What to Pack When Traveling With Pets | Animal Behavior College

Many of us love traveling with our pets,
so here are some tips to remember this holiday season.
If you are traveling with a dog or cat be sure to bring puppy pads or kitty
litter and a litter box with you. For cleanup pack a disinfectant spray and
wipes. For grooming bring combs, brushes and a detangling spray. Pack a flashlight
for morning and night walks, as well as leashes and bags for cleanup. Bring your
pets favorite treats, toys, blankets and beds for activities and familiarity.
It’s a good idea to bring a first-aid kit, and don’t forget your cuts medication if they take it. For your pets comfort and security, bring
along a travel crate for safe and easy transportation. Ensure your dog is buckled properly and
restrained safely in a carrier or harness. Check your pets collar to make
sure they’re wearing an ID, and it’s also smart to get your pet microchipped.
Don’t forget up-to-date vaccinations! Before leaving be sure to research your
destinations local pet friendly lodging, restaurants, and activities. Also, make a
list of the local veterinary clinics in the event of a medical emergency. Try to
avoid feeding pets three to four hours before leaving to prevent upset stomachs
and motion sickness. If you can make stops to give your pets breaks every
couple of hours to ensure them an enjoyable ride. Don’t forget to have fun!

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