What You Should Do If Your Cat is Sick

Hey, folks, this week
I’m putting it to you. Everything that you think
I know that you don’t know, you can know. And you can know
more than I know. So you know, go get in the know. Come on, folks. Let’s get catified, you know? This is all about due diligence. What I’d like to talk
to you today about is empowering yourself,
but with knowledge. I want to start this
episode by telling you a story about my cat, Rabbi. He died at seven years old. And he died of diabetes. It tore me up inside for years. I didn’t do my research into
the connection between nutrition and diabetes, and
what cats need to eat. Now if you know me now,
you know that that’s a big soapbox that I stand on. If I would have
known that back then, Rabbi might have lived
twice as long as he did. Now at the time, the
doc knew no better. And then this is,
of course, I’m not saying anything bad about my
vet back then or any vet at all. But he immediately
put him on insulin and put him on a prescription
diabetes diet food. And in very quick succession,
Rabbi went downhill. And that people, should
not have happened. But it did. And one of the reasons it did
was because I just said well, the doctor says this. So it must be. Back then, I was lacking one
big tool that you guys have. And that’s called the internet. If you were told of a
diagnosis and it was your body, if someone said, Jackson,
you have diabetes. What’s the first
thing I’m going to do? I’m probably going to
find out everything that I can about diabetes in
order to make myself better. I mean, maybe there’s
something out there that my doctor
didn’t know about. Maybe by scouring the internet,
going on to support groups, I can find out if someone else
has figured out something that will help right the
ship in my time of need. The same approach needs
to go for your cat. Due diligence is power, people. Another example– I’ll never
forget one of my earliest experiences with due diligence. This is a story of me and
my friend, Benny the cat. And I go on the internet. And again, this was a younger
time in the internet age. But I still found a video
clip of somebody’s cat doing the same thing
that Benny was doing. And I go, oh. It’s asthma. My cat has asthma. Now I have a track to follow. Now I have a word to
put to this awful thing I’m seeing happen to my cat. And that is what led down the
line to me employing things like acupuncture for my cat. It’s because somebody like
you left a note on a forum. It was a website called
Fritz the Brave saying, oh my god, guys. I just tried acupuncture
for my cat’s asthma. And it worked. You gotta try it. I tried it. And it worked. Now did that mean
that I abandoned ship on his medication? Of course not. That would have been insane. But at the same
time, I gave them some relief based on what his
own body could do for him. That led me into all
types of therapies. This is called a
holistic approach. We have this huge
tree with fruit on it. And we can pick
fruit from this tree. It doesn’t matter whether
it’s conventional fruit, or organic fruit, or whether
it’s flower essences, or whether it’s
physical therapy. What I’m saying is,
use the whole tree. And the only way I believe that
you can use that whole tree is by you investing your
time into your cat’s physical and
emotional wellbeing. In the course of
“My Cat From Hell,” I have had the
unbelievable pleasure of working with guardians who
learn things about their cats. We have seen feline
hyperesthesia syndrome, pica, diabetes, cancer, chemical
imbalances, arthritis, kidney disease. We’ve even seen stroke
that was misdiagnosed. And these are things that,
because they’re put out there in the public, they
are now taking the lead in educating others about. And that is how we get
a responsible world of pet guardianship. So let’s be clear what
I’m talking about here. I’m not saying to ignore the
advice of your veterinarian. Remember, it’s a diagnosis. It’s advice. It is not, and they will
be the first to tell you this, the final word. The final word comes from you. You have to take responsibility
for the well being of the animals in
your life, just as you would take responsibility
for your well being, or your children’s well being. I want you to arm yourself
with the knowledge that is available to you. And I’m telling you,
I am learning stuff every single day. And all we have to do is be
willing and available to digest this information. Your homework– whatever’s
going on with your cat, dive on in there. Just go wading in the waters of
the internet to find solutions, to find support, and
to help others out. That’s really important, folks. Second thing is
don’t X anything out. If you’re dealing with a
cat that has any disease, don’t do anything that’s
detrimental to your cat, like take them off
medications in order to give them flower
essences, for instance. But use these things together. It’s the nature of holism. We have so much available to us. All you have to do is dive in. That’s what I got
this time, man. Of course, this is my opinion. I am not a vet. Gotta put that out there. I’m just a guy who has
spent a lot of years reading about cats, watching
cats, hanging out with cats, loving on cats. All right, folks. You find me on all
types of social media, whether it’s Twitter, or
Facebook, or Instagram, or YouTube. Oh, my. And you can tell
me all the things that you have found
about your cats that have saved their lives. Please hashtag teamcatmojo. This is important stuff, folks. Your due diligence could
save a lot of lives. Please do it. Until next time, all light,
all love, all mojo to you. Muah. I love you. [SINGING] You’re a bad cat. I’m not a bad cat. You’re a bad cat. I’m not a bad cat. You’re a bad cat. I’m just misunderstood. Meow.

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  1. My cat Machine has a cold, but there's no real point in taking her to the vet. Her symptoms are minimal and she's still eating and drinking well, and going to the vet would just stress her out more and potentially infect other cats. I'm just gonna closely monitor her. It's still a bit sad to see her sneezing a lot and hearing her breathing loudly through her nose, though 🙁

  2. I agree!!! YOU are the #1 person to know what is going on with your cat so at any sign of a problem you should be online absorbing as much relevant information as possible. Multiple vets had no idea about my cats' health problems… and they really should have. It was simple once I looked closer, but vets just aren't trained to tell people certain facts, especially regarding commercial cat food! I had to research hours about what felines really need and a raw diet has made their problems a thing of the past. The first place you look should be GOOGLE.

  3. My 11 year old female shorthair Tuxedo (indoor cat) has been vomitting lately and at first I thought she was trying to bring up a hair ball which she really doesn't do a whole lot. And today she stopped covering up her poop in the litter box which was runny and a bit clear and started rubbing her bum on the floor. She doesn't seem to be interested in eating and now drinking as I tried to give her some water and didn't seem interested. Any idea what could be wrong?

  4. I have 4 kittens, and 2 of them have been throwing up a lot lately . I have this fiberglass – decoration thing and they tore it up and I'm so scared that they ate some and it got stuck in their throats . If that's true , they would have nothing to do but die.

  5. My cat is 4 months and his color begging yellow tomorrow we will go for doctor for animal i hope its good but his own body is hot we call for hospital said must pondol like baby's lol i said to my mom will be died pray for it


  7. My 4 month kitten is on a raw diet however after weeks she is not keeping her food down and has lose bowls. Could anyone tell me why?

  8. Never hesitate to ask your vet if your cat is acting weird.
    My Rabi slept a lot two years ago, but first I shrugged it of as "probably just because of the cold weather". But then she also got really … light, somehow. I don't know how to descibe it. She didn't acutally lose much weight, but everytime I pet her or lifted her up it felt really wrong. Two days later she woke up with a badly swollen eye. She had eye problems before in winter, but never that bad. And when she suddenly snuck up in my work room a few hours later and just laid down beside me I knew something was very much wrong with her. She didn't visit me there in months.
    We took her to our vet immediately after that. Turned out she had a bad tooth and the infection had spread to her right eye. I was so worried about her that I spent my whole winter holidays in the same room with her. She was so weak the first days that I was afraid she could die if I left her alone for only two minutes.

    Luckily she made a full recovery over the following weeks. The vet called it a miracle that she didn't lose her eye … or worse. It still gnaws at my conscience that I didn't help her sooner, I could've spared her of so much trouble.

  9. I need advise, let my little cat have some of my tuna, that I'd just begun using with mayo w/olive oil instead of soy. Now he's not eating, 2 days, just sleeping his pupils dialated. I finally got him to eat some sour cream and later he drank some water. But he's back to hiding and sleeping if I don't hold him, which he sleeps on my lap anyway. What can I do as an antidote or not. please advise if you have experience with this. I just read that olive oil isn't as advertised sometimes and mixed w/other stuff even bad for humans. I'm heartsick. Please help. He is a small kitty and only 8 yrs old, always inside, so not a disease, this was the food it has to be he was fine the day before he ate this stuff. He always had some of my tuna before but it was just regular stuff so it's the olive. oh my god he ate some of toast too, the butter also had olive oil (supposedly) in it. That has to be it, please any experience like this, be careful. But I can't get to a vet, in my situation, advise on how to help him through this if possible.

  10. I'm so sorry that your cat passed away too soon. I was very lucky with my cats diabetes. She actually improved almost instantly after I started her on insulin shots, and after a couple weeks her diabetes went into remission. Cats are such amazing creatures.

  11. ive take my cat to the vet then the doc said that my cat is healthy but the prob is she dont want to eat. we tried diff food n now she try to eat but just in a small potion. im so worried that she always sleep n looks so weak. but i relieve somehow bcoz she eat something not like this few days that she refuse to eat.

  12. I'm glad I found this vid.. thanks again for many times.. you have been my inspiration.. dealing with liver, kidney and immune problems are my battle with Gray Constantinople .. and we're not giving up .. luckily.. we have a great vets team and awesome friends who support us.. it's not gonna be easy.. but it's worth.. for a better life of Gray Constantinople ..

  13. my cat body was heating and it was eating less and cat not playing with any thing what i will do for it? plse it urgent

  14. I found a young kitten in my vent the other day and it's eating well but it'a eyes are goopy and it has a fishy smell . Do you know what that could be? I have not been able to find anything about this online so far.

  15. It brakes my heart to write this, but you are not a doctor. Real doctors are trained for years. Alternative medicine, including acupuncture and homeopathy is not medicine. There are plenty "natural stuff" that we use in mainstream medicine, when there are sufficient evidence that it helps, and when we take to the account risk vs. benefits. Simple example is heroin , it is natural, it is used as a pain killer, but only if pain is severe enough. You are a great person and superb cat behaviorist. You have helped to save countless of lives, but giving such advises you are cutting some of them shortly.

  16. RIP Rabi thank you for teaching Jackson this crucial lesson, so he could teach us. You will forever live on through the love you gave Jackson and the internet.

  17. My cat was limping on one leg and I was worried, however, my dad said he probably just hurt his foot on something and would be fine. I kept getting worried and my dad kept telling me it was fine until finally, i went on the bus with him to a vet. I was only 15 so I couldn't drive him. I took him to the vet and the doctor found a badly infected bite hidden under his fur that if left untreated for much longer would have necrotized and needed amputation. You can never be too safe! Don't just say it's nothing because they're an animal.

  18. Our first cat died of Kidney disease. Granted, their couldn't be much done considering she was 16/barely 17, but I wish my parents had done more. When she had a stroke because of it, she died 2 days later. The worst part of it was, besides the suffering, was she was still 100% there in her mind. So she didn't know what was happening, or why she wasn't getting better. It was awful.

  19. I love this so much! I totally agree.
    Without researching common cat issues, I would have never of known what signs to look for when a cat is sick. I would have never known how common urinary crystals are in cats and might not have noticed the change in my cats urinating habits early enough to stop the issue from progressing and becoming deadly. Luckily I caught it immediately and changed his diet. Full 360 for him and he's all good now.
    Also, just recently I was told that my cat was probably having troubles keeping on weight due to her recently surgery. I felt like this wasn't the reason as I noticed the issue before the surgery. So what'd I do? I decided to get a urine test done even though it wasn't recommended by the vet. Turns out she has an off balance pH, urine crystals, and a urinary tract infection. Whether this caused the weight loss, I don't know yet. I'm thinking I should get her blood tested as well to rule out any other issues, even though this was not suggested either. The only reasons why I thought to get these other tests done are because I looked up her symptoms online and read about common issues that can cause weight loss in cats.
    THANK YOU, internet!

  20. my 13 year old baby, Shadie had to be put down on July 5th, 2017. it was a shock. a week before hand she was totally healthy.
    Shadie not only had a rare, aggressive form of cancer, but the tumour had ruptured leaving a hole in her lung.

    She was my baby. My childhood pet. this has devastated me. jackson, how do we cope with the loss of our babies? thank you.

  21. Our vet told me my cat only had a few weeks if that to live…that was two years ago. I got the thyroid and liver meds as well as the special food and some antibiotics for my cat and was diligent about researching and caring for her. She's still with us, but is I'm told in renal failure now with a bloated belly due to the toxins her organs can't deal with and swollen back paws. I couldn't afford her meds or special food anymore so she's been off them for the past few months until a few days ago when I was able to get Care Credit. She is perking up a bit with the meds I have, but still waiting on her special food and another med to arrive. While I don't want her to suffer or be in pain, I also feel we have a mind set in this culture that says it is more humane to put them to sleep…I'm not sure I believe that anymore. Had I let her go two years ago, I wouldn't have known there was anything I could have done to address her issues. I'm wondering now why is it ok in our culture to euthanize animals, but we don't do that with humans. How is this ok, right, moral even? I don't know the answers…these are just thoughts I now have after dealing with my first elderly cat and illnesses. It's exhausting keeping them alive and dealing with their condition not to mention financially draining for most of us, but they are worth every single penny and bit of energy we can muster in my opinion.

  22. My cat bay was born in my house, I got him seen by a doctor and had him fixed before his first heat session! when he was a kitten, I always showered him with love and attention, he didn't like it so much, now he wasn't attacking anyone, he was just "oh God, go away!" so I backed off gave him attention when he wanted it, now I would pet him a little then leave him alone, and he give me this look, like "Hey! I didn't say stop!" now he can't get enough of me, follows me in every room, acts like my bodyguard, if I'm moving he's moving, he cries now when I leave! won't stop until I come back! I try to pre occupy him with this blue ball he likes to play with, but he see me walking to the door, all hell breaks loose, he starts crying for me!

  23. I'm younger, and I'm learning about cats because I want one, one to love and acompony me ( I draw so it gets a little lonely) the only problem is the money, the money of getting a cat and careing for one ( especially if it gets sick) I'd love to have a new friend…. and even my parents told me I'm responsible I can take care of anything… but our family's income is very low…help?

  24. Can anyone help me ? My one year old cat has been sick every hour so I got worried and my parent took him to the vets and they said he's got cat flu and gave him some jab that's helped a lot , but he still feels cold and still won't eat or drink .. so could anyone give me any tips on how to warm him up , I have tried a hot water bottle under a his blanket at the moment his a sleep wrapped in a blanket

  25. ??? I have cured myself and my cats with the internet and my own instincts . So my cat family of 4 ages 8 to 13 will do well. They are members of Banfield. And cheewys there are literally a thousand ways to cure illnesses of. Yourselves and your animals just dive in??????

  26. HELP!!! My three month old kittt has been suffering from cat flu again! I took him to the vet and the vet told me that he has weak immune system or he is stress that's why his cat flu came back. I really want him to get better sooner ? Is it okay to give him warm food during this time, can I microwave wet food? I've search it online some people say yes while some say no !! I really want to help him through his diet and make his immune system stronger. Please anyone feel free to give advice on this matter! Thank you

  27. I have a sick kitten outside. It's winter. She's not allowed inside. She's only about a month old. She stinks like death. I sit with her every night and keep her warm, and put her in a cat house with a blanket. She barely moves, but is so cuddly and never wants me to set her down. She'll meow until I pick her up, but she won't attempt to move toward me. My parents say she's sick and can't come inside. They won't let me take her to the vet because she's not ours, but I take care of her. She has so many fleas, and I try to pick them every day, but they multiply like hell. She's too tiny for medicine.

  28. I need help
    My cat Garfield has no energy and isn’t eating but he’s drinking water
    He throw up water yesterday
    I don’t know what to do
    I can’t afford to take him to the vet
    And I don’t want to wait till Sunday to get the affordable van that helps cats
    I need help

  29. my cats stomach is getting bigger like he is pregnant !! i know he is sick, doest eat anything… he is weak, what to do

  30. Someone please help me, I can’t afford to take my cat to a vet, and also all the vets in my country are far away from where I live, my cat has blood inside his mouth, he also has some black stuff around his mouth, he always has his tongue out, he smells bad and always tired and sleeping, I don’t know what’s wrong with him, he has been like that for almost 3 weeks now, please tell me what to do, I don’t wanna lose him.

  31. I'm glad I came across this video. I was floored when you said you found out your cat has asthma from looking up symptoms on the internet – that's exactly what I did this morning after the third coughing/wheezing attack my cat has had in the past three or four days (that I've witnessed at least). She has an appointment this afternoon to make sure that's what it is! I'm glad I have a heads up though!

  32. My cat has been sick for two days from throwing up and my parents say they will die and that was my favorite cat from all the cats in my house i I was teared and they said they we have to let him go but I I still don’t accept it!:(

  33. My new kitten made my other cat sick with URI. What should I do with the kitten? My sick cat is in quarantine in my bedroom. I don't know what to do with this kitten???

  34. My cat is very sick. he can't eat, he is throwing up everything. he does not move, he only sleeps. Sometimes he drink some water. The vet is very bad in my country. They just say that is nothing to do, no hope for him.I give to him antibiotics and vitamins in injections. What can I do more for him? Help me please.

  35. Just stumbled on this channel and I like the content, so I subbed. However, I do have some reservations to what he said about vets, even though he was talking of his cat. Vets do know better than you and everyone else who isn't a vet, including myself. We don't know what goes on with our cats, so I disagree to what you said in this vid at 1:34.
    There are many diseases that share the same symptoms (panleukopenia, intestinal parasites, corona and FIP, retroviruses, and many other devastating diseases share the same initial symptoms). So watching someone else cat and decide that it is the same illness our cats have would be extremely cruel and inhumane cuz we would be toying with the lives of these poor animals.

    I have a cat that died on me a week ago with severe labored breathing that progressed into respiratory failure cuz vets couldn't diagnose him. This was a devastating blow and everything still reminds me of him. But. this is in no way the vet's fault and we, as pet lovers, SHOULD NOT say "that should never have happened". If these cats are meant to live, they will live with or without intervention. Had another cat that was exposed to panleukopenia from an infected cat outside, and then came home and infected another one. Both were under aggressive treatments (the same one), yet one survived and the other dies. This is just proof enough that if a cat is meant to die, it will die no matter what measures we take.

    I feel your pain, as I am missing my cat like crazy, but we should not blame others and give poor advice to people to get their diagnosis from the internet. If you know what your pet has from a vet, then you can search for methods that had a high success rate , and even then we should consult a vet (locally or online) to see if it can help as cats have different sensitivities, what might work for others, might not work for you, except for natural treatments that do not have side effects. Anyways, looking forward to watching the rest of your videos, and sorry for taking up so much space.

  36. I noticed my kitten doesn’t eat milk so I tried offering it a small chunk of food so it ate it hen I kept trying to give milk again because it was still so young but it didn’t but luckily since science is my favorite I found out that it has peptic ulcer oh god I’m going to feed it most of the time now

  37. Very true plenty knowledge on internet better than doctors or vet ☝️ thing get blood work teeth cleaned but always go on website pin interest you must go to vet appointments they are necessary that’s what I do take a picture of my cats skin than I give myself a goal to cure I ask questions to anybody reasonable I nerves give up, on my cat family because they nerver, give up on me!

  38. I honestly dont know what to do. It seems like my cat has a cold or flu. She coughs, sneezes, and wheezes. They immediately said she has Cat Leukemia, which I still doubt or hope she doesnt. She could be possibly gotten it from another cat at a previous vet id taken her to before. They want to do expensive procedures and its really devastating I dont knoe how much I can do for her money wise

  39. I have learned so much from you ! My cat Sadie is going on 15 years old and she is in excellent health I feed her the very best grain free cat food that I can afford and take her to the vet at first sight of illness in January she had a slight eye infection show up during her stay at a boarding for cats but it was cleared up within a few days with eye drops from the vet

  40. My uncle accidentally stepped on our kitten and she vomited some blood.. she's so sick right now,doesnt want to eat and can't properly walk. I think something's wrong with her neck because she can't open her mouth either. I dont know what to do. I dont have money to go to vets. Please help

  41. The vet just told me my cat might have Chrons disease or some other auto immune disease and all these years i ignored her overeating because other vets told me is was just part of her being a teenager or that she was just a little more food obsessed than other cats but it wasn't just like a little overeating she tried to eat everything in sight like out of the frying pan/off of our plates/would jump in the fridge if anyone opened it. Now if she has Chrons they want to put her on a prescription diet and i tried looking up Chrons but it just says do what the vet says /:

  42. Great advice we can all turn to the internet humans and animals Dr. Andrew Jones for cats dogs and all vets on google You tube, for humans Wheatbelly blog.com loose grains potatoes oatmeal potatoes for cats too. Advice get your cat on Dave’s foods Chewys has it it’s not expensive it helps with inflammation skin conditioners and Tummy works probiotics and prebiotic it’s not expensive can pumpkin or pumpkin powdered good too, nongrain both cat and dog not your foods can better advice worth it, if you need help get support groups but off grains dry no good it’s pulverized they used it during war times to store it like humans animals can’t won’t ingestion of grains be proactive and you will avoiding be
    Big vet bills Join Banfield it’s preventative program teeth cleaning blood work saved server

  43. I just got my cat yesterday it's acting weird list sleeping all day instead of it'd usual playing and jumping
    He's talking to me less
    He's throwing up and pooping more
    And he will not Drink its milk

  44. Hello from Malaysia.
    Im new to the cat world.
    Ive just adopted a flatface cat 2 weeks ago. She had flu when adopted n her meds finished. What should I do next?

  45. I need help my cat so sick he hasn’t wake up but he is breathing but he can’t even walk and he hasn’t eat and I have to give him water with something plz help ????

  46. I am so blessed to have a clinic dedicated to just cats. Every one of their techs and vets (there are 4 vets) are passionate cat advocates. They have been awesome in helping me give my fur-babies a good life.

  47. I have three male cats and one cat is very sick his name was Nibble he was orgen and white. The problem is he pee on the floor or the further, walk little weak, lost weight i give him the soft food can like my grandma did. I need please

  48. My little baby cat named silver is really sick he won't eat and it's hard for him to breath and he is in a box on my chest?????????????????????????????????????????????????☹And I have hand foot mouth dessies??????so I couldn't see my dad who moved away when I was 3

  49. My 5year old cat was diagnosed with fungus and the vet gave him medicated shampoo so we had to leave him with the grooming. We feed him medicine 2 pills ordered by the vet, after that we took him home he started to act strange and vomited 5 times in a row over the next day. He completely stopped eating, drinking, hasn't talk, and hardly moved around. He mostly sleeps and vomits since 4 days. We've been to the vet daily and changed vet hospitals to get a second opinion on his case. We are waiting on his blood test result and seeking immediate help by someone who's cat has similar experience. My cat also has asthma and has been on a diet food recommended by a vet. Thank you.

  50. ok i have a question my 5 month old kitten is very sick like cold symptpms sick yes i took her to the vet they said ni antibiotics let her ride it out 2 weeks at the most ok its been three she needs my hekp but i dont know what to do here are her symptoms .she has running gurgely nose she cant breath she sneezez alot i do take her into the steamy showerr room a coupke times a day for 10 min. at a time her eyes are red and watery she has bugers coming out afyer the steam room she has loss of appetite i give her lots of water shes tired and doesnt really want to do anything. im very worrted about her because she semms to be getting worse not better and its lasting alot longer then it should . but everyone in my house lovesthis little girl and wed all be very very sad if something heaven forbid happens to her oh by the way her name is pudding..please any advise would be greatly appriciated …excuse any spelling mistakes i dont have my glasses on so please excuse me…thank you very much for your time .Tammy Loiselle`

  51. I took my cat to get vaccinated yesterday and today she’s lifeless and she has no appetite. My little furr ball is not feeling well and I can’t help but think that vaccinations are a way for vets to make money. I just thought all cats were supposed to get vaccinated but I wish I had done my due diligence before I took her to go get them. I hope she gets well soon and you better believe I will never trust a doctor’s word again. Even Vets are crooks.

  52. You would not believe. This is probably the only Cat Mojo video I have not seen and when it came up in my recommendations I decided to watch it. I have tried for about 5 years to research and find out what was wrong with my cat, took it to the vet and even they didn’t know. The closest we could get to it was ‘reverse sneezing’ but It wasn’t quite like the videos and it was mostly in dogs. Then I watch this video and mention asthma so I google it and it’s exactly what he has. Now I’m sitting here so relieved I thought I would never find out what it was

  53. My cat has been throwing up every day for a week he threw up twice today won't eat has been hiding and lost weight. I had him from four weeks to now. He's a little over one. Do you have any input. I can't take him to vet until Monday cause its the weekend

  54. I know it's obvious to take my cat to the vet but I don't think my parents will believe me, the cat's name is Kitty and she is not acting like normal AT ALL! I really feel bad and I hope I can help her

  55. i am caring for a kitten right now that has a upper respiratory infection. the vet said she would when i got her yesterday. and they told me to watch her close and it should clear up in 3 to 4 days and if it didnt to bring her back in. she has not eaten all day or drinking anything so i had to force feed her water with a syringe. and she is not happy about it but has to be done so she dont die from a not drinking she was drinking and eating just fine last night and then just today she went down hill that fast.

  56. I've bought some books on cat or animal homeopathy, natural healing, and a book called Four Paws Five Directions, Herbs for Pets, New Choices in Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats, Homeopathy for Your Cat, Homeopathic Care for Dogs and Cats, etc. I think it's almost universal for someone who has cats to wind up feeling like they've dropped the ball and failed to notice signs and symptoms or failed to make the best decisions. Don't beat yourself up, just keep learning and trying to do better next time.

  57. Where I live we don't really have vets. I'm always on the internet for all my kittens symptoms. I almost thought they were dying. Till I found out what cat fever looks like and it all made sense.

  58. I have been distraught for a couple of weeks. My cat got ill and we had to bring her to the emergency vet cuz she wasn't eating or drinking and was lethargic. Well,3 vet appointments later i get the news that my cat has kidney disease and a heart murmur.and they offered little to no hope.saying you cant treat one condition without adversely affecting the other..and they basically asked me if i was ready to give up on her.I said no.I wanted to try and help her to the best of my ability. Any suggestions would be great

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