What’s In My Service Dog Bag? [CC]

Hey there, welcome back! Today I am bringing you a what is in my service
dog bag kind of, well, I mean it’s not a haul, ’cause I already have all this stuff, and
I’ve bought it like kind of throughout just having Pepper who is currently sniffing my
back. I guess my back is very interesting. Um, but it’s more of a “what do I use on a
daily basis, what do I bring around with me” just in case any of you might be interested
or looking for some information for your own self. Alright, first things first this is the bag
that I use as my service dog bag. It is a Kavu-style backpack. It has one strap, clips together right there,
with just a regular buckle, it’s adjustable down at the bottom in case you need it bigger
or smaller, and then it sits like this across my back sideways, or, yeah that’s usually
the way I wear it. As you can tell, there is one patch – let
me, uh, get you focused correctly, there you go – it says “Service dog, if handler is down,
do not separate us, do not call 911 unless injured, and give us space”. I was originally gonna put it on this little
fluff’s vest, um, but I kinda liked the idea of it being attached to me instead of just
her. So in case I go down, and she’s going off
to get help – uh, we haven’t taught that task yet, but – in case she goes off to get help,
then she, er, it won’t be attached to her and people will know what to do with me. Alright, in our first pocket up here , I actually
only have a squeaky tennis ball. Oh, you like that? Oh, there you go, you can have it. You can play with it. Uh, that is for just – I mean , it’s just
a toy, whenever I wanna use it. I usually don’t use it if I am going different
places that need to be quiet like the movie theater or like church or anything like that,
um, it’s more of if we’re at the dog park and she wants to go chase something. I’m eventually gonna get a patch here, it’s
gonna be like an emergency info patch because right now I don’t have all my documents in
here, but it will eventually have all the documents. Right now I just have like doctor’s note,
vet records, uh the pink paper is her training paper from Petco. I was kind of not sure about Petco to start
with but the trainer that we ended up getting is super good and has trained multiple service
dogs, so we definitely lucked out there. Um, yeah, what else is in here? Oh yeah. I have extra poop bags ’cause you can never
have too many poop bags in – ah, ah, ah, do not eat out of my treat pouch. That’s not okay. Alright, you can never have too many poop
bags honestly, uh, and you never know when you’re gonna need some. I have some on my little pouch right there,
if you can see. Ignore the dog playing with the ball, (laughs). Um, but I have those there for refills just
in case. So in this smaller of the two pouches, I currently
have – these are coupons for grooming at Petco. I’m actually gonna think about having her
get a bath there next time we go, next week for training, ’cause we’ve given her a bath
but she’s never been, had a professional one, so we kinda wanted to check it out. Oh, this is on. Why is this on? Alright, so as you can see this is a little
light-up feature, um, I have this for if we are outside in the dark and that is also what
I have this, uh, this collar for. I got this little tag light-up thing from
Petsmart and then the light-up collar actually I got from Wish. It took forever to get here, but it was free
as one of their things, so it was totally worth it. This is an extra leash that we have in here,
just in case. It actually came in handy when we just went
to Flagstaff recently, ’cause I forgot her long leash, and I wanted to let her play around
in the snow, but obviously, like, the hands-free one that I use, which I will show you in a
minute, ah, wasn’t long enough, so we attached that one to the hands-free one. So this is the big pouch Uh, it’s kinda unorganized
’cause we just came back and I just shoved everything back in there. This is the controller for her e-collar, which
is right here. Got this from Amazon. It does have a shock, vibrate, and beep setting,
but I only use the vibrate because she responds well to that and because I really am not a
fan of the shock, uh, part necessarily. I know there’s a lot of controversy surrounding
it but if you are using it responsibly, it is definitely okay for you to use this kind
of device to help train. Honestly I don’t even use it that often. I use it for – I started using it for teaching
recall, um, and then I also use it more as an insurance policy in case she does any,
uh, growls or if she tries to jump on anything when we’re out in a store. She – I’ve only had to buzz her once for that,
um, but just to, like, calm anxiety about going out and so I don’t think, like, “Oh,
I’m gonna – she’s gonna be jumping on everything and I won’t have a way to stop her if she
gets super excited and, like, everything, so then I just have that so I can remind
her “Hey, that’s not okay to do outside”. Alright, and then in here we also have her
main vest. This is one that I made – I have a shop. It’s only on Instagram right now, @DesertDogGear. Um, so it’s a heart-shape, and then I didn’t
make the front adjustable because I just know how big she is and she has pretty much become
fully grown because she is almost 10 months old now, um, I mean she might get bigger,
might get smaller but I can just adjust it if I need to. it also has one continuous strap all the way
around, as well as a buckle on the end, and then obviously the part that it buckles into. It has one plastic D-ring. I made this vest specifically plastic and
no metal if, well, I mean this is detachable, but. No metal just in case we need to go through
TSA. And then this here I got from Creative Clam
on Etsy, it says “medical alert dog, do not distract” with the star of life. Then I have this patch “service dog, do not
separate dog from handler”. And then on either side I have an “in-training”
patch right there. So that just stays in the bag. This is the hands-free leash that I was talking
about, um, I’ll see if I can find a picture of me wearing it, but basically it has several
different D-rings. This first one on top if for hooking, if I
want to make it a waist, so just about that big if I want to make it a waist leash, and
then right now it’s set on the second D-ring this is for a shoulder leash ’cause that’s
what I use it most for, um, and then I’m honestly not sure why I included this third one. I think I just had an extra D-ring, which,
now that I’m using them more, I think I’m gonna just cut it off and make, just a flat
part right here, because I literally never use this D-ring ever. Then it has a clip at the end for attaching
to the dog, and then as you might have seen it has a clip up here so you can adjust where
you want it. I’ve thought about using an adjustable piece
like this so you can just slide it, kinda similar to how the Ruffwear, um, I think it’s
the Slackline Lead that does that, but I haven’t made a leash with that yet, and then this
leash has a “service dog in training” leash wrap. This came from HappyRover on Etsy, and then
it actually got a little bit of paint on it when we were painting the cabinets in our
new house, um, but it’s fine. It’ll work perfectly. And then usually on the end of the leash I
have her Gentle Leader. This I got because she started out, as a puppy,
pulling a lot when you attached to her harness with a leash. And she’s gotten a lot better. Now she’s at the point where she can kind
of use the harness, kinda use the Gentle Leader. It’s almost similar to the e-collar where
I use it only for insurance purposes mostly. What else do I have in here? I have a water bottle , so that she always
has water to drink. This is just from Fry’s, super exciting. This is a Disney, uh, rope toy to keep her
excited if we go to somewhere quiet. Same thing with the, uh, bone-thing. This is – I think this is DreamBone, I’m really
not sure, but it is fake rawhide ’cause I don’t give her real rawhide since it totally
gets stuck in their stomach and it’s definitely not good. I also have some of those Himalayan Dog Chews. She has one that’s she’s eaten kind of the
to the end, honestly, at home. Got some extra treats for when we go out. This is a y-front harness that I also made. Ah, ah, leave it. No. Ah, ah no. Down. Ah, ah. All the way. Yes, good girl. So this is a y-front harness, as I was starting
to say. Single D-ring on top, because we don’t use
any pull straps or anything. And then this is a patch of velcro. I usually velcro one of her “in training”
patches right there just so if I wanna go more minimalistic I can use this. I also made this. I actually really like how it came out, except
for this, uh, joining part right here. I’m gonna get a triangle ring to replace this,
so in the future if you order, you can either get this or the triangle ring. And then it clips all around her body, and
then the clip slides into the loop right here, and then it clips together. And then this is a collapsible water dish. Sometimes I put it on her vest, like I would
hook it to the middle D-ring right there if she was wearing that harness, but sometimes
I just keep it in the bag. It’s actually pretty deep, good size for her. Look, she thinks there’s water in it. Not right now, baby girl. Um, what else. This is her Ruffwear boots. See if I can open this with one hand. She only wears these if it’s hot or freezing
cold like the snow, um, ’cause in Arizona, which is where we are, they get super, super
hot so it’s not okay for her paws to be outside on that. Um, this is the 1.5 inch feet, um, the actual
pad part fits her pretty well, uh, but this, like, her legs are literally the skinniest
things I’ve ever seen, so, this part when I hook it on to her, it makes her look super,
like, super skinny, just ’cause it’s literally on the, like, smallest setting it can go,
so. And yeah, I think that’s about it. Alright, and that is basically everything
that we have in the service dog bag for her. I’m thinking, honestly, of adding or trying
to consolidate with my actual purse. Uh, I have a backpack because I have to carry
a lot of monitoring equipment like blood pressure, heart rate, that kind of thing, um. But right now she’s not coming with me 24/7
because I just recently got diagnosed and I haven’t gotten her as an accommodation with
my job yet. Um, so once I get that approved and everything
I think I’m gonna start consolidating so I just have to carry one bag, and I don’t have
to carry two bags and like a billion things the whole time, but… Let me know if you use the same gear as I
do, or if you liked anything, use anything different. I’d love to hear from you down in the comments. You know the drill, comment below if you have
any questions and subscribe for more content. Don’t forget to hit that bell for notifications,
catch you on the flip side.

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  1. What kind of dog is she? She’s to small for a husky but that’s what she looks like. She’s beautiful and this video was helpfully with figuring what to bring for my service dog! Thank you!

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