What You Didn't Know About Mike Pence's Kids

the children of VP Mike Pence aren't in the spotlight like the kids of President Trump here's a look at the lives of Charlotte Audrey and Michael Pence jr. Mike the marine the Pence's eldest child is son Michael J pence Jr who stuck closest family's Indiana stomping grounds when he attended Purdue University after graduation he joined the service commissioning as a second lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps in 2015 at age 23 jr. then pursued aviator training at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola Florida and was later stationed in Mississippi I'm very proud of our son and what he's accomplished what followed was no doubt a busy time for the young officer he married his college sweetheart Sarah Whiteside in an intimate ceremony at the governor's mansion in Indiana in December 2016 and he attended his father's swearing-in as vice president in January 2017 in October 2017 the pence family gathered for a delayed wedding reception at Brown County State Park in Indiana Audrey the independent the vice president's youngest child is Audrey pence who turned 18 and thus became eligible to vote just before the 2012 election that sent her father to the Indiana governor's mansion while her dad is obviously a Republican through and through audrey has been hesitant to assign herself to a party and considers herself socially liberal while still in high school she told an NBC affiliate probably the person I get the most respect from is my dad he tells me so many times I am so proud of you for having your own opinions and looking into things as a graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in international affairs audrey has wasted no time gaining real-world experience traveling to Turkey and the Balkans as a journalist her piece on the 1915 Armenian Genocide was even published by CNN back in 2015 before her dad's future vas began his famous feud with the network I'm you're not gonna give us can you speak how do you our fake news Charlotte the author president Trump doesn't have any pets but the pence family has a rabbit named Marlin bundo along with two cats Oreo and pickle in March 2018 second lady Karen pence and their daughter middle child Charlotte published Marlin bundles a day in the life of the vice president it's a story about Mike Pence's vice presidential responsibilities written from the bunnies point of view released to raise money for two charitable organizations the art therapy initiative Tracy's kids and an anti-human trafficking program called a 21 HBO's last week tonight with John Oliver highlighted the release of that book while also calling attention to the vice president's conservative beliefs and political record pertaining to LGBTQ issues the show published a parody book also for charity titled a day in the life of Marlin bundle it's a love his love story about a bunny named Marlin bundo who falls in love with another boy bunny named Wesley proceeds go to aides United and The Trevor Project a suicide hotline for LGBTQ teens meanwhile Charlotte pence herself was surprisingly enthusiastic about the whole thing and even bought the last week tonight books I think you know imitation is the most sincere form of flattery in a way his book is contributing to charities that I mean I think we can all get behind I mean we have two books that are giving to charities that are about bunnies I'm going all for that Charlotte the vampire before the dueling bunny books were released you probably knew Charlotte best from a viral photo of the Pence family during a break from the 2016 campaign Mike Karen and Charlotte grabbed a meal at a Chili's in New York City Papa pens shared a picture of the meal on Twitter in the snap there's a mirror adjacent to the family's table and Karen and Mike are clearly visible in that mirror but where is Charlotte's reflection the internet went wild speculating about Charlotte's secretly being a vampire or a ghost or a Photoshop job gone wrong the reality of course was that the photo was simply taken at such an angle that just blocked from appearing in the mirror but the 2016 campaign season was an unprecedented ly wild and stressful time so you can't blame people for blowing off a little steam

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  1. It would make a lot of sense if KARMA paid this family a visit since Pence and his wife are so judgmental and hateful toward LGBT people and they are morally bankrupt where Trump is concerned. In fact, LYING is one of the 10 Commandments, the Bible says the Lord HATES lying lips and detests those who bear false witness, and that lying is an abomination. Yet Trumpy lies every 3 minutes, and Pence lied about not knowing anything about Mike Pence's dealings with Russians and Turkey. He knew during the transition– Pence and his jealous/judgmental/ignorant wife ignore the lies, tell lies, but still they focus on how much they hate LGBT people as Pence pushes to get rights taken from LGBT people (because evangelical cults deserve MORE power in government and LGBT people should be burned at the proverbial stake). Yes, some "christian" preachers (and Mike Pence and Mrs.Dominatrix Pence) would burn gays at the stake if they thought they could get away with it.
    If his wife knows Trumpy and her husband lie, how can she respect her husband? How could the kids respect their dad?
    One of those kids needs to become close friends with someone who is LGB or T, or one of those kids should meet and become close friends with someone who has HIV; or a girl who medically requires an abortion to save her own life and they go through all the pain and suffering and are there through the choices to save her own life or the life of a deformed fetus that likely won't live long… I wish no ill will on anyone, but they should know people like this and actually practice what is preached by the one they call their Saviour and love everyone w/out judgment and without exception.
    Fake Christians like Mike Pence and his distrustful wife who doesn't want him to ever be alone with a female that he works with love to pick and choose from Leviticus and ignore most of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount (barf, not allowed to be alone with a female co-worker actually prevents or makes it difficult for women to hold an important job under Pence… not even that lying cow Sarah Huckabee [my daddy is a racist] Sanders can have a working lunch or dinner with Pence w/out a chaperone. Did Pence cheat on her once before?). I'll repeat it– they love Leviticus more than they love the teachings of Jesus Christ because they refuse to "Love One Another, Even As I Have Loved You".

  2. Mike Pence is a Deep State Global Snake!.He and Paul Ryan tried to take Trump down and form a Pence/Ryan ticket! Remember in the beginning how Paul Ryan denounced Trump every chance he got and refused to campaign with him! Pence was.probably the WH leaker. I don't trust him!

  3. What joke pence has been involved in child. TRafficking ring for years and when his wife found out she climbed on board and helped him….the man researched this claimed pence has murdered over 60 children and he is not the only pedophile in gov who gets off on killing children.. Have learned that pedophiles kids are abused by parents.and the cycle. Continues….

  4. His kids ain't bad like Trump 3 older cringers., I cringe when I see Trump 3 older kids thoes money grubbing weirdos!

  5. Screw these assholes. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I suppose the pence kids aren't as stupid as trumps spawn.

  6. So he bought his officer name what a loser I am sorry the kids might be ok but to buy ur officers hip is nasty if ur going to be a marine do it right don't pansy it

  7. Someone I know that lived in Indiana- said they did not know pence had any daughters. It was always his sons he talked about & you would see.

  8. When I hear about Mike Pence, I think about his statements about how religious he is. Well. I do not know if in the US the bible is a different one to this one who is known to the rest of the world.
    If it would be the same one as ours, he would know who is
    his boss.: The false prophet..
    How is he able to work for him.

  9. While he himself is a religious zealot, filled with un-Jesus-like hate, his kids seem to have turned out quite well.

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