What's the best food to feed my French bulldog

fruit and vegetables and your Frenchie fruits and vegetables contain a variety of nutrients that provide numerous health benefits for dogs French bulldogs are prone to certain health issues that may be avoided with proper nutrition fresh fruit and vegetables are best for your Frenchie but canned or frozen varieties are okay if the label doesn't list salt or sodium as an ingredient as a precaution always introduce any new food in moderation to see how your Frenchie reacts to it never give your French Bulldog any type of seed or pit avoid these potentially toxic fruits and vegetables onions garlic chives grapes raisins prunes and some types of mushrooms also lemons limes and oranges may cause and upsets them up French's are known for having eye problems there are a number of diseases that could affect a dog's eyesight including progressive retinal atrophy cataracts and glaucoma carrots are a rich source of vitamin A and unknown to promote eye health they are also high in vitamins B C D E and K and B Tecate potassium calcium and iron spinach is another great source of vitamin A this leafy green vegetable also contains other important iron nutrients including lutein Frenchy's tend to have respiratory issues so obesity may cause serious breathing difficulties replacing some treats with fruits and vegetables will help to keep your Frenchie trim slices of raw carrots as well as green beans and snap peas make excellent treats these vegetables can also be added to meals for extra health benefits if your Frenchie is overweight and an easy way to reduce portion size is to replace up to 1/3 of a meal with a vegetable such as a green bean it will fill its belly but with a lot less calories bacteria infections in the mouth are problems that affect ventures in addition to brushing treats that are generally abrasive and promote chewing can help remove plaque and tartar give your french bulldog a crunchy snack such as a raw carrot broccoli stalks cauliflower and rutabaga sohow promotes healthy team's teeth and gums strawberries are said to contain an enzyme that helps whiten teeth but since they are high in sugar feed sparingly try putting one in the freezer for a nice frozen treat vegetables are an excellent source of soluble fiber and antioxidants most leafy green vegetables help promote intestinal health such as fruits apples pears also provide digestive benefits thanks for watching you

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  1. My 4 yr old frenchie loves broccoli, carrot, squash, and snap peas. I usually steam the veg and cool it down before giving them to her. Don’t overlook….just lightly steam.

  2. Mine frenchie doesn't like any vegetables, fruits only cherries. Well I still trying, but the Vet said if He eats canned meat for dogs there are all he needs.

  3. Best type of veggies to give a dog are fermented one. But dogs don’t actually need them
    Garlic can be used safely as a natural flea repellant.

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