What to do when your dog is vomiting

hello I'm dr. Mike in this video we are going to talk about vomiting and dogs there are a variety of reasons and scenarios that affect how we determine why a dog is vomiting first we need to consider if this is an acute problem did it start today or is it a chronic problem has it been going on for weeks then we need to perform a physical exam and get some history on our patient unfortunately dogs don't tell us that they got into something or what hurts we have to do a little detective work let's consider an acute episode obviously your veterinarian is going to perform a physical exam to determine how urgent or critical your pet is during the exam he or she will likely ask you a variety of questions for example when did the vomiting start did they vomit food bile or is it just gagging or retching environmental changes should be considered are there any toxins or chemicals in the yard most people don't think about the fertilizer recently placed on the grass or the rat poison put in the garage have you noticed your dog chewing on any plants puppies will eat almost anything both indoor and outdoor plants such as sago palms oleander and lilies can be very toxic dietary changes are another often overlooked factor did you change to a new brand of food did you give any recent treats or table scraps does your dog play with sticks eat rocks or chew on plastic or toys these are all very important questions when a vomiting dog comes into my hospital some of the questions may vary based on the dog's age breed and lifestyle for example a nine month old Labrador Retriever that chews on everything in the yard is a high risk to have ingested a poison or possibly swallowed an object and may be obstructed a different example is a seven-year-old Great Dane that is trying to vomit but nothing is coming up this breed is very susceptible to a problem commonly refers to as bloat where the stomach actually twists on itself and becomes distended both of these examples are very different and both are considered emergencies after completing the physical exam your veterinarian will determine the most appropriate testing required initial diagnostic tests may include x-rays to look for a foreign body and obstruction possible bloat or even cancer blood work can be very valuable in diagnosing conditions such as pancreatitis liver disease kidney failure or possibly a toxin such as antifreeze or rat poison additional testing such as ultrasound and endoscopy may also be recommended we also mentioned chronic vomiting that which has been going on for weeks or months many people don't call their veterinarian because it is simply a couple times the first week and their dog is otherwise acting normal only after several weeks do they call the veterinarian will perform a physical exam ask many of the same questions and possibly perform the same tests as done with the acute episode diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease liver or kidney failure and cancer can all seem mild in their early stages however once in their advanced stage they can be much more difficult to cure or even treat with respect to treatment there are many scenarios that will affect what your veterinarian decides to do they may administer IV fluids and medication for cases such as pancreatitis or kidney failure there are products such as activated charcoal that may be given to help absorb any toxins in cases such as bloat or obstruction emergency surgery is necessary the bottom line is simple if your dog just started vomiting you need to call your veterinarian immediately for advice don't wait I'm dr. Mike I hope this information has been helpful and thanks for watching you

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  1. My pups been vomiting since yesterday, and I'm so scared. My mom won't let me take her to the vet since we don't have money to do so

  2. my dog was vomiting pink foam gewy stuff and my moms husband brought his dog and i dont know if it has to deal with that and we just fed her new food also she like just now puked im scared i dont know whats going to happen also shes like 6 or 5 years old anyone reply soon also pray for my dog her name is angel

  3. My dog only vomited once when we were driving home from Rhode Island he got carsick and I started freaking out and then when we got home my mom was not prepared she had to get food a bed and all that stuff and then I started freaking and getting scared if he woukd vomit in the house but now hes a healthy little puppy at 6 months old

  4. I have a Boston Terrier and she throws up at least two times a day. Eats nothing but dog food, no human food. Not sure if it is stress or if there is some other underlying problem. Anybody else have this issue with Boston Terriers?

  5. I think my dogs eating something out side I’m rlly close to her and she’s vomiting it like started today and she did like 7 times 🙁

  6. Some dogs eat foreign objects try to keep an eye out for what they put in their mouth I had my puppy chewing on wood

  7. My dog was vomiting for like 3 days and we called the vet and they said they couldn't help us and like 4 hrs later he died

  8. My dog vomited 7 times yesterday he vomited 4 times his food today once his food 2 times water or other liquid what should I do

  9. My dog use to puke alot then stopped….today he puked 3 solida and 4+ bile ….he wont stop. We dont have any posion…he went to farm yesterday and hasnt been well since hes bout 8 years old small dog good health

  10. And she is again start woamiting and sir please reply to my comment it is very very important for me and my dog also

  11. Hello sir my Doberman dog is woamiting last 3_4 months and I consult the doctor why she is woamiting then doctor give injection to my dog and she did not woamiting to 3 to 4 days then then she start woamiting and doctor says that to give him digeton plus of Himalaya company

  12. My puppy is constantly vomiting out its saliva with gagging yhis morning. She cough too. And sometimes after vomiting she acts abnormal. She ate food but lower abdomen side looks like she has been starving for days. We went to vet few days ago and veterinary doctor assume it to be fever. Gave us some medicine. But now.. My puppy is not in a good health. Could it be a rabbis ? Why is her saliva drooling out from the mouth like constantly after few mins or half an hour.? Please help.

  13. i'm a terrible pet owner. i think our dog is dying. he is currently pooping blood and he can't move. he was vomiting the last three days and he haven't take any medicine. i'm feel terrible because i resented him the past weeks thinking he was the reason why my other dog was given away. I feel so depressed right now.

  14. My pet started vomiting since 2 days and when i took him to the vet..the veterinarian told not to give him any food or even water..but he took saline from yesterday.. but still im very worried coz he is dehydrated…should i give him water or not? I need help

  15. What’s I do when my dog is vomiting is give it pumpkin. Pumpkin will clear your dogs stomach. And then I let her eat her food after the pumpkin.

  16. Hi,need advice..or information..friend has a pitbull that is about 14 years in human .. and well 2 days ago he puked his dog food only once,and looked real bloated,but a little less now.. but has been drinking water, and peeing .. a little poop too.. But suddenly real weak,dont wanna move much,stays in living room and wont go sleep in bedroom no more.. walks real slow.. friwnd gave him turkey slice and he ate that since he doesn't want his dog food no more…friend needs suggestions,advice, or if anyone knows what might be going on.. dog too weak for past 2 days…any info appreciated, thanks in advance..will be taking dog to vet tomorrow.. but friend afraid that would be told that dog needs ro be put to sleep..

  17. My dog threw up today… please help! She vomited food and only did once. We’ve been in the car and only about two laters after a long journey she threw up. We have her food at about 13:30 and she threw up at around 5:30. The only thing we could think of is that yesterday she ate some pond weed, but not much. Does anyone know what it could be? She is a 15 week old Labrador if that helps.

  18. My property had recently been treated with pest control chemicals and now I realize that is why my dog is most likely throwing up and acting weird! Thank you

  19. I bought my toy dog at the vet she’s vomiting after all the test and X-ray and stuff vet said she needs a rest my bill is $1400 dollars so before you bring your dog make sure you have 1400 a little stiff but not worth it

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