What to do if your dog is in shock

If your dog is unconscious and breathing, the best position to put them in is the recovery position for animals. The recovery position for a
dog is lying on their right hand side with their head extended back, as Boo’s demonstrating here. We keep the airway open and ideally, if you’re worried
about them going into shock, you would elevate their bottom slightly, which we may or may not
be able to show with Boo. But ideally we just elevate
their bottom slightly so that the blood will
then drain further down to their head, which will help. The reason you’re putting a blanket under is so that they don’t fold up as they go. And again, if you’re worried
about them going into shock, it’s important to keep them warm, so if you’ve got some
sort of a foil blanket You would then pop that over her as well. And transport her to the
vet as quickly as you can.

5 thoughts on “What to do if your dog is in shock

  1. My dog had like a seizure idk I'm not too sure he's s Chihuahua he fell off the bed and idk if he hit his head he was shaking really bad but eventually calm down idk if he's ok I mean he seems fine now but I just really want him to be ok I love him so much and feel so bad that was the most scariest thing in my life …

  2. My chubby Chihuahua died from shock I'm sad after he died his nose was bleeding.Taking his last breath stopped breathing and died I'm sorry for his loss and my other chihuahua died from seizure he kicked his legs,started shaking stopped breathing and there they were dead on my couch we couldn't do nothing about it me,brother and my grandma cried. My mom kinda cried and there is one last chihuahua left he is say because the chubby chihuahua who went through shock was his brother he was depressed to eat so this is my story of my life two died in one day so sad

    Oh yeah those two poop blood

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