What's Inside Our Emergency Pet Bag?

hey everybody welcome to another episode of 60 formula hope you're doing well to day we're sitting here with Britney Spears right now and he's playing with his brand-new red ball that he's already torn to a bajillion trillion shreds but at the same time Britney Spears is looking stylish and handsome in his bandana he's like whoo I'm sporting that bandana today bro schema low ski you get ball Omega Deb ball oh I got two Paul who's a good boy and watch the ball oh I guess you're good boy there you go you can have it he's like I got the ball I got the ball how are you guys doing today hope you're having a happy Tuesday to date is the most overlooked day of the week and we love to celebrate it with style don't we Britney Spears guess my good good bowie dang that's a stylish looking booty but yeah don't drop that ball bro if you drop that ball you know your sister's gonna get it she's gonna steal it from you and it's all gonna be over four-leaf clover so welcome to today's episode what are we talking about today you're probably like yo 60 give us the scoop what's the news on today's episode so today we're gonna be talking about one of the most requested videos on the channel people have been asking for this episode for so long viewers have been like yo what's the deal Ally McBeal where is this episode so today we are proud to announce that we're gonna be discussing all the different items all the things you should gather to prepare for an emergency pack for your siberian husky or your dog so if you guys go somewhere if you go on hikes if you go on vacation often or you just want to have a safety measure in place an emergency package for your pup aroni pizza this is the episode for you not only are we gonna be going through our emergency package for our pups but we're gonna be telling you what you should be putting in yours in case you want to build one yourself look at that bow it's wrapped for the take in who's gonna get it dude ha ha ha Britney Spears was the victor you fast buddy you fast you should be in the NBA you're like dodge right dodge nut dodge right dodge left I can get that stuff look at their focus on the ball it is so intense Britney Spears has an intensity that is unseen by most dago's like I don't really care I'm kind of just chillin over here bromance key but Britney Spears is like wow you're so quick alright enough of the tomfoolery let's get into showing everybody what's in our medical supply bag for our dog owes ru it was like I'm not having this I want the ball so come with us will you on another episode of 60 formula where we find out what kind of medical supplies we pack up for our pepperoni pizzas are you guys ready are you ready miss alright so here are our emergency supplies first and foremost we want to point out that we have an entire professional rechargeable clipper set sitting right here and we talked about that all day the other day if you want to see more about those Clippers you can check out the video we literally posted the video just two days ago so if you want to see what comes inside of this thing you can see it in an entirely separate video in case you're wondering why we have those Clippers over there it's because sometimes when your dog gets injured you need to sterilize the location by shaving a little bit of the hair off putting a bandage on your dog oh and that's the best way for them to heal if you can't get to a vet in time so with that said here's our bags sitting right here next to miss Gila and we're going to go ahead and open it up and show you everything that's inside now if you're wondering where Britney Spears is right now he's sitting literally right next to me being a handsome boy so numero uno it doesn't really matter where you get your bag from for example this is an auto supply bag that we just took all the auto stuff out of and refilled it with stuff that's really good for husker roni pizzas so it really doesn't matter what type of bag you use it doesn't need to be a pet bag or anything like that just make sure it can hold all the good stuff that you're willing and ready to put in an emergency bag for your dog Oh make you a booty girl right you can pour yours all right let's get things started let's go ahead and unzip this bad boy whoo hello what's inside oh I don't to spoil it for everybody there's so much stuff in there too let's get to looking baby all right first things first we have a professional oral care kit now I don't go cleaning my Huskies teeth every single day or even in emergencies for that matter but what these do is they pick and prod at certain things there's also a mirror in there so these are really good for tools in case your dog is injured or there's something your dog's teeth maybe there's something caught in your dog's paw like a splinter these are great tools to be able to use to help your dog out in those emergency situations the mirror is especially useful the second thing we carry in our emergency bag is a water bottle but this isn't just any normal water bottle this doesn't just hold water for your dog in the center there it has a look at Hilo she's liked it I want to see everything in this bag baby it has a carbon filter inside so if you're hiking or I don't know maybe you're somewhere where you can't get the fresh water you can put spring water in here and maybe there's a body of water nearby and this is going to filtrate that water pretty well so you can make sure that your dog isn't getting any bad pathogens or anything like that when they're drinking the water this is why we carry this around just in case we have an emergency and we're out of water and we need to scoop some from a weird location what else is inside that bag let's dig deeper in there oh yes Oh wah bah we definitely like to keep toys inside of this medical bag we have Britney Spears who's like can I have it's a good idea to keep things like toys and treats inside of a medical emergency bag so that you can keep your dog entertained and distracted in case you need to give them a medical procedure or tend to a wound typically dogs are more distracted when you present them with a toy or a treat if a dog isn't distracted while you're trying to help them out okay I guess that's yours it's likely they'll start to scream or cry so it's good to have toys and treats in case of a medical emergency all right let's see what's next alright these are callers now you probably like shooting your dog be wearing a collar all the time why would you keep collars inside of an emergency pet bag well you never know if your collar is going to break on your dog oh so it's always a good idea to keep these with you at all times also you never know if you're gonna run into a stray dog what if you see a husky on the side of the road that isn't your husky that doesn't seem like they have any parents around and they're lost it's a good idea to have a collar nearby so that you can put a collar on that dog and make sure that they don't get away let's dig around let's dig around ooh these are SuperDuper cool what this is is a little dongle and what it holds inside is poopy bags and we have a whole bunch of poopy bags in here let me see if I can find them all here we go now if you're not familiar with these these are Ranger Rob's poopy bags and these are the best poopy bags in the entire world why you may ask well they have handles up at the top they smell amazing and they're really big there's nothing worse than having a tiny little poopy bag and trying to pick up a big old turd they make this entire bag smell like lemons so every time I open this thing up I'm like ooh this smells like tropical smoothie in here so just to recap so far we got some poopy bags just to take on the go we got some callers just in case our pets collar breaks or we find a stray dog we got some tools to help our dog in case they get something lodged in their mouth or in their skin we also have a water bottle that helps filtrate bad stuff and a toy to distract our pup aroni pizzas what do you think about that Britney Spears you think it's good stuff you think it's good stuff buddy that's a face of approval all right let's keep digging around see what else is inside ooh look at this this is a leash and we definitely recommend you guys getting a few of these leashes are super important to have in emergency situations because you never know when your dog is gonna need to go number one and number two and you may have misplaced their original leash this also helps if you find a stray dog as well it's always just good to have an additional leash and an additional collar on you you never know when you're gonna need them now we should have probably bundled this one into the leashes but we like to keep this in here because it is super super useful what this is is a night dog led collar cover and you're able to put this over your collars and this will light up just in case you are lost or you're out in the dark woods and you need to figure out where your pepperoni pizza is this thing will let you know all you do is you click it on and you see it lights up just like that so you're able to see your dog in the darkest of climates it even flashes a little bit so in case you want to have a strobe effect going on you can pick that option too this is one of our most favorite things inside of the emergency pit bag and definitely suggest you guys pick one up alright let's go back here ooh some CBD oil we love to have this stuff lying around just in case one of our dogs gets a little bit nervous or a little bit scared we also have some CBD balm and this stuff goes around the paws it can go on the elbows it can go around the lips this stuff is really good at helping your pups chill out just in case there's a scary situation maybe they feel tense maybe they're scared bust out the CBD oil and let your dog goes have a relaxing time while the trouble ensues all right miss Gila are you ready to get the last few items out of this bag are you were to do it let's do it all right let's see what else is in here Oh what is this canine nose and paw mooster izing butter now you're probably wondering what's the difference between this and CBD balm well this stuff is just gonna help your dog just in case you're out on the road maybe you're on a hike canine nose and paw butter is gonna help you out in case things get dry on your journey this isn't CBD oil so it's not gonna calm your pup o down but it's definitely gonna help when they get some chapped noses and some chapped paws what else is in here ooh some clippers this is good in case you have to give stitches or maybe you need to cut something off it's always good to have tools like this in your arsenal add those with the dental tools and last but not least in our bag we have an entire first-aid kit now this basically sums up a majority of what should be in your emergency bag all of this first-aid stuff is very very vital let's go ahead and unzip this and I'm gonna show you exactly what's inside so mostly this is traditionally for people but you can use it for pets as well you got a whole bunch of bandages and tape so that you can adequately tend to a wound or a gash or anything like that maybe your puppy gets bit maybe your puppy falls over this is the kind of stuff you're gonna want to look for we got some alcohol wipes things to make things sterile whenever your pup gets hurt these are the best items to get when it comes to putting together an emergency pack don't skimp out on all the medical supplies this is the stuff that you barely ever use but the stuff that's most important so do yourself a favor go to Walmart go to Bass Pro get yourself an all-in-one medical kit it should come with everything you need I'll be at the tools like scissors and tweezers so this about does it you have all your injury supplies you have some CBD oil some emergency poopy bags collars and leashes some essential tools paw butter and a whole bunch of other accessories to help you along the way these are the necessities when it comes to building an emergency pack for your husky or your dog oh now I'm sure there's a whole bunch of things we missed that we don't have inside of our bag like treats and stuff so we'd love to hear what you keep inside of your emergency pack go ahead and write it in the comments below let us know what we missed tell us what you put inside of your emergency pack we would love to know that's gonna be it from us today we had a crazy blast hanging out with you guys and teaching you every single little thing that we put inside of our emergency pack Britney Spears is like oh I had a good time on today's episode if you guys had fun don't forget to subscribe hit that like button and smash that Bell so you don't miss any amazing husky or pepperoni pizza tips that you can use for your doggy at home we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for hanging out with us every single day and we're gonna get out of your hair but we'll see you next time with another episode of guess what yep you guessed it whatever we make we get a high-five girl yeah peace but a bit up a little bit a little bit a bit a bit up [Applause]

37 thoughts on “What's Inside Our Emergency Pet Bag?

  1. Great ideas, we mostly have just the basics, food and water. And it’s probably their old kibble. It’s time to update our emergency kits. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Great video ❤. I have two first aid kits, one in house and the other in the car. Both contain items for dogs and cats, and have about a weeks worth of Vader's medication, that is routinely checked and rotated. Same with the treats. Each year I find new stuff to add to the kits, mainly based on mine or other's experiences. GTTSD and now you, have had a lot of influence one the new additions. The dental kit is a wonderful idea and I can certainly see where it would come in handy.

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  4. Nice important video, Sixty! Also, for some reason, I love what you do with your voice at 8:44 lol. It's like your "fun doggo voice" xD

  5. My wife and I purchased the adventure medical kit off of Amazon, the trauma one specifically. Then we purchased two different regular medical kits, and some liquid skin and some blood stop powder and the blood stop Q tips. Followed that up with an emergency first aid kit pack that comes empty and allows us to put it on the back of my wheelchair. Since they are service dogs they go everywhere with us. Haven't had to use anything in the pack yet but I'm more confident going out now that we live in a much larger city than before. Even though we are going extra careful with them being out in harm's way with random people it's nice to have an entire kit that works for them and us should the need arises.

  6. Im getting a dogo huskey for my b-day this year in june. I hope that it works out with my dogoroni pizza.

  7. I should make one ya I'm making one so my dogos won't get hurt.Oh ya I forgot to you sixty I have 5 mixed chihuahuas and 1 German Shepherd

  8. my husky stepped on broken glass in the forrest so cant stress this enough GET A DOGGO MEDIC BAG!!! keep up the good work sixty we love ur vids 😀

  9. Hey hila and Brittany Spears love the bandana The medical bag had a lot of great things nice
    ?? Donna Rose ?

  10. THEY ARE SO SO SO SO SO CUTE AND SMART!! I WISH I HAVE A DOG LIKE THAT!! 1 question: why do some hasky talk like a person??

  11. Hey @sixtyformula

    Here's another (local for me in Utah)
    Situation where a 8.5 month old Husky needs help! Hit by a car :(. There is already a go fund me! Can you work your magic and share it? Thanks ❤

  12. OMG britney spears is so cute and I love your channel keep up the great videos and I am also getting a husky puppy in about 2 weeks and I just cant wait

  13. I think people under estimate how important an emergency bag or a pet first aid kit really is! We take our pet first aid kit every where with us.

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