster parents are dead

  10. This movie does everything better than the sequels. Nightmare atmosphere, not too fast cuts, music, etc.

    Mediocre sequels, how did no one succeed? And now thanks to Dark Fate, the Terminator got another death blow.

  11. Robert Patrick I cant still forget his act in that movie when i watched this for the first time then i am watching this video ??

  12. Hey Janelle, what's wrong with my girlfriend? She doesn't answer the call.

    Your girlfriend's fine, honey. Your girlfriend's just fine. Where are you?

    Your girlfriend are having sex

  13. Fun fact , the late great Bill Paxton is to date the only person to have been murdered by
    The Terminator , an Alien , and the Predator ! RIP Bill

  14. Hey Janelle, Hows uncles lumbago? It’s not terminal is it?

    Uncles just fine honey, where are you?

    Your foster parents are dead

  15. Terminator Dark Fate: Hey YouTube, our movie sucked and didn't do well in the box office..
    YouTube: Don't worry fam, i'll start recommending your movies for you.

  16. T800: Who is your foster mom’s favorite Joker?
    John: Joaquin Phoenix

    T800: Hey Janelle, that Jared Leto was amazing as the Joker right?
    Janelle: yes he was honey. He’s the best Joker

    T800: (hangs up) Your foster parents are dead

  17. it does look good where she turns into the police character, but the step forward that's involved does make it look odd

  18. all of this should have been in the movie, the way he is touching everything and feeling for clues and is great acting

  19. So what happens if the t1000 actually killed john. What than? Does he go back to the future? Does he find a job and move on lol does he decide to name himself Carl?

  20. Earlier in the movie, the T-1000 glances at a mannequin made of silver material…foreshadowing how it appears when transitioning from one form to another.

    Here, it moves behind the magnifying glass in John's room, foreshadowing how it's head is blown apart by Sarah's gun in the steelworks finale…

    Cameron is a legendary filmmaker!

  21. Holy shit, Robert Patrick absolutely nailed that scene searching the room. Everything he did was so inhuman. Vacant stare, odd movements, the strange positioning of his hands, really creepy.

  22. 28 years later and the T-1000 is still more terrifying than most movie villains today. Best Terminator villain!!!!! Hands down!!!!!!

  23. "Hey Jenelle, Jeffrey Epstein killed himself, right?"
    "Yes he did honey. Yes he killed himself…Where are you?"
    phone hangs up

  24. 2:32
    It can't become a bomb because it is complex.
    But a human with a digestive track, blood flow, neural network, bones, muscle, and all with a transforming arm knife? Easy.


  25. Obviamente se da cuenta que cometió un error con el nombre del perro, y su intención es verificar esto, por eso abre la jaula. Sin embargo me encanta la sensación que lo mata con bronca… y pareciera sentir cólera al corroborar que efectivamente fue engañado.

  26. I need a T1000 since it knows how to cook and do chores even get it to do my grocery shopping just no drinking milk out of the carton

  27. 0:24 The T-1000 may be the only terminator in existence that is prrepared to COOK,that makes them valuable chefs for the resistance

  28. I find it interesting that John has a Baton Rouge (hair band) poster on his bedroom wall, they're a very obscure hair band that very few people seem to know about.

  29. They should have left the second half of the scene in, where the T-1000 investigates John's room. John having his mother's messages and photo's meant he still cared about her. Although we do see it in the film, somewhat with her photo being in his book bag, John plays it off like he doesn't care about her. Him coming to the conclusion that Sara was telling the truth after meeting the T-800 made him "not hate her" anymore. Watching this scene and then watching John tell the T-800 the story of how John was separated from his mother really adds emotion to John's words.

  30. what a Weird ass searching Scene , no wonder why was cut out the whole product , is just very humane weird ass searching , i don't buy it…

  31. Useless kills the foster parents father and the chubby cop and they have no need to I thought terminators killed things that could be a threat to the mission not just useless people who won’t be

  32. The T-1000 looks like the type of bloke that would own a sports store, love gambling and rack up 1000's of dollars debt to a mob organization.

  33. 1:55 And she stares RIGHT unto her morphing arm, impressive! Know how many films failed when the actor doesn't look at the morph correctly. Its always either too high or too low thing going on there..

  34. I'm glad that they didn't include the part were the dog died in the theatrical release.
    I don't mind random people getting murdered in movies as long as the dogs are safe.

  35. I'm wondering what the T1000 would do during a xenomorph invasion. Would he help the humans just so that they can finish building skynet? Or would he realized that humanity is doomed and change into a xenomorph so that he can try to blend in?

  36. The T1000 has no idea what kind of relationship John has with his foster mom and should have let the foster father answer

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